Liste des Errata officiels pour Empires in Arms

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Game Card

Victory Conditions:

B.4 Round fractions down for determining half of the corps army factors.

B.6 Add: Although can be ignored in this case, the other restrictions of 4.2.2 still apply.

B.6 If war is declared within the normal peace-time 18 month period, other restrictions (see 4.2.2) still apply.

C.7 Change the word "American" to "colonial".


The attacker's first combat table when crossreferencing an Escalated Assault with a Cordon river crossing should be "5-1" instead of "5-2".

National Morale

Under "Method Two", remove the parentheses and the words "except feudal".

Unit Counters

The Russia I, II, and III corps should have a cavalry morale of "4".



Change to read: A major power already at war with another major power may not declare war on other major powers if unbesieged enemy infantry corps are already inside its home nation.

Add to the end of 4.4.1: "If major powers simultaneously sue each other for peace (some players prefer to have this written and revealed simultaneously), they _must_ both accept an informal peace."

Add to the end of "If desired, and several major powers are being sued for peace, have each player write down 'conditional' or 'unconditional' before revealing all the peace proposals simultaneously."

Change to read: If there are any allies and/or royal marriages involved, then the alliances and/or royal marriages are broken and the requisite points lost for each.

Add to the end of 4.9 the following: If desired, write down combined movement declarations and reveal them simultaneously.


Naval Phase

Change the first sentence of to read: TRANSPORTATION MOVEMENT PROCEDURE: The corps and the fleet must both begin in the same friendly controlled (it may be besieged) port.

Add after the word "case" in although the other restrictions in 4.2.2 still apply)

Change to read: "A stack may only attack another stack if at war with the major power owning that stack, if at war with a major power owning corps being (or that could be) transported by fleets of that stack, or if at war with one or more of the fleets involved in combined movement. In the latter two cases, the attacker's stack need not be at war with the major power owning the transporting fleets, and, if not, the attacker has the option to either:"

Add to the end of "Even if an enforced peace period is ignored, restrictions and still apply."


Land Phase

Change to read: FORCE MARCHING: Corps may increase their movement allowance by one movement point by "force marching." Cossacks, freikorps, guerillas, cavalry corps and disembarking corps may not be force marched.

Add to the end of 7.3.5: If an area contains a friendly port that is besieged, counters may be considered to be disembarked directly into the port (if there is room) or into the port's area, as the controlling player desires.

Typo in "+1" should be "-1".

Clarification to 7.4.4: A depot built on a ship must be that of the same major power.

Add to the end of _Trivial combats do not count as a combat to prevent attempts to reinforce. If all of a side's forces in an as yet unresolved trivial combat leave to reinforce another combat, the trivial combat does not take place. Clarification: The depots discussed here are those of the losing force. Clarification: If a leader is used for a reinforcing force, one ore more counters may be left behind, if desired.

Add to the end of Since no one was defeated, no political points are gained or lost from the combat.

Modify The word "Depot" should read "Depot and city".

Change to read: Final morale levels are determined and forces revealed as per


Economic Phase

Add to the end of For ALL trade, Great Britain announces all trading he wishes to conduct, after which each major power involved may agree or disagree.

Add to the end of "For _all_ trade, the British player announces where he wishes to trade, then each concerned major power agrees or disagrees."

Clarification to 8.5.4: Only _available_ (currently off the map) fleet and corps counters may be purchased as "new" counters. Counters currently on the mapboard may _not_ be purchased to be available for immediate return to play as "new" counters should they be eliminated.


Miscellaneous and General Rules

Add the following rule: Neutral forces that previously had access in territory that has changed control (i.e., due to reconquest or ceding) can be given voluntary access under any new conditions granted by the new controlling major power (unconditional access _must_ be given if peace condition C.5 applies between the involved major powers). If no access is given or available, the neutral forces must be handled as with force repatriation (see and/or option 12.4).

Add to the end of "If garrisons in the same city suddenly find themselves at war due to a declaration of war, _immediately_ determine city control by trivial combat between the hostile garrison forces."

Add the following rules: 10.3.4 FORCIBLE ACCESS: If a major power is denied voluntary access or denied desired access conditions, its land forces may still be moved into or through desired areas by using "forcible access," as follows: Forcible access operates under the same restrictions as access through neutral minor countries (see A phasing major power loses one political point per Turn for _each_ major power's territories in which forcible access is used. _For example, during a Turn, French counters are moved through some Bavarian and Saxon areas using forcible access. France loses one political points if both these minor countries are controlled by Prussia, but loses two political points if Bavaria is Austrian-controlled and Saxony is Prussian-controlled. The major power controlling territory in which forcible access occurs may, if desired, _immediately_ declare war and lose the requisite political points for _each_ separate declaration on any or all of the major powers using forcible access in its territory, unless prevented by limitation in This chance to declare war is repeated each time a counter using forcible access is moved. If war is declared, allies may be called as in 4.3.

Add to the end of Garrison factors (NOT corps, freikorps, or cossacks in garrison) of the controlling major power MUST be immediately removed from the minor country following the honors of war rules (see -- in this case, it can be done by Spanish and Turkish garrisons).


New Political Combinations

Clarification to East and/or West Galicia may be part of a Russian-controlled Poland. [ what does this mean? -Eiji ]

Add to the end of If Hanover is not part of the Kingdom of Westphalia, Hanoverian army factors are not available for use by the Kingdom of Westphalia.

Add to the end of If Hanover and/or Bavaria are _not_ part of the Confederation of the Rhine, their army factors are not available for use by the Confederation of the Rhine.

Change the first sentence of 11.6.5 to read: POLITICAL POINTS: The Ottoman Empire is worth two political points to create.

Add to the end of France and Great Britain may _never_ make an informal pace and, unless one or both have ceased to be dominant powers, may never be allies.

Add before the last sentence in They may never make an informal peace and may never be allies.

Miscellaneous Options

Clarification to 12.2.2: This is determined during an Economic Phase.

Add to the end of ... or if the commanding leader has a strategic rating of 5.

Add to the last sentence of "... and/or if the commanding leader has a strategic rating of 5. The Austrian Light Infantry Corps is considered to be a cavalry corps for this purpose."

Add the following rule: 12.3.9: NO CEDING: Allow the ceding of minor countries only as a peace term and at no other times.

Add the following rule: 12.3.10: OVERWHELMING NUMBERS: Field or limited field combats where one side has a 5:1 or better ratio in strength factors _must_ be resolved using trivial combat. EXCEPTION: An outnumbered _defender_ may attempt to withdraw before the trivial combat by rolling the commander's strategic rating or less.


Campaign Games

Add the following rule: Available Austrian insurrection and Turkish feudal corps not placed on the mapboard during initial setup are considered to be standing down.

Add to before the last sentence: "this does preclude movement into Austrian border areas where Insurrection corps could be placed if both Insurrection corps are not already on the map."

Add to 14.5.7, B: "... or Russia surrenders unconditionally to France sometime during the game."

Add to the POLITICAL POINTS CHART: -1: Per major power per Turn using forcible access (10.3.4).

All of the following errata was taken from various issues of The General, and in all cases, is presented here without permission.