tegan the terrible

A Trained Beagle

(and yes I know that's an oxymoron)

beagle gif
After 12 years, Emma passed on and we were on the hunt for yet another beagle . For the first time we went to a breeder rather than the pet store and met the phenomena of the concerned breeder. The gentleman we called started into a litany of beagle Problems and the conversation went like this:

Breeder; “ They are hard to train”.

Me,“ Yes , we cleaned up dog poop for 13 years”.

Breeder“ They are strong.”

Me, “Yes we have scars and the front door still doesn't shut properly .”

“ They are stubborn”.... “ Yes, we've survived 2 .”.

“ Come on over I have 2 females and 2 males ready to go”.

Tegan puppy
Tegan on chair
Tegan & bone
Tegan,as she was so named, was gorgeous, she was assertive, she had strong teeth and a big mouth (we nicknamed her ‘jaws” and ‘deep throat’ after she shredded a cardboard box and nearly swallowed a tea towel).

At 9 weeks she tried to kill the cat ( she only tried that once) because the cat refused to smell the butt Tegan had so lovingly shoved in her face. She tormented poor old Charlie by stealing the bones right out of her mouth. She would get her comeuppance 2 years later.

She was also car sick.