Following is what clients have to say about Danielle's work . . .

"Danielle, How are you? I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to email to ask you about a couple of things. First, I don't know if I mentioned to you how Tai Chi had helped me with my rock climbing. Many of the movements are similar in that they require balance, flexibility, feet/hand coordination and it requires the same kind of mental concentration as you are constantly visualizing your next moves. It also helped me relax and leave the stress of the day on the ground, something I only learned how to do once I started taking Tai Chi. I'm not sure if I told you all that but I wanted to thank you for that (not to mention strengthening my ankle, knee and, most recently, wrist)."

- Shelly D.

"Hi Danielle - I'm just now going away, as I looked after Rowan while Erik was having his treatment with you. He came home a 'new man'. He said it was so wonderful, that he had never experienced anything as helpful, AND the most powerful part happened after he left you and walked down the stairs, WITHOUT pain in his leg. He is so grateful, and dear Danielle, so am I. Your powers of connection are still there and very strong. I am thinking of you, thanking you, and grateful that we have come into each other's lives."

- Lindsay H.

"I am one of the many who suffers from lower back pain. Sometimes it is associated with over-exertion, often it is triggered by stress. I was referred to Danielle Genereux by my chiropractor. By this time my back pain was chronic. Within a month of receiving Danielle's treatments I noticed greatly increased mobility, I was often pain free for days on end and I enjoyed a new sense of well-being.

I now have been receiving regular treatments from Danielle for 3 years. Her sensitive and intuitive approach to my back problems has helped me in a significant way. I understand my stress levels much better. I have learned important lessons on back maintenance and the excellent quality of her treatments has allowed me to live with greatly reduced back pain.

Danielle has a lovely and gentle manner. She is professional, funny and compassionate. I refer her to other people often and I am truly appreciative of the focus, commitment and energy she brings to her gift."

- Ann H.

"Dear Danielle - I have received both shiatsu and reiki treatments with you over the past two years. Not only have I benefited greatly from the two styles of relaxation and body work, but in the process I have gained a valuable friend.

I am forever grateful to you for assisting me in the birth of my daughter, Gwyneth. The shiatsu treatment you provided for me throughout my labor contributed immeasurably to my wellbeing during a very difficult process. I can clearly remember that the more difficult my contractions became, that your utmost concentration and positive energy were focused directly on me and of course my little one. This was an invaluable source of strength.

My experience with both shiatsu and reiki have enabled me to reduce tension and stress in my life. I am able with your assistance to both locate and work on areas of either physical or emotional blockage. Shiatsu has been an invaluable mehtod of addressing physical tensions, while reiki is able to provide insight to emotional issues. Both modalities are able to assist in relaxation and are helpful at any time, not only when I feel overworked but often when I am already at my best.

Your expertise has earned my admiration and respect. I look forward to continuing our work together, and thank you once again for everything you have already done."

- Siobhan G.

"I knew little about Therapeutic Touch, and wondered about its efficacy for someone like myself who had experienced powerful and satisfying therapeutic moments with massage and chiropractic. I was confident that therapies relying on physical touch would lead to emotional as well as physical release. Consequently, when I was diagnosed with a primary bone cancer, and TT was suggested as a particularly useful therapy, I wasn't so sure an approach that minimized physical touching would be as useful. My TT therapist, Danielle Généreux, was soon able to show me that the two-fold effect I hope for was indeed possible.

During one of the early sessions I experienced a powerful sensation of 'filling-up' in my right, affected leg. This activity persisted for several minutes, and then as if that was as much energy as the leg could hold, suddenly a static line seemed to open between right and left legs. There was a flow of energy from right to left until I felt a slowing of movement and the two felt balanced. At that moment I experienced an upward flow from my legs through my chest, into my throat, and out. It was a moment of great release and emotional catharsis. On-the-spot effects this vivid were not a common occurrence, but during every treatment, I experienced satisfactory feelings of heightened physical awareness; and the longer term expectations, strength-building, anxiety-reduction, resistance to fatigue, seem always to have been met.

While I'm likely to continue to explore my interest in the hands-on therapies, also, I am reminded that I always respond as much to the singer as to the song; and it seems clear to me that Danielle and TT have been a very fine support for me during a difficult time. I am grateful to have the opportunity of working with her."

- Bill E.

"Dear Danielle - As you know I've been coming for shiatsu treatments for 2 to 3 years. This letter is to let you know that the treatments have really helped me to reduce the tension and stress which accumulate from my job. Following my shiatsu treatment I always feel more peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Shiatsu has helped me to maintain my sanity and my health overall. I've appreciated your shiatsu service and I want to thank you for your help."

- Frances C.

"Prior to January 1998, before I ever knew that a Danielle even existed, my days and nights were filled with much pain. I suffered tremendously from upper back pain, which caused sleepless nights and agonizing days at work. As well, I was suffering with a digestive problem that I was unable to get under control. All of my money was spent on weekly Swedish massage therapy and hollistic (sic) natural supplements. I was not improving, after months of massage finally a friend suggested shiatsu, and that is how I came to know Danielle and her healing hands.

Danielle never promised me a miracle, but I trusted her and I was confident in her process. Now, 10 months later I do not suffer any longer. I sleep peacefully, there is no major dent in my wallet (due to expensive massages and hollistic (sic) remedies), and I am able to exercise and function, and that includes eating, as I have always known. Shiatsu is not a miracle. Rather, it is an accumulated process that takes dedication and commitment on behalf of the person seeking therapy and the therapist. Danielle's healing hands changed my life, providing me with a new perspective on pain, pain management and the joy of living."

- Dana L.


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