Space Empires 4 Mods

Note: the comments on this page are generally by the authors of the mod as posted on the Shrapnel form. So use of "I" and "me" refers to the author not me. - DavidG


Adamant Mod by Imperator Fyron

Mod under development.

The basic premis of the mod is that you can choose to be one of three major types of races: Physical, Organic, Magical.

Physical races are just like normal SE4 races. They research and employ technologies, such as Shields, Anti-Proton Beams and Master Computers. Their defenses are balanced between shields and armor.

Organic races depend upon genetic manipulation and forced evolution. There ships are living, crew-less entities. Their armor is stronger than their shielding.

Magical races research and use magical spells instead of normal technologies. They exist at quasi-medieval level of technology. They use magicaly enchanted ships that can travel through the Astral Plane (outer space) to get to other worlds. Their shields are stronger than their armor.

AI Campaign  by John Sullivan

AI Campaign Is optimized for Solitaire Play, Simultaneous Play, and Finite resources. It can be enjoyed in multiplayer LAN or PBEM games as well.
AI Campaign incorporates below mods by JLS
AI Balance: Created specifically for a more challenging AI. AI balance allows the AI and Human Players to have some specific Components, Vehicles, and Abilities. Some examples are: the AI better handles mines now, point to point re-supply, faster ship training, sector scanning, Stellar manipulations, combating Plagues, low level Master Computers to name a few
Tactical Fighter: Fighters now move in Tactical combat only. On the Strategic map, when launched over a planet or any sector, they remain on combat patrol for that sector until recovered by a Carrier or your planet. This makes for some interesting strategies and designs.
Finite Economics: This helps the AI better handle finite play and will enhance greatly the value of building Towns and Cities in AI Campaign. Finite economics mod Introduces Imperial Trade, trade centers and Asteroid Resource Domes.
Multiplayer Ladder Handicap: This helps less experienced players in your group by selecting an agreed MP ladder Handicap Level selection or selections from the Traits Menu for a point bonus that can be spent by weaker players before staring a new game.

The Art of War ver 0.81 by dumbluck and Geoschmo

The Art of War mod was inspired by a Shrapnel games forum discussion about whether it was more important in SEIV to master the science of what techs to use, or the Art of War and strategy aspects of the game.

I am attempting to do three things with this mod. First I want to lessen the impact of the various racial traits, and techs that modify combat to hit and avoid getting hit. In the stock game slight imbalances between opponents in these areas can result in hugely disproportionate combat results.

Secondly, I want to try to extend the life of some of the weapons and other tech (Including smaller ship hulls) that become obsolete too early in the game in my opinion.

Finally I want to try and introduce more "Guns or Butter" choices in the game. Areas where decisions need to be made between military and economic strength.

One decision I made early on that will make this mod somewhat unique is that I will not allow myself to become limited by what the AI can or cannot handle. I will make no effort myself to optimize the AI for use in this mod. Others are free to do so if they wish, but I will not even attempt it. This may result in the mod being only useable for multiplayer SEIV. If that is the case, I can live with that.


Atrocities Star Trek Mod AST Mod v 1.5. by Atrocities

This mod is a star trek conversion for Space Empires IV that uses SEIV technology and systems in conjunction with custom technology. There are 20 main Star Trek Races, and 20 Neutral Star Trek Races. The mod also uses several other mods including the Fyron Q-mod, Image Mod, Mount Mod, and parts of other mods.


B5 Mod

A mod currently under construction based on the Babylon 5 TV series


BOD Mod by Gandalph

The BOD Mod is for Better Opponent Design (get it) and is designed to make the AI a better opponent in a variety of ways while still maintaining the individual flavor of the different races.


Component Enhancement Mod
(available on Gold CD)

This file adds additional 'Mounts' to both Components and Weapons for SEIV without having to modify the existing Components.txt and then having to re-write the various AI's for the races to cope with the changes. The file has been set up so the AI will use different mounts for different ship sizes automatically. This was made to add variety and to change the role of mounts from 'bigger ships, bigger guns' to differing roles for each ship class. The mounts for both Weapon Platforms and Satellites have been changed to increase the range of fire to make them more useful and attacking a planet more dangerous (as is should be.)


Devnull Mod Gold ver 1.70 by Rollo
(patch from ver 1.63 to 1.70)

The Devnull Mod is a collection and amalgamation of many mods and ideas from various authors. It is a comprehensive mod with changes to almost all data files.
Originally compiled by Devnullicus, it was revived for SE4 Gold by Geoschmo and Rollo.

some of the many features include:


Fyron's Quadrant Mod (Standard) by Imperator Fyron

This mod makes alterations to the system types in SEIV. It adds many more moons in orbit of planets, and many of these moons will have random atmospheres. Also, solar systems now generally have an asteroid belt in them, which is more realistic. To use the new systems, simply create a quadrant. The basic quadrants are also included for convenience. They are labeled as "Classic" quadrants. The files modified in this mod are only used when the map or savegame is created. So, the game host of a PBEM or PBW game could create a map using it, and the players would not have to have the mod installed.


Fyron's Quadrant Mod Deluxe by Imperator Fyron

This mod makes alterations to the system types in SEIV. It adds many more moons in orbit of planets, and many of these moons will have random atmospheres. Also, solar systems now generally have an asteroid belt in them, which is more realistic. There are many new planets, stars, etc. that have been added from the Image Mod. The Image Mod is required to play this mod.


Hypermaze by capnq

(The Gold versions of Hypermaze and HypermazeLite are in the Extras folder of the Gold CD)

A map mod by capnq which adds hyperspace systems. A Hypermaze quadrant has fewer colonizable systems than normal, and most of the non-colonizable systems are hyperspace zones. Space-time is less stable in hyperspace, causing random ship movement and occasional damage, and visibility is obscured in the same way as in nebulae.

Hypermaze is a good mod to use if you enjoy exploring the map. Supply usage becomes more important, because you cannot predict exactly how long it will take to cross hyperspace systems. AI empires handle this mod better than capnq expected them to, performing about as well as they do in a standard Ancient quadrant.

The "full" version of the mod includes custom backgrounds for hyperspace; there is also a "lite" version without the custom graphics. Both versions include instructions for making your own hyperspace backgrounds.


Image Modpack

This is a collection of images from many sources, intended to add variety to the mods created for Space Empires IV. This collection provides a large common pool of resources for modders and artists. Modders of any skill level can expand their use of graphics without increasing download size. Artists can see their work used in many more mods.


MountMod-AJC v 5.1 by AJC

Mount Modification for Base game. No technology changes. However technology will have to be researched to discover the new mounts.

Ships become much tougher in this mod. I compensated by incorporating miniturization into all of the advanced weapon mounts and increasing the damage dealt. To look at the mod look at the CompEnhancement.txt file. This file can be found in:

Space Empires IV\MountMod-AJC\Data\CompEnhancement.txt

Shield Generator mounts come in two types, the first level will only require you to research level 3 shields before the 1st generation shield mounts come into play for bases, 400+ KT ships and 200+ KT weapon platforms.

Each mount type has unique tech requirements. The technology requirements for the new mounts are spread throughout the tech tree. Here is a breakdown of the tech levels that are required to activate the various stages of the new mounts.

-Advanced Military Science -1,2,3,4,5,6
-Physics -2,3
-Computers -2,3,4,5,6
-Applied Research -2,3
-Propulsion -6
-Stellar Harnessing -5
-Shields -3,6
-Armor -6
-Point Defense -5
-Colonization -1 (Gs,Ic & Rk)

List of New Mounts:
2 x Shield mounts, Armor mount, improved weapon mounts, Point Def Mount, Engine/Solar Sail Mounts, seeker mount, Hardened Computers, miniturization of components, improved basic weapons (using mounts), colony module.

 Peace Station Mod Mad Gigerdi 2

This is a mod based on the Peace Station universe. The purpose of this is to create a mod for the SE IV, which would resesemble the Peace Station universe, still there are some things that never could be done, like the FTL drives, so you have to use warp points, even that none of those exist in the PS universe.

Some of the technologies, facilities and other things may not be completly canon, so there might be several mistakes and other things, however if you happen to notice that kind of thing you're free to inform me about it or suggest something else.

This mod is mostly targeted for those who know about the PS universe already, still it should fit for anyone who likes scifi and/or SE IV as because this mod should also provide a more challenging AI. Still before playing it is advisable to visit all the PS related sites to better understand the universe, as some races might have unique technologies or even designs.

Proportions Mod by PvK

Proportions makes large changes to the proportions of economy and development in Space Empires IV. The scale of several aspects of play have been made more realistic, along with various other changes.


Pirates and Nomads by Suicide Junkie

As the title hints at, this mod introduces two new economic models to the game, The Pirate, and The Nomadic.

Both of the new models do not include planet colonization tech, and are focused on space-based infrastructure. They are given tiny spaceyards which can fit on escort sized ships, and boarding parties as starting technologies.

Pirate races are geared towards stealth and ship capture. Able to hide in plain sight as Civilians, they can move through your lines undetected to strike any lightly defended targets. Income is gained by the use or scrapping of captured ships, facilities and bases, plus the occasional slave labour camp. Another reccommended source of income is to negotiate a trade alliance with a regular race, and do some privateering for them in exchange for the resources.

Nomadic races are given maintenance reducing components and two bonus levels in fighter tech, so that they are capable of supporting hundreds of ships on a budget of only a few thousand resources per turn. Reccommended sources of income are piracy, merchandising, and alliances. There are additional, minor features to explore on your own.
The other major features of this mod were designed to increase the flexibility and variation of designs.

Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion first appeared in P&N, and allows players to add as many engines to their designs as they see fit. Larger hulls need more engines, since Speed = Thrust / Mass (True newtonian would be Acceleration = Thrust / Mass, but QNP is closer than standard SE4's Speed = Thrust system) Adding more engines means you sacrifice weapons, defenses and auxiliary abilities. Thus, at some point, unique to the design's job, the player's tech level and mood, and possibly the enemy's designs will all factor into the final speed of the ship. For example, scouts can be given close to 30 speed, while military interceptors get 10, and siege warships move only 5.

Supplies as a resource
Supplies are a rare commodity in this PBW version of P&N. Resupply Depots and Quantum reactors have been removed from the game, so the construction and maintenance of Solar Power Stations will be critical to your success. Bases have been modified, and now have finite supplies as well they will either need to have a solar panel and a star, or timely visits by a supply ship. Laying siege to a base is possible, now, and a fleet with specialized orders could potentially induce the base to expend all of its munitions over the course of a few feints, thus leaving it defenseless for the final assault.

Supplies in this case are modelled as physical supplies. Energy supplies are modelled as radioactives cost instead. Thus, lasers and other pure-energy weapons will be very expensive to maintain, but can be fired continuously without consequences. Shells, Torpedoes, and Missiles are all super-heavy supply point sappers. Nuclear Bombardment missiles can cost you up to 400 supplies per shot. This is balanced by the fact that very little energy is required, and thus they are dirt cheap to add and maintain. Gunboats can be expected in much greater numbers than Beamers, but will be forced to stay close to their resupply points.

Defense balancing and widening. Shields and Armor now have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and which is best depends on the situation at hand. Armor wins out for Hitpoints per KT, and build cost in an isolated slugging match, but comes in a distant second for maintenance and during campaigns. This can be seen in the fact that the best armor comes in 1kt components, and thus can consume horrific amounts of time and money in the repair yard afterwards as repair bays struggle with hundreds of components worth of damage. Shields, on the other hand, recover instantly after battle, and the ships can continue to press an advantage.
In addition, phased shields are mixed in with the regular shields instead of being researched completely afterwards. Phased shields are slightly weaker that normal shields per research point spent, but phased weapons have been altered accordingly.
Options are widened with specialty defenses for everything from ion cannons to null space. Includes armored engines, Buckytube Gel, and Tachyon Dampers.

Weapons have been prodded and tweaked to improve the range of useful types. APBs are slightly weaker, Torpedoes are given a homing ability to make up for their lack of raw firepower (+15% to +25% accuracy), and Graviton Hellbores skip armor. Phased Polaron Beams have been completely reworked, and Phased weapon research now gives you alternate versions of the beams, torpedoes and missiles already researched with shield skipping ability and reduced damage.

Units no longer have specialized weapons and shields available for them. Instead, they use "small" through "micro" mounted ship weapons. More abilities are opened up to units, and tech availability is smoother. Researching smaller weapons and troop weapons will provide the mounts, rather than the weapons.

Racial Traits and Techs


Quad Mod by Deathstalker

(available on Gold CD)

This modd adds a few new systems to the game of se4Gold as well as all the normal systems. It attempts to address the games AI problems with certain space specials like Black Holes and Nebula. Therefore there are options here that create 'AI Friendly' systems, without Black Holes and Nebula or other such special sectors. There are also some pre generated maps for your enjoyment.


Star Trek Mod by Attrocities (and Capt Kwok I think)

A mod based on Star Trek! (like you couldn't figure that out. This is an extremly in depth mod that includes all the major races from Star Trek and many many new techs components, facilities, vehicles etc. Even if your not a Trek fan this is worth checking out.  Even includes a map of the trek univers by userx. (this plug written by DavidG)


Sweet Mod ver 1.5 by TescoSamoa

The sweet mod was developed to counter the standard ships that pbw players create and use in battle. DUC, APB, PPB,MB are removed and fighters and missles are more powerful. The mod is updated after a pbw game is completed with new suggestions from the players. The image ai mod must be installed to use this mod as the fqm mod has been added.


Tampa_Gamer Sound Mod 1.40

Space Empires IV Gold version 1.xx (Compatable with all future versions)
March 6, 2002 (verified February 1, 2003)
Tampa_Gamer Sounds Mod 1.40
This sound mod will replace almost all of your 60 original sound files. I have gone through the new Gold sounds and merged the ones I liked with my previous sound mod. This mod was created primarily with new sounds but also incorporates some of the sounds from two "sound mods" posted previously here (one by Tenryu and the other by ?). Some of the racial-specific weapon sounds (like the acid globule, enveloping acid, etc.) from the mod posted by Tenryu were created by C. Schaefer for Cyber Warrior and used with the permission of CyberWarrior, Inc.

Note - this mod is fine to use with the TDM-ModPack, simply place the sounds (wav. files)in the the "TDM-ModPack\Sounds\New" subdirectory (create one if not there).


This mod includes 11 revised default races and 16 new and unique races/shipsets put together by over 20 modders. This Modpack does not contain any modified tech trees, new components or facilities, just a major re-write of most of the AI files to get the most of the current version of SE4.


Ultimate Strategies Mod by Imperator Fyron

This mod makes alterations to the strategies and formations in SEIV Gold. The goal is to expand upon the strategic choices available to the player. Because formations are controlled by a data file and not changeable from within the game, this mod will allow PBW and PBEM users to play otherwise normal games with custom formations. This mod also modifies the DefaultColonyTypes and DefaultDesignTypes files, to create more variety in the default selections.