Author Activities

During my year as Chair of TWUC, I had no time to do anything significant beyond TWUC related business. Though ideas for my next novel were buzzing around in my head. I kept thinking that Fort McMurray must have strong similarities with Dawson City in the Klondike gold rush. I wanted to go to Fort MM, as they call it, but didn’t know how I could get into the real life there and see the oil sands. I knew no one there.

Then in August 2014, after I had finished my work as Chair, through marvellous serendipity, involving City Wolves fans and the wonders of the internet, I was invited by an amazing mover and shaker in Fort McMurray, Lisa Schaldemose, to visit her and get privileged sight seeing and insights. I flew there in September. See my next blog for what I did there. See my next novel for what comes of it. Until that is done, my ‘activities’ will be curtailed to writing.  I will attend book clubs.

On October 24th, I will participate, along with five other Canadian writers and a delegation of Chinese writers at the University of Waterloo in  a Sino-Canadian Literary Forum.