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Welcome to the Web of Diane Ranger, A.T.P.Q.

Hello. I am an Art Therapist, professional member of the "Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec (A.A.T.Q.)" (Quebec Association of Art Therapists). I am currently conducting Ph.D. studies at the Education Sciences Department of the Quebec University in Hull. The object of my research project is to help the pre-school children who are at risk to develop behavioral difficulties. I hold a Master in Art Therapy from Concordia University, Montreal. I completed undergraduate studies in Fine Arts with specialization in Computer Imagery, and I hold a baccalaureat in Education. I work a lot with children with behavioral difficulties and adults with separation difficulties or developmental problems. I use various technologies a lot in my practice, especially computer technologies with people with disabilities.

My various experiences in art education, children psychiatry, geriatry and with disabled people prepared me to join the "Services de Psychologie et de Sexologie Cliniques", 500, boul. de l'Hôpital, salle 202, Gatineau, Qc J8V 2P5, telephone: (819) 561-8098, where I work with Pierrette Morissette, sexologist and Richard Lapointe, psychologist.

During my Master in Art Therapy I conducted a research with the goal to explore computer as art therapy tool and body extension with disabled people. This research included two case studies with paraplegic children of eleven and twelve, dumb with very limited physical capabilities. The two children used a user-friendly drawing software combined to peripherals adapted to their disabilities. Throughout my research I discovered, with these two exceptional children, a powerful tool to express and represent emotions, therefore to communicate. Click here to visualize an abstract of my research papers.

This is an example of a computer assisted drawing by a young disabled girl who had to leave her elementary school to go to highschool.

The services I offer are the following:

Individual therapies:
knowledge of self
emotional improvement
individual growth
Growth and ressource-fulness workshops for groups:
initiation to art techniques to support growth
Specialized services:
computer as tool adapted to disabled people
non-verbal therapies
Preferred techniques:
modeling, painting, drawing, computer drawing, drama
Clinical consultations
emotional problems
behavioral or learning disabilities
adaptation problems
psychological problems related to sensorial and physical disabilities
Conferences and media interviews

Art Therapy in Quebec began its development in the early eighties (Humber, 1998). The "Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec (AATQ)" (Quebec association of art therapists) was created in 1981. The Association developed a professional ethic code to assure a high level of services to the population. To learn more about the AATQ please visit its web at:

In Quebec, there are now three schools meeting requirements from the AATQ: Concordia University in Montreal, that offers a Master Program in Art Therapy (lectures are provided in English but assignment can be done in French or English); the "institut de formation professionnelle en psychothérapie par l'art" in Sherbrooke, that offers a post-graduate program in Art Therapy (in French); and the "université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue" that offers a post-graduate diploma in Art Therapy (in French).

If you want to know more on these schools in Art Therapy in Quebec, please visit the following sites:


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