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For all these years, you've wanted to write, but you haven't known how to get started. "Creative Writing -- Getting Started" is a six-week course designed to be done privately, on-line, to help you overcome all the mental and physical obstacles that have stood in the way of your creative writing efforts. Journalling, writing exercises, poetry and short stories/essays all form part of the workshop. 

Also available, for more established or advanced writers: private one-on-one online workshopping of your novel-in-progress, memoir, short stories or creative non-fiction. Diane Baker Mason will act as your mentor for a six-week private workshop of your work-in-progress. 

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Here's what some of her students have said about Diane Baker Mason's  "Creative Writing -- Getting Started": 

Don't know how to thank you except to just say it - THANK YOU! It's been a fun experience for me. Your gentle guidance throughout this course not to mention your great sense of humour have given me the confidence to carry on writing whatever comes to mind wherever, just for the sheer joy of it. 
-- Jeanette L., (Georgian College Online student) 

I didn't track my hours. I was having far too much fun to worry about stuff like that. The course surpassed my expectations. Diane is a wonderful motivator and teacher. She's been there. She shares. Even her critiques were motivating because she made you feel like you wanted to excel! 
-- Antje W. (JER/KSU online student)

So soon it's over? Felt I learned quite a bit in just a few classes. I've requested a Creative Writing Part 2! 
-- Julie H. (Georgian College Online student)

I seriously cannot pick up a book without your name popping into my mind. How many people have you had that effect on? What do you mean, thousands? 
-- Brian M. (private online student)

This course exceeded my expectations. [I am interested in taking additional online courses] if all of the faculty are as good as this one. 
-- Gini G. (JER/KSU online)

Excellent format - really enjoyed this class, especially instructor. Class was very well taught and I learned a lot about the writing process and myself along the way. She does a great job! 
-- Amy C. (JER/KSU online)

Thank you very much for an inspiring and therapeutic course! I really enjoyed it and it was great to have you as a leader. 
-- Melissa (Georgian College Online student) 

I am definitely getting my money's worth!! Is there anyone you want me to tell? Seriously, do you have a board that reviews your work? Your commitment to your students? Gimme their names. 
-- Denise G. (KSU student) 

You have made me want to continue to write. I will soon start another creative writing class, but I'm doubtful that the instructor will be as warm or as dedicated... 
-- Catherine (JER student) 

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For pricing, course details or information on tutoring, simply email bareboneslake@hotmail.com

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