Puzzle Page - Magic Squares, Polyominoes and Projection Patterns

This is an old version of the website that is no longer being maintained. Please follow this link to recmath.net to visit the current website.

These pages contain some Recreational Mathematics (Recmath) material with a focus on pattern and symmetry. The approach is a bit rambling and definitely short on analysis and proof. Hopefully the visual content makes up for some of the other shortcomings. There are currently five sections, the first of which explores patterns generated when the numbers in a magic square are replaced with a set of geometric shapes. The second section looks at patterns associated with polyominoes when information about the way the polyomino's squares are connected is added. The third section contains some projection (perspective) drawings of collections of cubes and also describes the underlying programming tools used to display the drawings on the web page. The fourth section looks at a link between order five magic squares and polyominoes. Some pictures of integers as set constructions are in the fifth section. The sixth section has an implementation of some six-rule Turing Machines.

The old URL for these pages (from a previous ISP) was web.idirect.com/~recmath.

Magic Square Patterns - 1
Magic Square Patterns - 2
Numbered Polyominoes
and Magic Squares
Pictures of
Integers as Sets
Turing Machine Patterns

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