Schedule - 2007

May 15

Country Quilter Richmond ON
Workshop on Edge finishes*
May 16
Country Quilter Richmond ON
Edge finishes through the Ages*
June 15 - October 1
Charelvoix Co., QC  Carrefor Cultural Paul Mederec
4 Ambroise-Fafard St.
Baie St Paul
Century of Stars Quilt Exhibit  Appraisal Sept 29-30

June 16-17 


Fiber Fest Pier 23 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lecture:  Having your Quilt Appraised & Antique quilt exhibit*

July 28


Airing of Wool Quilts  *
Lismore Sheep Farm
River John  NS: 902-351-2889

August 3, 12:00-2000

August 4, 10:00-1800

Northumberland Quilt Show* 
DeCost Centre, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Info:  902-484-1915

Sept 29-30 Charelvois Co., QC
Carrefor Cultural Paul Mederec
4 Ambrose-Fafard St
Baie St. Paul
Appriasal *
October 12-14 

AQSG    Lowell  Mass USA
Edge Finishes through the Ages

November 3   

Colby Curtis Museum,
Stanstead QC  819-876-7322
Lecture and appriaisng*
Caring For Gramma's Quilts
November 19
Courtepointe Claire*
Laval  450-688-5155
Lecture:  The Appraisal Process

      * Please call ahead for appraisal appointment