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Why would you want or need to get your quilt appraised by ®DimacQuilt?

  • Knowing the value of your quilt will help you determine its care.

  • You may wish to get an appraisal done for insurance purposes. If you do not have a formal appraisal a quilt is considered a blanket/bed cover with very little value. You may want to sell the quilt.

Types of appraisal

  • Fair Market-Value - based on current market value or what a willing buyer and seller can agree upon.

  • Insurance Replacement - value is based on how much it would cost to replace the article with -like and kind-.

  • Donation Value - given for income tax purposes or for estate settlements.

What is an appraisal?

  • An appraisal is a written document that describes the quilt and places a value on it. This is a legal document ONLY if done by a Certified Quilt Appraiser.

How is a quilt appraised?

  • As a Certified Appraiser I will measure the quilt and determine the state of the material (cloth) for fading and deterioration. The quality of the material is noted, as well as the workmanship and the design features. Unique designs are recorded and the quilt as a whole is carefully examined which means the top, back, binding and filler material. All contribute to the quilts value.

How does the Appraiser determine the value?

  • An Appraiser must be current on the price of quilts.

  • Attending quilt shows, auctions and antique shows for old quilts as well as referring to professional journals allows the Appraiser to make a fair value.

  • Like art, prices vary depending on trends in the marketplace.

  • A good Appraiser is aware of current and upcoming trends and so can evaluate a quilt.

After the appraisal what will I have?

  • You will have a signed and dated appraisal with a photograph of the quilt.

  • The Appraiser will keep a copy for their records.

  • This evaluation will be valid for 5 years.

Feel free to contact me, Diane MacLeod Shink by email or call me to arrange an appointment for home visits at

514 486-2768.

Email: dimacquilt@sympatico.ca

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