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The site will include bookmarks links to provide you with examples of the work that I have done and the places that I have studied. Please take a few moments to view these pages. The links will also lead you to other interesting information as you look through the resume.

To begin with I will post the most basic items that you would expect to see on a resume. Over time I will add different examples of the years of writing and photography which I have published. I will also add some of the page layout work which I have done.

Work Related Skills


I have an excellent knowledge of graphic arts production, scanning, e-mail file transmission and typography.

I have accurate keyboarding skills.

I am equally capable on both the Mac and P.C. platforms.

I am a graduate in Electronic Desktop Composition at George Brown College.

I am trained in both traditional and digital pre-press.

I have demonstrated that I can produce excellent work while working under tight deadlines.

I have excellent organizational skills. I can work quickly, efficiently and with little or no supervision.

I am trilingual (English, French and German).



University of Windsor: I attended the University of Windsor from 1986 to 1989. I graduated from the U of W with a Bachelor of Arts in 1988 (Psychology, French) and a Bachelor of Education (1989)

I attended George Brown College from 1995 to 1996 in Toronto at St. James Campus in the Printing Technology Department. I graduated in 1996 with a Diploma in Electronic Desktop Composition. This program prepared me for the constant changes that computers have brought to the printing and electronic publishing world.

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I live in London, Ontario, Watch For More on This Site in the Coming Days and Weeks!