Alioramus remotus

Alioramus is one of the least well know of the Asian tyrannosaurids. It was a stretch-snouted tyrannosaurid with a very rugose (bumpy) nose. In fact, there seem to be 6 prominent bumps on the nose. It has a very high tooth count (for a tyrannosaur, at 18 maxillary teeth), which lends credence to it being a primitive tyrannosaurid. However, it has a braincase very similar to Tarbosaurus, so who knows where it will end up.

As the name says, it is not a well known tyrannosaurid, and there is even an argument as to whether it belongs as a tyrannosaurid (Carpenter 1992 did not include it). More material is needed to sort it out.


  • Alioramus remotus
    • 5 m (16 feet) long, 1 tonne (1 ton)
    • Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
    • Known from one very incomplete specimen with a skull.
    • Known from Mongolia.
    • Named By: Kurzanov, S.M. (1976) ["A new Late Cretaceous carnosaur from Nogon-Tsav, Mongolia"]. Sovm. Soviet-Mongolian Paleontol. Eksped. Trudy 3: 93-104. (In Russian with English summary)

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