My Bio

  • I have a B.A. in psychology from York University ('95)
  • I have B.Sn. in Ed. from Medaille College ('97)
  • I have a diploma in Technical Theatre Production from Sheridan College ('91)
  • I was married in June of '96 to my girlfriend of over 9 years, Karen
  • I had a daughter (Laura) on Sept. 21, 2000
  • I had a son (Robert) on April 6, 2003
  • Moved into our own house in Sept. of 2001
  • I have taught with the Peel District School Board since 1998

Other than teaching, I do car trips to various parts of Ontario and the surrounding area, to fish and to visit museums (my two favourite pastimes). My most recent trip was our delayed honeymoon to Alberta. It was an experience I will not soon forget (scenery, dinosaurs, wildlife, etc.). The fact that it was the most recent means I don't get out much. Our children keep us busy enough to be happy at home.

I have been fascinated with dinosaurs since I was old enough to say the word (which, I am told, was on a frequent basis). I went through the teenage period where I put dinosaurs aside, but as I got older, the obsession returned. I have casts of dinosaur bones from Skullduggery, the Dinosaur Society, Cypress Studio, and Smith Studios that I study at home, but mostly it is off to the ROM to visit the dinosaurs of my childhood and the library. Mostly, my wife just humours me.

I am an avid bass fisherman (though not a very good one), but I will fish for just about any fresh water fish. I have been in two bass tournaments, coming in 7th (of 34) and 19th (of 26) places. I am not the most competitive person, so I just found them stressful. I have travelled as far as far as Alaska to fish (caught a 27 pound King Salmon), but mostly I fish in Southern Ontario.

Last updated on May 15, 2004.