A Changing Look at Tyrannosaurids

Tyrannosaurids have always been my favourite dinosaurs, although they all fascinate me. I would be happy with any input I receive from any source, so please e-mail me with comments, corrections, or suggestions. I may decide not to take your advice (do not take it personally, it is my page after all), but with palaeontology changing as quickly as it is, I need to try to keep my information as current as possible. "Tooth Only" genera are not listed, because they are not well enough known or established to be truly defined as genera.

Tyrannosaurids themselves are well defined as a group. There is argument, however, as to which animals actually belong. There are several well defined genera, and then there are many more which people dispute. I have had many discussions and read about the tyrannosaurid family tree, but there seems to be no consensus. What I am going to have here is a list that I think is the most probable. Feel free to argue with me. I would be happy to be proven wrong (it means I learned something). There is also a study going on now to try to sort out the tyrannosaurid tree, so when it is published, I may need to do some major updating. There are many finds, recently, that may place more individuals into the tyrannosaurid group. Most of these, unfortunately, are just teeth. There is evidence from Asia, Europe, and North America placing tyrannosaurids in the Early Cretaceous period. There is also evidence that tyrannosaurids were around in the Jurassic period (Stokesosaurus for example), but until better specimens are found and described, I will leave all of this mess alone. This also further muddies the water of where they originated and when.

Tyrannosaurid Tooth
Large Tyrannosaurid tooth in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation (my picture from the summer of 1997)

To see a list of known specimens of a particular genus, look in the Statistics column. Click the link on the words "known from". This will take you to a list of specimens that I have access to. If you have knowledge of other specimens, please let me know. The lists will constantly be updated.


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