Learning and Fun With Dinosaurs

What's that? You don't think that learning and fun should be in the same sentence? Well, try this area out and see for yourself. There are games and puzzles to try, along with some facts for you to learn. Some things need to be printed for you to do them properly (ask Mom or Dad to help you if you need it). There are sections with things for children of different ages, so pick something that is OK for you to do. Parents, feel free to use parts of this for your kids off the computer. Teachers, feel free to use what you want from this in your classrooms. All the parts of this page were either made by me, or permission has been given for use by the person who made the part.

If anybody has things they would like to add, or something does not work, please contact me so that it can be fixed. Kids, make sure Mom or Dad is with you if you are sending or receiving mail over the Internet. I am trying to help keep the Internet a safe and fun place for children. I can be reached at dinoguy@sympatico.ca. Or, push any one of the mailboxes on my site.

needed for some of these!

Parts of this page are still under construction, so please be patient and come back and visit soon. I will add to it as often as possible.

For the younger children (about 3 to 8+):

For the older children (about 8 to 12+):

Kid's Links Page - try this for more fun stuff for kids.

If you like to draw dinosaurs, and Mom or Dad has a scanner, then send me you art and I will put it on this site to see what kids your age have drawn, look in the Art Gallery. Your art will stay on for at least 2 weeks, depending on how much I am sent. You may send me pictures as often as you like, but only 1 picture per child will be put on display at a time.

Please try out all the areas that sound interesting. Moms and Dads may wish to help, they might even learn something. ;-)

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Last Updated February 12, 2000.