References and Thanks

First, I would like to thank everybody on the Dinosaur Mailing List. The discussions on this group have greatly improved my knowledge of dinosaurs. The e-mail on this list is stored on the archive at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Thomas Holtz and George Olshevsky for their time in sending me personal e-mails with information that has enhanced my knowledge of dinosaurs. Much of the organization of the genera list on this page is from an article that Mr. Olshevsky sent me through e-mail. I borrowed extensively from him and very much appreciated the opportunity to do so.I would also like to thank Mike Skrepnick for sending me copies of the Hunteria papers for "Nanotyrannus" and Edmarka that I found so hard to locate over the years.

I would like to give special thanks to people who contributed to the specimen lists (whether they knew they were doing it or not). Specimen lists and numbers were offered by Jackie Wilke, Tracy Ford, Kelly Milner Halls, Dr. Philip Currie, Gertrude Smith, and John Hutchinson (so far). Again, George Olshevsky's review of tyrannosaurs proved to be invaluable, as well. Contributions to the Champion Carnivore page have been made by Gregory S. Paul, Dr. Holtz, and John Hutchinson (again, often accidentally as posts to the Dinosaur Mailing List).

I also benefitted greatly from the use of the following books and articles:

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