Known Tyrannosaurus rex Specimens

Specimen #Where FoundMaterialHome
AMNH 3982South DakotaIncomplete Dorsal CentraAmerican Museum of Natural History
BMNH R7994WyomingDentaries, Dorsals, Cervicals, and an Incomplete Pelvis and FemurBritish Museum of Natural History
CMNH 9380MontanaPartial Skull, Pelvis, Hind Limbs, Metetarsals, Humerus, Gastralia, and VertebraeCarnegie Museum of Natural History
AMNH 5027MontanaSkull and Skeleton, Minus Fore and Hind Limbs, and Distal TailAmerican Museum of Natural History
AMNH 5117MontanaBraincase, Postfrontal, Pterygoid, HyoidAmerican Museum of Natural History
AMNH 5881?MontanaFemur, Tibia, Fibula, and PhalangesAmerican Museum of Natural History
AMNH 5029MontanaOcciput, Splenial, Articular, Prearticular; Occiput Sectioned Braincast TakenAmerican Museum of Natural History
AMNH 5044MontanaCaudal VertebraeAmerican Museum of Natural History
CMNH 9379MontanaBraincaseCarnegie Museum of Natural History
LACM 23844MontanaIncomplete Skull, Cervicals, Dorsals, Caudals, Ribs, Gastralia, Shoulder Girdle, Incomplete Ischia and Femur, Fibula, Incomplete MetatarsusLos Angeles County Museum
LACM 23845Montana12% of SkeletonLos Angeles County Museum
MOR 008Montana40% of SkullMuseum of the Rockies
SDSM 12047South DakotaSkull and Approx. 40% of SkeletonSouth Dakota School of Mines
RTMP81.6.1AlbertaSkull and 30% of SkeletonRoyal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
RTMP81.12.1AlbertaPost Orbital, Cervicals, Dorsals, Caudals, Pelvis, and Hind LimbsRoyal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
MOR 009MontanaDorsals, Caudals, Pelvis, Hind LimbsMuseum of the Rockies
NMMNH P-1013-1New MexicoSkull Elements, ChevronNew Mexico Museum of Natural History
USNM 6183WyomingFemur, Tibia, FibulaUnited States National Museum
CMNH 1400WyomingFragmentary Skull, Ischia, Ribs, and ChevronsCarnegie Museum of Natural History
MMS 51-2004South DakotaAnterior of BraincaseMinnesota Museum of Science
UCMP 118742MontanaMaxillaUniversity of California Museum of Paleontology
UCMP 131583MontanaMaxilla and DentariesUniversity of California Museum of Paleontology
UCMP 137539MontanaPartial Hind Limbs, about 20% of a SpecimenUniverstiy of California Museum of Paleontology
RTMP82.50.11Not ListedLarge MaxillaRoyal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
TMM 41436-1TexasMaxillaTexas Memorial Museum
CM 7541MontanaAlmost Complete SkullCleveland Museum of Natural History
MOR 555MontanaAlmost Complete Skeleton, Missing Some Ribs, One Foot, One Fore Limb, Distal Tail, and Skull ElementsMuseum of the Rockies
MOR 557MontanaPosterior BraincaseMuseum of the Rockies
FMNH PR2081South DakotaComplete Skeleton, Missing Tail Tip, One Fore Limb, One Foot, One ?CervicalField Museum of Natural History
BHI 3033South DakotaSkull and 55%+ of SkeletonBlack Hills Institute
"Mr. Zed"South DakotaSkull and Approx. 40% of SkeletonPrivate Hands (Kansas)- For Sale
"Bowman"North DakotaApprox. 10% of SkeletonBowman College
No ListingNorth DakotaApprox. 10% of SkeletonDakota Dinosaur Museum
BHI 4100South Dakota30% of Skeleton, Including Partial SkullBlack Hills Institute
DMNH 2827ColoradoPartial Hind LimbDenver Museum of Natural History
"Scottie"SaskatchewanApprox. 75% of SkeletonRoyal Saskatchewan Museum
No ListingMontana30% of SkeletonMadison Museum, University of Wisconsin
"Fox"South Dakota10% of SkeletonBlack Hills Institute
"Steve"South DakotaUnknownBlack Hills Institute
No ListingSouth DakotaMetatarsalIllinois State Geological Survey
DIS 101South Dakota20-25% of SkeletonDinamation International Society
"Rigby Giant"MontanaBraincase, Partial Pelvis, Vertebrae, LimbsUniversity of Notre Dame
"Rigby 2"MontanaBraincase, Dentaries, Nasal, Premaxillary, Jugal, Vertebrae, Pelvic Elements, Limb BonesUniversity of Notre Dame
"Tinker"South DakotaSkull, Vertebrae, Ribs, Limb Elements- JuvenilePrivate Hands
"Monte"WyomingSkull, Ribs, Gastralia, Partial Forelimb, CaudalsUniversity of Kansas?
LACM 28471MontanaPartial Skull Including Maxillae, Premaxilla, Nasals, Frontals, Parietals, Surangular, DentariesLos Angeles County Museum
RTMP 80.16.485AlbertaFrontal and TeethRoyal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
?OMNH 10121New MexicoIncomplete Frontals and Parietals, Teeth, Incomplete Dentary, Incomplete Femora, Tibia, Pubes, Metatarsals, Ribs, Gastralia, IliumOklahoma Museum of Natural History
MOR1125Montana40% of Skeleton, Including Disarticulated SkullMusuem of the Rockies
MOR1127MontanaCervical Vertebrae and RibsMusuem of the Rockies
MOR1128MontanaFemur, Tibia, Dentary, Two Teeth, Ischium, Pubis, Ribs, VertebraeMusuem of the Rockies
MOR1131MontanaDisarticulated Braincase, Parts of SkullMusuem of the Rockies
MOR1152Montana60% of Skeleton, including Hind Legs, Pelvis, Ribs, Metatarsal, Caudal Vertebra, ChevronMusuem of the Rockies
MOR1156Montana4 associated bones (so far)Musuem of the Rockies
NMNH?MontanaComplete Leg and Foot, Pelvic Elements, Misc. Odds and EndsNational Museum of Natural History
MOR980MontanaPartial SkeletonMuseum of the Rockies
CMNH (Sampson)South DakotaSkullCarnegie Museum of Natural History

Specimens that could not be located at the American Museum of Natural History in 1971 have not been included, unless they were described in the literature first.

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