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French Navy Officer Uniforms

A number of navy uniforms were made for the Canadian War Museum for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the first siege of the Fortress of Louisbourg.  These uniforms were made of  superfine wool from England and gilt metal lace from France. All the visible seams were handsewn and in every other regard up to museum standards. Cocked hats, coats, waistcoats, breeches, shirts, stockings, buckled shoes, neck cloths were all supplied.

 Detail of Admiral's Coat (24K)


British Mitre Cap 1743-1763

Considerable research went into the designing of this item.  A number of original mitre caps were examined to come up with the most accurate representation of this significant item to date. Materials consist of custom dyed wools of the proper weight and weave,  woolen tape trimmings with regimental worm, natural flax linen from Ireland, and heavy felted Icelandic yarn for the woolen tassel.  Each mitre cap is hand sewn and constructed in every detail to match that of the originals, and is custom-made to the your head size.  This item is perfect for the study or office of any military collector or historian.

Presently mitre caps for the 40th and 60th are available.  However if there is a particular regiment you are looking for please do not hesitate to enquire.

Mitre Cap...........$295.00US each

Image of  Mitre Cap (8K)

Matchcase 1743-1768

The brass matchcase served to hold a smoldering match cord when it was being used to ignite grenades.  When grenades became obsolete, the matchcase remained on the belts of the grenadiers as an ornament.

Based on two originals uncovered at the Fortress Louisbourg, the matchcase is made from brass and is handcrafted by our tinsmith to the proper dimensions.   It is completed with a hand-turned to hardwood plug.


British Infantry Uniform and Equipment 1751-63

We researched and constructed for the Canadian War Museum a complete uniform for the 40th Grenadiers as it appeared in 1759.  This included the following:

Mitre cap, neck roller and buckle, waistcoat, breeches, gaiters, leather tops, coat complete with regimental lace, buff leather belting complete with proper split and lift stitching, cartridge pouch, wooden "belly" box with GR cypher stamped in gilt on it, and 1751 pattern hanger.

Contact us for a quotation on any or all of the above items.

Image of a 40th Grenadier (11K)

British Other Ranks Pewter Button

Molded from an original, this button is available to you for $1.05US each


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