Military Heritage Buttons

          This vast collection of reproduction military buttons have been designed and engineered by Twist Miniature Design as an alternative to the poor quality buttons presently on the market. The majority of reproduction buttons made for the reenactment hobby are inferior in many respects to originals:  

For these reasons, all the buttons presented here are made from a superior pewter; moulds are industrially-manufactured; and each sample is spun-cast  to create a crisp, proper reproduction. Finally an alternative for the authenticity purist.   No more lead pipes melted and poured into a cheap rubber mold in the back of the garage!    Whenever possible original buttons (either historical objects or archaeological specimens) have been utilized in the molding process.

Choose from the sections below to find the button you require:

Seven Years War British Other Ranks Button ($1.05US each)

The American Revolution

The Napoleonic Wars: Britain

The Napoleonic Wars: France and the United States

The Victorian Era: Britain and the United States

Price and Minimum Quantity

pewter (P) buttons sized small, breast, or gaiter


pewter (P) buttons sized large or coat


plated (B, C, G or S) buttons sized small, breast, or gaiter


plated (B, C, G or S) buttons sized large or coat


Minimum Quantity per order: 50 buttons

If the button you are looking for is not available, we research, design and manufacture a mold for you.  Unfortunately there is an additional $50.00US art/mold charge we incur that has to be passed on to the client.  However this charge is waved if the size of your order is over 500 buttons. Sites:

Seven Years War Website   War of 1812 Website   Napoleonic Wars Collection 

Military Heritage Magazine      Military Music Sound Clip Gallery   

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