British Colonial Conflicts and the Crimean War, 1816-56

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We have produced a number of reproductions for this time period.  Below is only a sample of what we have done:

Drummer Uniforms

For one museum we reproduced two uniforms for the 34th Regiment of Foot complete with the regiment's unique lace (in the case of this regiment it was the same pattern as the 1768-1836 private's lace).  These uniforms included regimental fife cases and slings, drum badges for the rear of the shakos, coatees, pattern 1822 swords, and cross belts.

 Image of 34th Drummer's Coat 1838(46K)

Detail Image of Same (27K)

Officer Uniforms

We have made a number of officer dress and undress uniforms for the 1830s including an officer's for the 15th Regiment of Foot, 34th Regiment of Foot, and the Commissariat Department. These uniforms included coatees, swords, accoutrements, shakos, cocked hats, breast plates, and so on. The following illustrations speak for themselves.

Image of 34th Officer's Coatee, 1829-31 Regulations (25K)

Lace Detail Image of Same (30K)

Image of 34th Officer's Epaulette (20K)

Image of 34th Officer's Bell Top Shako, 1830-40 (57K)

Image of Officer's Breast Plate (19K)

Commissariat Officer coatee with Boxed Epaulettes, 1831 Regulations (23K)

Cocked Hat of the Commissariat Department

Undress British Infantry Officer Epaulettes, 1831 Regulations

Image of Pattern 1822 Swords with Knot


Royal Artillery Uniforms

We have made complete uniforms for the Royal Artillery from 1768 to 1855.

 If you are interested in RA dress, contact us.

Image of the Royal Artillery Bell-Top Shako (53K)

Image of the Royal Artillery Albert Pattern Shako 1845-55 (29K)


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