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Welcome to my photography web site. It serves to provide a vehicle to display, what I regard as some of the best of my photographic work. By all reckoning, I am a rank amateur. However, I do enjoy making and taking pictures. Please take the time to view this site. I believe some of the photos are quite good. Of course I welcome any comments, on the photos or the site in general. Please feel free to email me at photonewbs@yahoo.ca.

If you are looking for a top notch photo magazine check out . Great articles and even greater images. 

And don't forget the upcoming Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

My next project (if I ever get started) was inspired by Edward Burtynsky. I attended an exibit of his work at the National Gallery in Ottawa, and was totally amazed. Some of his compositions are simply haunting. 

  This site originally authored mid January 24, 2002 and last updated January 28, 2008
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