History of  Écureuil Gallagher (Squirrel Gallagher)

I bought my stuffed animal squirrel at Winners for my niece's dog but it was too cute.  One year in the playoffs Bell had given out to many fans a stuffed animal Beaver wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey so I took the Canadiens jersey off my beaver & it fit the squirrel perfectly.  I named him Gallagher (like the Canadiens player who like squirrels is a high energy all over the ice player).  Gallagher, his brother Patch & the Bison tuque come with me to all the festivals & Canadiens games & everyone loves them all.   They profit from their lives more than most people who work 9 to 5 & go home tired every night.     :) Montreal Canadiens player meets Squirrel Gallagher here – Episode 9 Season 2 – 24 CH .  Écureuil Gallagher’s great dancing skills can be seen in this video at the Festivoix Festival in Trois Rivieres (the best part is between the 5 minute & 6 minute mark).  Écureuil Gallagher also has the honour to be 2 music videos so far.    Space Carnival by Spacemak3r (1:26) & Boom by Simple Plan (2:31, 2:54 & from 3:06 @ 3:09) .   :)   Écureuil Gallagher & his brother Patch were also in an episode of the french satirical news program Infoman right after the recent federal election.  Their other brothers Radu & Cole Suzuki Price don’t come out too much.   There are now over 3000 photos in Gallagher’s Facebook.  Updated Dec 20  2022

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The Bison Tuque

The joy

The history of the Bison tuque

Success stories after tuquages

Videoclips including INFOMAN & other news


***Bison tuque photos***  UPDATED  Dec 21, 2022  All photos are up to date in Recent Photos & success stories.   Unfortunately Covid19 restrictions limited possibilities for new photos from May 2020 until spring 2022  but the Tuque is back.   L         

  Picasa is now Google photos.  The links give the photos of albums in various sections. Click on the name of the album for photos from that album.  When you are in the album each photo you click on opens up larger & you can click on I for info which names the person & gives the information for that particular photo including often the link for that persons website.    

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 There are over 6000 photos including over 3000 new photos since 2012

The joy

Each time a person sees the Bison tuque for the first time the Tuque is touched by the joy & pleasure which emanates from the person’s spirit & the look in their eyes is priceless.

The honour of wearing the Bison tuque has been offered to many different people & each person who has worn it has seen their life improved since this fantastic moment.

Many of the success stories after people have worn the Tuque &/or had their picture taken with the tuque or rubbed the tuque (if they had previously had their photo with it) are described below.

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Bison tuque history

I bought the Bison tuque in December 1998 or January 1999 at Montréal’s Cohoes store on Ste-Catherine at a very low price.   Each winter as I wore the tuque on my head to keep me warm I never imagined that it would become famous.

People everywhere fell in love with the tuque.   Normally the Tuque hibernated during summers and sat on my head everytime I went outside during the winter.  But after many Roadtrips (Sept-Iles & Abitibi) to see Cowboys Fringants’ shows (the # 1 Quebec musical group) the tuque acquired a passion to travel and since my Roadtrip to France in spring 2007 (again to see the Cowboys Fringants & to visit relatives) she has travelled with her Papa from one festival to another all summer long (over 30 festivals every summer), sat on thousands of famous people’s heads & shared her magical powers.

Now there are more than 6000 photos of the Bison tuque on the head’s of NHL players, football players, other athletes, world champions, musicians, singers, superheroes, politicians, mascots, Cowboys Fringant Forumers, etc.

The link above is for an online photo site (with thumbnails for easy viewing) so you can see almost all the bison tuque pictures. Most photos are not on Facebook.

Many photos such as the Musician section have website links included.    The Tuque is washed pretty frequently since so many people, animals, etc put it on their heads.   I must stipulate that all the photos are real.  There are no montages.  I was physically present for the taking of each photo (except the photos taken during the Roadtrip to Sept-Iles, Quebec in March 2006 to see Cowboys Fringants shows when the tuque was lent to friends who are members of the Cowboys’ official Forum & from Sept 30 – Oct 7 2015 when the tuque was lent for one week for to ExpoPierre (an exposition for the Comicbook launch of Pierre et la Pierre Volume II).   The tuque was featured in Pierre et la Pierre Volume I.


BISON TUQUE VIDEOS  (incluant les reportages dans les émissions Infoman & 24CH)

We can see Montreal Canadiens player Brandon Prust putting on the bison tuque in  the January 30th edition of the TV show District V.    The tuquage is @ 3:04.

The Bison tuque is honoured to have been featured in the behind the scenes TV series of the Montreal Canadiens 24CH, Episode 9  (9:46-10:29) originally aired end Nov/early Dec 2013.

The Bison tuque is honoured to have been featured on the Infoman TV show on Radio Canada (minute 17 – 21 – Thank you Josée for the new video on Youtube.  Radio Canada removed its original link for the TV show online )  Episode Infoman - September 29, 2011.

The Bison tuque is in Annakin Slayd’s videoclip - Rock the Sweater (38 secondes) which came out for the playoffs in May 2014 & in the Cowboys Fringants music video - Tant qu’on aura de l’amour (end of the clip)  which was released in December 2008.

Also Les Cowboys Fringants wrote & performed a song in honour of the bison tuque.  The Toune de la Tuque de Bison was performed on Friday November 28th, 2008 during their show in Laval and during the second half of the song I was invited on stage to breakdance (the worm).  Its all in the video.

The Tuque also had the honour of being on stage with the Cowboys Fringants in front a crowd of tens of thousands at Woodstock en Beauce 2011 when I celebrated my 100th Cowboys Fringants show.

The video of the crowd from the Woodstock en Beauce stage is here  & the video of me doing my breakdance with the Tuque on stage is here.       Report -  Sur le vif – Musiqueplus Fev 26, 2009

Karl Tremblay (lead singer) also sang a song with the Bison tuque on his head during a Cowboys Fringants show in Dec. 2008 at L’Assomption.

The plans are that in about 5 years (if she is not lost or stolen in the meantime) the Bison tuque will be sold on auction with all the profits going to charities (such as cancer, childrens charities, Cystic Fibrosis, etc – I haven't decided yet all of the charities will share the proceeds).

Other news -  
In September 2012 a comic book was released at Montreal’s Comicon 2012 with the Bison tuque in it. 

There is a nice article about the Bison tuque on Urbania's website (published Feb 2, 2010).    

The Cowboys Fringants Forum (closed since November 2011) is where I first started placing the photos with the bison tuque starting in March 2006. The group Les Cowboys Fringants, members of the Forum & a few of my friends were the only ones to wear the tuque before its trip to France in May 2007.    That was followed by Woodstock en Beauce 2007 when famous musicians, athletes & others all began getting their pictures with the tuque.    Photos with the tuque & comments were in the Forum for many years but are not longer accessible with the Forum’s closure.    In September 2008 the Bison tuque got its own photo website (the link near the top of the page) and that's where almost all of the pictures may now be seen.   There are about a dozen people (including Celine Dion & a writer for the Degrassi television series) who were honoured to wear the tuque but did not want their photo on the website so obviously those pictures are not on the website.


****     Success stories after a tuquage    ****

There are hundreds of success stories of people who have worn the bison tuque or appeared in a photo with the bison tuque. Obviously athletes & musicians success is a result of their hard work, dedication & incredible talent & skill. Many have had an immediate additional boost of exceptional play or success following the wearing of the tuque or posing for a picture with the tuque.

Is it a coincidence???

Recent success stories include Rafael Harvey-Pinard, Larry Walker, junior hockey stars Shane Wright, Cole Perfetti, Ryan Suzuki, tennis player Denis Shapovalov, Canadiens’ Joel Armia, Alouettes’ quarterback Vernon Adams Jr, a few Quebec Remparts, & a handful of tennis players with upset wins over higher ranked players.  Other stories less recent below include Max Domi, Carey Price & Phillip Danault, Team Canada’s gold medal winning team at the World Junior Hockey Championships, Max Pacioretty & Dale Weise a bunch of times, Devante Smith-Pelly, Tomas Fleischmann, Mike Condon, Connor McDavid, Brandon Prust, Ryan White, Todd Bertuzzi, Georges Laraque, a little boy named Eric, a girl I know, a few women’s curling teams at the Scotties tournament of Hearts.


Sat Nov 26, 2022 Laval Rouge et Or wide receiver Kevin Mital had a few exceptional games after wearing the Bison tuque after his game on Oct 29, 2022.  He won offensive player of the game leading Laval to victory for the Vanier Cup (Canadian University football championship) less than a month later.   

Fri Nov 25, 2022 After wearing the Bison tuque on Sat Nov 19 Laval Rocket defenseman scored in his next game after only 22 & a half minutes & he added 2 goals & an assist in his next game 2 nights later.

Sat Nov 19, 2022 A week after wearing the Bison tuque runningback Kalenga Muganda won offensive player of the game with 173 yards on 24 carries to lead Laval to a road win against Western in the Mitchell Bowl.  Quarterback Arnaud Desjardins who had worn the tuque 3 weeks earlier was also excellent passing for 265 yards.

Oct 1, 2022 Not long after wearing the Bison tuque Montreal Alouettes linebacker Tyrice Beverette had a brilliant game that earned him CFL player of the week honours.

Sept 17, 2022 Former Montreal Alouette quarterback Vernon Adams Jr rubbed the Bison tuque (he had previously worn it so rubbing continues the good luck) after the Alouettes played BC Sept 9th. In his next game about a week later Adams was brilliant leading the Lions to an overtime win over their division rivals Calgary 31-29.  Adams Jr went 25 for 32 passing for 295 yards & rushed for 32 more yards in his first start as a BC Lion.

Sept 11, 2022 Carlos Alcaraz won the US Open tennis Grand Slam exactly one month after having his photo with the Bison tuque.

Sept 2, 2022 Jack Draper wore the Bison tuque after winning his qualification match Sunday to advance to the main draw of the National Bank Omnium in Montreal in August 2022. At the time Draper was ranked 82nd in the world. After he wore the tuque he destroyed 76th ranked Hugo Gaston 6-2, 6-3. Then he upset then 5th ranked Stefanos Tsitsipas 7-5, 7-6. In his next match he won over Gael Monfils 6-2, 0-2 before finally losing to the tournament's eventual winner Pablo Carrena Busta 7-6, 6-1. In his next tournament he defeated former world number 3 Dominic Thiem.   At the US Open advanced to the 3rd round upsetting world number 8 Felix Auger-Aliassime in straight sets.  Then in his next match he was on his way to another win when he got injured & was forced to retire from the tournament.  Draper jumped to 53rd in the current ATP rankings.

Hubert Hurkacz also had a hot streak after wearing the Tuque in Montreal.  After wearing the Bison tuque Hubert Hurkacz won 3 straight matchs including an upset win over Casper Ruud (currently ranked 5th in the world) before finally losing in the final. Hurkacz is ranked 10th in the ATP rankings.


May 26 2022 Laval Rocket’s Brandon Gignac wore the Bison tuque after his game Sunday May 22 & he scored less than 6 minutes into his next game & he scored again a few nights later for 2 goals in 2 games after wearing the tuque.     Louie Belpedio scored early in the 2nd period in his next game after also wearing the tuque Sunday the 22nd.


May 10, 2022 Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes rubbed the Bison tuque after the Canadiens win over Florida, the last game of the regular season April 30th.  Barely more than a week later the Canadiens’ won the NHL lottery for the right to draft first overall in spite of only having an 18.5 % chance of winning the lottery.


May 10, 2022 Zachary Bolduc & James Malatesta scored 2 goals each in a 6-3 win for the Quebec Remparts in Chicoutimi to sweep the 3 game series.    After last Saturday’s Remparts game, Bolduc wore the Bison tuque & James Malatesta (who had already worn the tuque in 2017) rubbed the Tuque for good luck.  Nobody else wore nor rubbed the tuque after Saturday’s game.


March 26, 2022 Tickets for the Ottawa @ Montreal game were going for over $100 a ticket so my friend Peter rubbed the tuque after the Laval Rocket’s afternoon game & upon arriving at the Bell Centre less than half an hour later he got a free red ticket near Centre Ice.  The next game he went to he also found a free ticket (Florida-Canadiens) & Saturday night Leafs vs Canadiens he got a ticket for only $30.  


March 19, 2022 After rubbing the Bison tuque after his game on Mon March 7th, Rafael Harvey-Pinard of the Laval Rocket has now scored in 5 consecutive games.


Feb 22, 2020     After wearing the Bison tuque after his 1st game at the Quebec PeeWee tournament John Mooney of the Pittsburgh Penguins PeeWee team went on to score 8 goals in his next 4 games as the Penguins played great but finally lost a close semifinal in the AAA division.  His teammate Mark Evans had 2 assists in his next game after wearing the tuque & Carson Andrew of St Louis’ team had a goal & an assist in his next game after wearing the tuque.


Jan 26, 2020     After wearing the Bison tuque after their Friday night game January 24, 2020 Saginaw Spirit’s Cole Perfetti scored in his next game with an assist going to linemate Ryan Suzuki then in the next game Suzuki had 2 goals & Perfetti 2 assists & in the next game each scored a goal again.


Jan 26, 2020     After wearing the Bison tuque after his Friday night game Jan 24, 2020 Kingston Frontenacs` Shane Wright scored just 3 minutes 18 seconds into the 1st period of his next game & added another goal & assist in the 3rd period.


Jan 25, 2020    Canadian freestyle skiier Mikael Kingsbury was awesome before wearing the Bison tuque but his success has continued & he’s even more almost unbeatable since he wore the tuque in August 2017.   He now has 60 World Cup victories.


Jan 20, 2020     After 9 years of not even coming close to being elected into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame former Montreal Expo outfielder Larry Walker wore the Bison tuque in March 2019 & as I told him it would happen he finally got elected into the Hall of Fame in his 10th & last attempt with 76.6 % of the votes.   He got 304 of a possible 397 votes, 6 above the 298 needed to get in.   After receiving 54.6 percent of the votes last year Walker made a 22-percent jump this year, the highest for a player in his last year of eligibility in 65 years.   As recently as four years ago, Walker received just 15.5 percent of the vote jumping to 21.9 % in 2017, 34.1 % in 2018.    Between 2011 & 2017 he got between 10.2 % & 21.9 % of the necessary votes.


Jan 17, 2020     As he stopped at the red light by De la Montagne & Ste Antoine after the Calgary game Mon Jan 13th, Philip Danault asked if he could rub my tuque I was wearing for good luck thinking it was the lucky bison tuque that he would usually rub.  I told him it wasn’t the right tuque but he wanted to rub it anyway so I let him & Danault scored in his next game & had 3 assists & was plus 3 in the game after that.   Perhaps my new Bison tuque which I now wear but I don’t have players wear brings good luck too.


Jan 13, 2020    After 9 straight tournaments where he didn’t get past the 2nd round Denis Shapovalov finally had his photo with the Bison tuque at the 2019 Rogers Cup where entered ranked 32nd.   He then went on a roll winning between 2 & 5 matchs in 7 of 11 tournaments including a tournament win in Stockholm moving into 15th in the ATP rankings Nov 4th & making it all the way to the final at the Davis Cup before finally losing to Rafael Nadal.  Then Shapo rose to 13th in the rankings after he made it to the quarterfinals of the ATP Cup before losing to Novak Djokovic.   Djokovic & Nadal are the top 2 players in the world.   In the ATP Cup tournament Shapovalov defeated 3 top 20 players & 2 in the top 10 – Stefanos Tsitsipas & Alexander Zverev. 


Dec 19, 2019    Max Domi rubbed the tuque again after the Ottawa game Dec 11th.  Heading into the game he had only 1 point in his past 6 games.  He had 2 assists in that game & then he added a goal & 2 assists & was + 3 in his next 3 games including the gamewinner in overtime on Thurs Dec 19th in Calgary.   He actually went on a hot streak with 6 goals in 6 straight games starting with that overtime winner including 12 points in his next 9 games. 


Dec 17, 2019   Carey Price has had lots of success over the years & some of his successes have followed tuque rubs.  As indicated below it all started with his first NHL shutout the game after he had his photo next to the Bison Tuque at the Montreal Canadiens blood drive in February 2008.   Since then there have been over a dozen tuque rubs with incredible results.  It seems as though at a certain point after lots of success after tuque rubs the luck runs out.  After a period where I had Carey skip tuque rubs since it didn't seem to work anymore  I decided it was time to try to see if we could get the luck back & I offered Carey the chance to wear the tuque for the first time.  It seems like it might have worked.  After allowing 5 goals to finish the month of November with a 4th straight loss, a save percentage of .883 & a 3,77 goals against average during the month Carey wore the Bison tuque after practice at Brossard on Nov 29th & in his next game he was awesome in Boston where the Bruins had not suffered a regulation loss all season.    Carey stopped 25 straight shots over more than 46 minutes before the NHL's leading goal scorer David Pastrnak scored on a perfect shot to tie the game at 1.  A bad penalty led to another goal & a Bruins win.  Price's play continued to be exceptional as he gave up only 4 goals against on his next 87 shots (.954 save percentage) before I saw him again after the Ottawa game on Dec 11th .   When I asked him if he wanted to give the tuque a rub he happily said - "Gimme that thing" & gave it a good rub.  3 goals against on 59 shots (.949 save percentage) were the result in his next 2 games including another 1st star performance with a 38 save 3-1 win in Vancouver. 


Dec 2, 2019    Joel Armia wore the Bison tuque & the next night he scored 19 seconds into the game & added another goal after less than 2 minutes into the next game 2 nights later.


Oct 25, 2019   A few nights after his photo with the tuque Nate Thompson of the Canadiens had a beautiful assist on an important goal in a Canadiens win over the Leafs.


Oct 18, 2019   A few days after wearing the Bison tuque Montreal Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr  was the player of the game leading the Alouettes to a win over the Argos with 16 completions (including 10 straight) in 23 attempted passes for 249 yards & passing for 3 touchdowns with no interceptions.   He also continued his brilliant play for the rest of the season.


Oct 13, 2019   In his next game after wearing the Bison tuque Quebec Remparts Felix Bibeau had 6 goals in his next 4 games including 2 straight 2 goal games.    Bibeau scored twice & James Malatesta who also wore the tuque 2 days earlier also scored as the Remparts won 4-1 against Victoriaville in the first game after wearing the tuque.   Bibeau scored 2 goals in his next game & 1 each in his next 2 games.  


Oct 12, 2019   Starting with the next week Jeremiah Johnson of the Montreal Alouettes got hot with great rushing stats after wearing the tuque starting with 72 yards in 13 carries in his next game.


Sept 19, 2019   Brett Kulak rubbed the Bison tuque (after having his photo beside it in 2019) & he scored in his next game .


Aug 16, 2019    My boss wore the Bison tuque for her birthday (at work) on Wednesday & 2 days later (Friday) she won $132.50 in our work 50/50 draw.  


July 15, 2019   A single friend that I know in Quebec city touched my Bison tuque just before Corey Hart wore it & she got hot right after & frenched with 5 different guys during the week of the Quebec city summer festival.   No, I’m not one of them.


April 6, 2019    I was in the reds for the warmup of the Canadiens last game of the season against Toronto. Instead of just taking a photo of my squirrels, Gallagher & Patch with the players in the background for Gallagher’s Facebook I decided to get the tuque in the photo also. As they often do when a rookie plays his first game the Canadiens had Poehling go onto the ice first & instead of following, they let him do a lap or two before joining him.   I managed to get a good photo of Poehling alone on the ice with the Bison tuque & the luck of the tuque helped him get a hat trick in his first NHL game & the winning goal in the shootout.   

April 6, 2019   After going pointless in 3 of his past 4 games Max Domi gave the Bison tuque another rub after the Canadiens game on March 21st.  In his next game he got 3 points with a goal & 2 assists in a win over Buffalo & he had points in 6 of his next 8 games.  


March 30, 2019  Although I often see Jeff Petry after games & give him a thumbs up after a good game I rarely have him give my tuque a rub for good luck.    After his game Tuesday March 26th against Detroit he rolled down his window for a photo with a couple girls from Texas.   I took advantage of the opportunity to have have him give the tuque a little rub for good luck.  He then scored goals in back to back games for the first time since December 2018 & only the 2nd time in over a year.


March 27, 2019  After the Blue Jays exhibition game in Montreal Monday March 25th someone approached me & asked politely if he could please wear my tuque.   He said he had previously worn it when he was playing with Shawinigan in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League a half dozen years earlier.   I didn’t recognize him but he told me his name & mentioned to my friend he had been drafted by the New Jersey Devils.    2 days later while watching the Montreal Canadiens’ farm club Laval Rocket playing at home against the Binghamton Devils I recognized the name when he scored a goal.   There he was, Brendan Gignac, draft pick of the New Jersey Devils playing great with a goal & an assist & was + 2 in a 5-1 win in Laval


March 21, 2019   Jesperi Kotkaniemi finally wore the Bison tuque after the Canadiens game  Tuesday Feb 19th .  I told him he would score in his next game & he did just that on his 2nd shift of his next game, 3 minutes & 11 seconds into the game.


March 2, 2019   My hockey friend Danny wore my Bison tuque for the first time after the Canadiens game February 19th, 2019.  A week later he got into Club 1909 casino night even though he didn’t have a pass to get in & there he won a beautifully framed Carey Price autographed photo.  A week later he won pair of tickets for the Laval Rocket, a Energie gift pack including $25 at the bar, VIP passes for Nuit blanche & other items & a pair of tickets in the Reds for a Montreal Canadiens game.


Dec 31 2018  Montreal Canadiens prospect playing with Laval Rocket Jake Evans wore the tuque after a game against Toronto.  He had gone 5 games without a point before wearing the tuque.  In his next game after having worn the tuque Jake Evans had 2 assists & he added a goal & an assist in his 3rd game after wearing the tuque giving him 4 points in 3 games after his tuquage.


Dec 16 2018 Matthew Peca, after having only 1 point in his 6 previous games before wearing the Bison tuque (at the Montreal Canadiens blood donor clinic in late November) Peca got hot with 2 goals & 2 assists for 4 points in his next 3 games after wearing the tuque.


Dec 5 2018 Max Domi rubbed the tuque after the Canadiens’ 5th game of the season Mon Oct 15th.   Before giving the tuque a rub he had only 1 point in his past 3 games.  After rubbing the tuque Domi scored his 1st goal of season 38 seconds into his next game against St Louis & added another goal Saturday at Ottawa & added 2 goals & 2 assists in his next 2 games for 6 points in 4 games & 20 points in his next 15 games (& 22 pt in 17 games) & was named Molson Cup winner for the month of October after rubbing the tuque.   After going pointless in 3 straight games, Domi rubbed the tuque again at the Canadiens blood donor clinic & got hot again with 2 goals & 2 assists for 4 points in his next 3 games.  Domi had his photo with the tuque originally in the summer of 2014 after an exhibition game preparing for the 2015 World Junior hockey championships.


Nov 2018  Congratulations to Kiki Bertens who has been redhot since rubbing the bison tuque in Montreal 2 in early August.   She upset the world's number one ranked player Simona Halep to win Cincinnati's Western & Southern Open in her next tournament. Heading in she had only won 1 match in 3 previous years in Cincinnati.  She first had her photo with the bison tuque at Roland Garros in 2011 so when I saw her in Montreal after a doubles match I had her rub the tuque for good luck since she already had her photo with it. She went on to upset 2 of the world's top ten players before finally losing in the quarterfinals in Montreal. Her great play continued in Cincinnait defeating 4 of the world's top 7 players (top ranked Halep, 2nd ranked Caroline Wozniacki, 6th ranked Petra Kvitova & 7th ranked Elina Svitolina) on her way to winning the tournament. She also won the tournament in Korea a month later. Bertens is now a career high 9th in the WTA rankings. :)


Nov 2018  Daria Kasatkina -  After rubbing the tuque after tennis practice she scored 5 goals & 1 assist in an exhibition soccer game with other WTA players against Montreal Impact players mid August & continued her winning ways on the court.   She is now a career high 10th in the WTA rankings after winning the Kremlin Cup.


Wed May 23, 2018  Penguins` goalie Marc-Andre Fleury wore the Bison tuque after the Pittsburgh - Canadiens game Jan 18th, 2017.   He didn’t play for a few weeks but in his next game Fleury stopped 22 of 23 shots in a 4-1 Penguins win in St Louis.  The only goal he allowed was on the powerplay, as St Louis went 1 for 7 on the powerplay. In his next 9 games after wearing the tuque Fleury had a save percentage of .935 & his great play continued in the 2017 playoffs for the Pens when Murray was injured.   This season with the expansion Vegas Golden Knights Fleury posted a career high .927 save percentage during the season & after starting the playoffs stopping 160 of the first 163 shots he faced in his 1st 5 games (.982 save percentage) he has dropped off but still has a career high .947 save percentage after 3 rounds in the playoffs.  


Fri Apr 13, 2018 Before the last home game of the Laval Rocket (Fan appreciation night) hockey fan Jack Pelletier rubbed the bison tuque just seconds before he spun the wheel to win a chance at a gameworn Laval Rocket jersey.  Not only did his spin give him a ballot but he was one of the winners selected as his name was drawn for a game worn jersey.  


Dec 2017  Laval Express Junior B - Nathan Arseneault – Before wearing the bison tuque Nathan had an average of about a goal every 3 games.   In his next 5 games after wearing the tuque Nathan Arseneault had 8 goals & 5 assists.


Wed Nov 29, 2017  Canadiens’ player Phillip Danault scored his 1st goal in over a month (14 games without a goal)  in the very next game after once again rubbing the Bison tuque for good luck after Monday night’s game (Nov 27), his 1st rub of the new season.


Wed Nov 29, 2017  Canadiens’ goalie Carey Price was red hot in his first games back after his injury following a major tuque rub at the Canadiens’ blood donor clinic where he politely asked me “Where is it? Bring it out” as soon as he saw me waiting to give blood & knowing that I always get him to give the tuque a rub whenever I see him after games over the past few years.  He politely took the tuque & rubbed it softly all over himself before handing it back to me.   Once he was back from his injury he started out with a 36 save shutout & he ended up stopping 100 of the next 102 shots he faced (.980 save %) on his way to 5 straight wins after this most recent tuque rub.


Wed March 29, 2017  Canadiens’ player Andrew Shaw had his photo with the Bison tuque after the game Feb 28th.  RDS showed last night during the game some statistics of Shaw’s offense since March 3rd (last 10 games).   Shaw leads the forwards in even strength with the statistics Free pucks contested that are recuperated (average of 1.5 per game), shots from the slot attempted (2.1), shots from the slot cadrés (1.5) & he is 3rd in passes completed with an average of 5.9 per game (in the past 10 games).



Mon March 20, 2017   The day after rubbing the Biston tuque (at a Les Trois Accords concert) Stephane Guilbault got more points in 2 games (6 pt) than he had in his previous 9 games (5 pt).   He had a goal & 1 assist in his 1st cosom hockey game Sunday, then added a career best 2 goals & 2 assists in his 2nd game  later the same day.   In 9 games leading into Sunday Guilbault had a total of 1 goal & 4 assists.


Wed March 8, 2017   Carey Price after once again rubbing the Bison tuque after the Canadiens game Thursday March 2nd stopped 49 of the next 50 shots he faced over his next 112 & a half minutes in a 4-1 win in New York over the Rangers & in an eventual 2-1 overtime win in Vancouver.


Sun Feb 5, 2017   Felix rubbed the Bison tuque after the Canadiens game Tuesday night Jan 31st & in his next game Sat Feb 4th he scored 7 goals & he added 2 more in his 2nd game.                


Wed Feb 1, 2017 Carey Price stopped 37 of the next 38 shots he faced after rubbing the Bison tuque after Tuesday night’s game then at the NHL all-star skills competition he stopped all NHL shooters & scored a goal & in his 1st game after the all-star break he was once again awesome stopping the 1st 32 shots he faced before Buffalo finally scored.


Mon Jan 30, 2017 Elizabeth Desrochers had 2 straight shutouts in broomball after wearing the Bison tuque Saturday at the Montreal Winter Classic hockey tournament.   Marie-Eve Laviolette had at least 5 goals in her next hockey game after rubbing the tuque.


Sun Jan 22, 2017 In his 1st game in St John’s after wearing the Bison tuque (at Complexe Desjardins) Chris Terry had a goal & an assist.  Mike McCarron (who had previously worn the tuque an hour after winning the Memorial Cup in 2015 in Quebec city) rubbed the Tuque right after Terry wore it & he added 2 assists in his next game with St John’s.  McCarron scored the Icecaps` only goal in his next game with Terry getting an assist.  Terry just added another goal & assist giving him 2 goals & 3 assists for 5 points in 3 games since wearing the tuque.  McCarron also scored giving him 2 goals & 2 assists for 4 points in 3 AHL games since his tuque rub.


Sat Jan 21, 2017 Kirk Muller (who coaches Montreal’s powerplay) rubbed the Tuque after Wednesday’s game.  All 3 goals the Canadiens scored Friday night were on the powerplay on 5 Devils penalties in a 3-1 win on the road .  Montreal also had 3 more powerplay goals on its next 6 attempts in the next 3 games to climb to 2nd in the NHL after being in the bottom half of the league before Kirk’s tuque rub in December.


Jan 14, 2017 In his next game after wearing the Bison tuque Artturi Lehkonen had his 1st career 2 goal game & added an assist.  Philip Danault who waved to the Bison tuque (the traffic light was green so he couldn’t stop) also had an awesome game with 2 goals including the goal of the year.


Jan 5, 2017   The day after wearing the Bison tuque Malix, a young hockey player & fan won Selfie of the game (with his dad) at the Bell Centre at the 2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships.


Dec 30, 2017   Matthew Barzal & Dante Fabbro had previously worn the Bison tuque at the Quebec Winter Carnival parade in February 2010 & Barzal went on to dominate the scoring race (details below) at the Quebec PeeWee tournament.   Thanks to this previous meeting, I had the honour of getting in to the VIP family lounge in Toronto after the Canada Slovakia game to try to help Team Canada in their quest to win Gold at the 2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships.   14 players wore the tuque & the success followed.   Canada won its next game 10-2 as Taylor Raddysh had 4 goals & an assist for 5 points, Dylan Strome had 4 assists, Kale Clague had 3 assists, Mathieu Joseph had 2 assists & was +3, Matt Barzal who had worn the tuque in 2010 & whose father wore the tuque after the Slovakia game had 2 goals & was +4,  Nicolas Roy scored a goal, Dante Fabbro who wore the tuque again & his father wore the tuque had an assist & was +3, Noah Juulson (Canadiens 1st round draft pick) had an assist & was +2, Jeremy Lauzon was +2, Julien Gauthier had a goal & added 2 more goals 2 games later, Thomas Chabot had an assist & added 2 goals & an assist in his 2 following games.   Pierre-Luc Dubois had 2 assists & had a goal & 2 assists (3 pt per game) in each of his 1st 2 games since returning to Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action & 15 points (9 goals, 6 assists) in 8 games since returning to the Quebec league after the tournament.   He had only 18 points (6 goals, 12 assists) in 20 games before he wore the tuque at the tournament.


Nov 20 2016   Montreal Canadiens Carey Price rubbed the tuque again after Tuesday’s game & was incredible with 31 saves on 32 shots in a 2-1 win over Toronto.


Nov 12 2016   Montreal Canadiens Phillip Danault wore the tuque on Oct 24th & scored in his next game.  Danault has rubbed the tuque twice since that game & he has scored a goal after each game he has rubbed the tuque including a 1st star of the game Thursday Nov 10th after his tuque rub after Tuesday nights game.  Danault has 2 goals & an assist in 2 games since last Tuesday’s rub.   Carey Price’s tuque rubbing luck continues as well.   He rubbed the tuque after the Tampa Bay game Oct 27th & he was named 1st star in both of his next 2 games allowing 1 goal against on 80 shots against Toronto (1 goal against 38 shots) & Vancouver (42 save shutout).   Obviously he hasn’t slowed down since either.  Radulov, Mitchell have been among other tuque rubbers this season who have followed up with great production in their next games.


Sept 29 2016    Canada was behind 1-0 to Europe in the 2nd game of the final of the World Cup of hockey with less than 4 minutes to play in the 3rd period when I rubbed the tuque on the Canadian players on my television screen.    Canada not only tied the game but also scored a shorthanded goal for 2 goals within less than 3 minutes of the tuque rub to win the game & the World Cup 2-1.  


End July  Tennis player Daria Kasatkina (ranked 33rd in the world at 19 years old) wore the tuque Tuesday evening July 26th after losing her doubles match.   In her next 2 singles matchs she upset 18th ranked Samantha Stosur (7-6, 6-3) & Roberta Vinci, 8th in the world (7-5, 6-3) in straight sets before losing to 2nd ranked (& currently number 1) Angelique Kerber, who wore the tuque in 2014.


End June 2016   Quebec city singer Bob Bissonnette wore the Bison tuque at a Laval Rouge et Or football tailgate party in November 2010.  His fan base grew year after year & after setting record crowds year after year for afternoon shows at Woodstock en Beauce Bissonnette finally made his goal of playing a show on the big stage in June 2016.   


April 10, 2016    St Johns IceCaps defenseman Ryan Johnston was called up for the Montreal Canadiens last game of the regular season & after playing over 17 minutes @ the Bell Centre he wore the bison tuque just outside the parking lot after the game.    In his next game less than 24 hours later back in the AHL at St John’s he got 2 assists & had an amazing plus-minus of + 6.  Heading into the game Johnston was minus 18 in 34 games with 10 points.


Feb 21, 2016  At the Quebec Pee-Wee hockey tournament Lac St Louis Sud forward Dovar Tinling scored 6 goals & 8 points in his next 2 games after wearing the tuque.   He added 3 goals as Lac St-Louis won the final to mlead the tournament with 12 goals & 16 points in 6 games.  No other AAA, AA Elites nor A player had more than 11 points during the tournament. 


The last 3 times that Max Pacioretty rubbed the Bison tuque he did not score so it appears as though there is a limit to the number of successes after tuque rubs or maybe its just a period in which even rubbing the tuque can’t help.    Also we have discovered that although Dale Weise scores in the game following a tuque rub when he is already hot with a goal in a game he doesn’t score in his next game if he rubs the tuque right after the game he has scored in.   There is still nothing scientific.   Just results, usually great results.


Jan 30, 2016  Angelique Kerber won her 1st Grand Slam tournament, the Australian Open 2016 - 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 vs Serena Williams.  Kerber is now 2nd in the world (career best) in the WTA rankings, another great career rise since wearing the lucky Bison tuque.  


Novak Djokovic, qui n'arrête presque pas d'augmenter son avance dans les classements ATP depuis qu'il a porté la Tuque en Aout 2013 a aussi gagné l'Australian Open dans son 17e final consecutif (le record est 18).   Djokovic est numéro 1 dans les classements ATP depuis Juillet 2014 & mène les classements par un incroyable 7845 points (16790 vs 8945 pour Murray & 8975 pour Federer) .


Nov 25, 2015   Even though I had seen & spoken to Devante Smith-Pelly at least a half a dozen times after games since he joined the Canadiens in 2014-15 season, it was only this past Sunday night after the game against the New York Islanders that I offered & took his photo Bison tuque on his head.  Evidently tonight in his next game Smith-Pelly exploded for his first regular season 2 goal game  since he joined the NHL in 2011.  He had 1 goal in 21 games heading into the night.  Even more impressive, his 2 goals were against the New York Rangers, the NHL’s number 1 team before the Canadiens took over the number 1 stop by winning the game.  The Rangers & their goalie Henrik Lundqvist are tops in the NHL with the least goals against & best save percentage.


Nov 23, 2015  After his little rub of the Bison tuque Monday night after the game Max Pacioretty again scored a goal & an assist Thursday & scored again Sunday.   Dale Weise after having rubbed the tuque Wednesday at the Montreal Canadiens Blood Donor Clinic also scored a goal Thursday & added an assist on Friday night (+3 for the 2 games) & even though his goal Sunday was disallowed because Desharnais (who didn’t touch the puck) was offside Weise added another assist for 3 points in 3 games.    Wednesday when Weise saw my tuque sitting at the top of my bag he put his hand in & gave it a little rub while saying "I wanna get hot again".   It worked. Tomas Fleischmann who wore the tuque Wednesday also played 3 great games with 2 goals & a post in his next 3 games.   Unfortunately Mike Condon who saw me & said “I  think I need to rub the tuque again” just before giving it a rub Wednesday didn't have as much succes Thursday as he had after his first 2 tuquages.


Nov  7, 2015   Tomas Plekanec scored 2 goals in his next game earning 2nd star of the game honours after rubbing the tuque Thursday night (although his 2nd goal was disallowed even though Gallagher was pushed into the Boston goalie).  Mike Condon was great again stopping 29 of 31 shots as 3rd star of the game in a 4-2 win over Boston & earning 3rd star of the week in the NHL.   Also Dale Weise once again got hot with a goal a game (Tues & Thurs) in his next 2 games after rubbing the Bison tuque to become the 3rd leading scorer in the NHL.


Oct 25, 2015  After Tuesday night’s win against St. Louis I waited for the players by the garage as I sometimes do after games.   When he came out of the garage I gave a thumbs up to Max Pacioretty to let him know great game.   He then signaled me with his finger to go see him so I went around to the other side of his car & I knowing what he wanted I said ‘Things are going so well you don’t need any good luck.’  He then said ‘Yes, I do’ so I let him give the tuque another rub & success followed as usual.  a goal & an assist in each of his next 2 games, 4 points total - Oct 23 & 24th.   Mike Condon also rubbed the tuque & stopped 49 of his next 51 shots.


Oct 2, 2015   In his next game after rubbing the tuque in preseason Dale Weise got the gamewinning goal & Mike Condon in his 1st game after wearing the Tuque got the win with a shutout.   Weise scored again in each of his next game for 3 goals in 3 games.    Vaclav Karabacek (Baie Comeau – QMJHL) also scored in his next game after wearing the tuque.


Summer 2015 –  Less than a month after wearing the bison tuque Kevin Anderson has now won 9 straight matchs including 5 straight with his 1st tournament championship in more than 3 years in North Carolina & 4 straight now at the US Open including a 4 set upset victory over 3rd ranked Andy Murray.  Murray had defeated Anderson 4 straight times in the past 15 months before Anderson’s recent win after wearing the tuque.   Anderson later rose to a career-high 10th in the ATP rankings.     Right before his 2nd round match in Montreal Jack Sock rubbed the tuque for good luck & Sock went on to defeat Grigor Dimitrov & Ivo Karlovic wore the tuque not long before winning over Canadian Milos Raonic, both upsets coming against higher ranked players.  Right before their ball hockey game at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament Lars Eller rubbed the tuque & Antoine Roussel wore the tuque.   Eller scored 3 goals & Roussel had 2 goals in the game.  


May 13, 2015   This time I didn’t need to run far to have Carey & Max rub the tuque.    With the light green when Carey Price arrived at the corner of De la Montagne I ran to again catch him at the next light but Carey saw me, slowed down & with no cars behind him he stopped the car & opened his window to rub the tuque before closing the window & driving off.   As he was leaving I told him "Great game, We got 'em in 7."   He knows that the tuque rub in the past guaranteed a great game.  Same thing for Max.   I missed Max when he was signing & posing for photos with fans between the garage & the red light.   I realized it was Max just in time & even though the light turned green & he started driving I yelled "Max" & he saw me.    He stopped (even though the light was red) & he opened his window to rub the tuque.   Mission accomplished.   As usual Pacioretty scored a goal in game 6 but for the 1st time Carey’s stats were not as great as usual after a tuque rub, although the goals allowed were not his fault.


May 1, 2015   Carey Price, Max Pacioretty, Tom Gilbert & Dale Weise all rubbed the tuque after last Friday’s loss & Carey Price was incredible with a 43 save shutout & stopped 76 of his next 77 shots (including last night’s game).   Pacioretty had a goal in each of his next 2 games.   Gilbert & Weise were also very solid as the Canadiens won in Ottawa 2-0 to win the series 4 games to 2 & in the 1st game of the Tampa series which Montreal outplayed Tampa in spite of the 2-1 double overtime loss on a goal that should have been ruled offside.   


Since his 1st NHL shutout after his photo with the tuque Carey Price has now rubbed the tuque 8 times with exceptional results lasting many games.  Here is the result in the very next game after Carey Price has rubbed the tuque -  April 26, 2015 - Shutout, April 19 - 1 GA, March 14 - 1 GA, Jan 31, 2015 - Shutout, Dec 18, 2014 - 2 GA, Oct 25/14 - 1 GA, Feb 8/14 - 1 GA (before being incredible on the way to Olympic gold), Jan 28/14 - Shutout, Photo beside tuque – Feb 16, 2008 - 1st NHL Shutout.  That’s 4 shutouts, 4 games with only 1 goal against & 1 game with 2 goals against.  The good luck usually continues for at least a few games. 


Pacioretty also has great success after rubbing the tuque.   April 26, 2015 – 1Goal, April 19 – 0, March 30 – 1G, March 12 – 2G, Feb 21 – 2G, Jan 31,2015 – 1G, Feb 25, 2013 – 1Assist (but player of week following with 4 goals, 3 assists in 4 games)  Jan 7, 2009 after wearing the tuque – 1Assist


April 23, 2015   Carey Price rubbed the tuque again for good luck & once again responded with 2 great games allowing only 1 goal per game in his next 2 games stopping 64 of the next 66 shots.   Max rubbed the tuque again too but his results for the first time were not as good as usual.


March 30, 2015  Max Pacioretty again.  As he came out of the Bell Centre garage Saturday night Max saw me & drove his car right up to where I was.  He rolled down the window & said “Gimme a rub” in reference to wanting to rub the tuque again.   This time Max only scored once.  Not bad still.


March 15, 2015   Tuesday night March 10th, after the game against Tampa Bay, Max Pacioretty (as drove out of the Bell Centre garage) again stopped to rub the Bison tuque for good luck & once again in his next game (this time within less than 9 minutes of play) Pacioretty scored 2 goals earning 3rd star of the game honours.  Pacioretty scored another goal at 2:13 of the 2nd period in his next game to be named 2nd star of the game.  After giving up a rare 5 goals Thursday night, the 12th, Carey Price rubbed the tuque again for good luck.  In his next game Saturday night the 14th he shut out the New York Islanders for over 57 minutes before New York finally scored on a 6 on 4 (powerplay & empty net).   Price finished the game with 35 saves on 36 shots in a 3-1 win to earn 1st star honours.   Alex Galchenyuk, who also rubbed the tuque after the game Thursday night also had a great game with a beautiful pass as he got an assist on Montreal’s 1st goal.

Connor McDavid also continues his awesome season after having his photo with the tuque in August 2014.  McDavid has 42 goals & 112 points in only 44 games (2.55 points per game) with Erie in the Ontario Hockey League.


March 1, 2015   Last Friday, Feb 20th @ Montreal’s High Lights Festival Max Pacioretty & David Desharnais were present for an hour for autographs & photos.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to help the Habs win their next game (especially since it was my annual group game with 43 people to be present) .   I waited to see the players & after having a photo with them & even before I had a chance to ask Max said “I don’t think David’s rubbed the tuque for good luck recently.”  Max & David then both proceeded to rub the tuque for good luck & Max scored 2:29 into the 1st period & again less than 12 minutes later with David getting an assist leading Montreal to a 3-1 win over Columbus & Pacioretty was named with NHL 3rd star of the week honours.    Since that tuque rub Pacioretty has 3 goals, 2 assists & is +5 in 4 games & Desharnais has 2 goals, 2 assists & is +8 in 4 games.   They had both previously worn the tuque for a photo so a tuque rub is the norm when someone has already had their photo with it.    The tuquerubbing moment was also captured for this past week’s Episode 21 of  24CH.


Feb 18, 2015   After the team’s practice January 30th, Carey Price rubbed the tuque again for good luck & followed it up as 1st star of his next game with 36 saves (against Washington) for another shutout & he also earned the NHL’s 1st star of the week honours.   In his 7 games following his tuque rub Carey gave up only 8 goals stopping 182 of 190 shots (Save % .958).   Max Pacioretty rubbed the tuque again just before the practice & he scored the game’s only goal in overtime.  


Jan  17, 2015     During the warmup before tonight’s Canadiens – New York Islanders game I took a closeup of PK Subban & the tuque together from the reds just behind the net.  PK scored the game’s 1st goal 1 minute & 56 seconds into the 1st period.   Andrei Markov was also in the photo.  He had 3 assists in the game & I also got Pleky in a shot with the tuque during the warmup.   He had 2 goals & 2 assists. 


Jan 11, 2015     Stephanie Croteau after rubbing the bison rubbing the bison tuque in December scored 3 goals & 2 assists in her next 3 games with the Champlain Rapides (South Shore league) & the Aeros (ASHL league).   After wearing the tuque about a year earlier she felt extra energy & skated better than ever & played great although she didn’t get any points immediately after.


Jan 6, 2015       Actor Marc Primeau became an official ACTRA member after only 4 months of apprenticeship not long after wearing the Bison tuque after 4 years of trying to get into ACTRA.   He also got a part in the series 19-2 & in the sci-fi show Helix not long after his tuquage.


Jan 5, 2015       18 out of 22 players from Team Canada’s gold medal winning World Junior hockey championship team had their photo taken with the bison tuque.  Connor McDavid & others were redhot since having their photo with the tuque & easily put an end to Canada’s 5 year goldless streak.   Canada completely dominated the tournament going undefeated & outscoring its opponents 34-5 & doubling them in shots by an average of 40-19 heading into the final.  


Jan 4, 2015     Carey Price rubbed the tuque again once again just outside the Bell Centre parking lot after Montreal defeated Carolina on Dec 16th.  He then won 5 of his next 6 games (the last were 4 road wins) making 162 saves on 170 shots (.953 save %).   Price was 1st star twice & 2nd star once in those games.  Brandon Prust rubbed the tuque again for good luck too a few minutes before Carey & he played awesome in his next few games adding one of his rare goals a few nights later.   Prust had previously snapped a 12 game goal-less streak in the next game right after he wore the tuque.


Nov 8, 2014     In his 2nd game after having worn the Bison tuque Olivier Ouellette (Repentigny Bruins – bantam B) got his first points of the season (in his 8th game) with a goal & 2 assists in a 5-4 win Sat Nov 8th over Crabtree, the team in first place. 


Oct 29, 2014  Tuesday night October 21st after the Detroit game Carey Price opened his car window as he stopped at the red light (Saint Antoine & De la Montagne) just outside the Bell Centre parking lot & he gave the Bison tuque a little rub once again for good luck.   Carey then stopped 74 of the next 76 shots he faced & was named 1st star in his next 2 games (vs NYR & Calg).  He made 34 saves on 35 shots in a 3-1 victory over the New York Rangers on Saturday night, then Tuesday night he stopped 40 of 41 shots in a 2-1 win @ Calgary (including 3 of 3 in the shootout).   Montreal had been outshot 38-19 during the game.   It was the first time Montreal won @ Calgary in over 10 years.    Below you can see other successes of Carey after rubbing the tuque.  J  


July 2014   In August 2012 at the Rogers Cup in Montreal Eugenie Bouchard had the honour of wearing the bison tuque.   She has played awesome tennis ever since & exploded up the rankings.  At the time she wore the tuque she was ranked 237th in the world.  In 2013 she was named WTA newcomer of the year ending the season ranked 32nd & this week, less than 2 years later Eugenie moved into 7th in the WTA rankings making history as the highest ranked Canadian female ever in addition to being the first to make a Grand Slam final.  


March 7, 2014   At the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey tournament in Quebec city I saw the Detroit Red Wings’ Todd Bertuzzi, who was there during the Olympic break to see his son playing in the tournament.  Evidently I took the NHL player’s photo with the Bison tuque on his head & told him it would give him good luck but when I realized that Detroit’s next game was in Montreal I went back to see him & I said ‘Todd. 1 goal is ok against us but please don’t score more than 1’.  Bertuzzi scored the only goal of the game (at 14:01 of the 1st period), his 1st goal & 2nd point in his past 19 games & he was well on his way to being the first star of the game when Brian Gionta finally tied up the game with only 29 seconds left to play & Montreal’s goalie on the bench for a 6th attacker.  Detroit scored in overtime to win the game 2-1 so I’m sorry but the Canadiens loss was my fault.   Bertuzzi followed that up with another goal in his next game giving him 2 goals in 2 games since wearing the tuque.   3 days later Bertuzzi added another 2 assists.    It was only the 2nd time in over 2 years that Bertuzzi had 2 goals & 2 assists in a 4 game stretch.


Feb 23, 2014

Montreal Canadiens’ forward Brandon Prust wore the Bison tuque for the first time at the Montreal Auto Show in January & scored in his next game, his first goal in his past 13 games.

Carey Price who rubbed the Tuque a few seconds after Prust wore it had a shutout in his next game to end a 5 game sequence where he had allowed at least 4 goals per game (21 goals against in 5 games).  In his next game the only goal Price allowed was by P.K. Subban who put it in his own net before a goal in overtime, giving Price 70 saves on 71 shots (only PK beat him) for a save percentage of .986 immediately after having rubbed the bison tuque.   Price continued his great play with 102 saves on his next 106 shots faced (%.962) including another shutout.   After his win at the Bell Centre against Vancouver Price stopped his vehicule as he was leaving the parking lot after the game to rub the tuque again for good luck with 1 game left before the Olympics.   Price stopped 31 of 32 shots (%.969) in another Canadiens’ win in Carolina & he was nearly perfect in Sochi in winning best goalie of the tournament honours & the gold medal with Team Canada.  His opponents only scored 3 times in 5 games at the Olympics.  103 saves on 106 shots (%.972) including 2 shutouts in the most important games, the semifinal against the USA & the final against Sweden.


Feb 23, 2014  At the Quebec International Pee-Wee hockey tournament in Quebec city many players wore the tuque & success followed in many cases.  Xavier Parent, Samuel Poulin & other players of the team representing Blainville-Boisbriand helped the team win the AAA category.   Long Island Stars & other teams also did well after their players wore the tuque.


Feb 9, 2014 At the Scotties Tournament of Hearts womens Canadian curling championship tournament at Montreal’s Maurice Richard arena I got photos of curlers from 3 Canadian teams wearing or holding the tuque.   Rachel Homan’s team (Team Canada) won the tournament to advance to the world championships with a perfect 13-0 record, the first time in 29 years that a team went undefeated for the whole tournament.   Val Sweeting’s Alberta team which faced Canada in the final won 4 straight games after Sweeting wore the tuque before losing in the final including 2 wins against Manitoba (the 2nd place team in the roundrobin standings).  4th place Alberta surprised 3rd place Saskatchewan in the 3 vs 4 game & then Alberta surprised Manitoba in the semifinal to earn its spot in the final.   After a bad start to the tournament Ontario team members wore the Bison tuque & some good wins followed (including a 12-2 win & another win over Alberta before Sweeting had worn the tuque.


Feb 8, 2014 When friends from Alberta were in Montreal visiting during Super Bowl weekend I took a day off work on Friday January 28th to see the Canadiens practice with them in Brossard.  Ryan White (who had already worn the tuque) rubbed the tuque for good luck.  As soon as he was back from his injury, after a warmup game, White scored 2 goals & added an assist in his next 2 games.


Feb 2, 2014 The night the Alberta friends arrived (Thursday January 27th) we went for dinner & to see the Canadiens Bruins game at the Cage aux Sports.  At the table next to us there was a nice man from Manitoba & his 8 year old son Eric.   I took a photo of each of them with the tuque on their head.  Sunday as I was waiting in line for the doors to open before the Habs game against the Jets I saw they were both there too.   Mr. Lafleche informed me that his son had won the right to ride the zamboni while it was cleaning the ice during the intermission of Saturday’s game.   Once again the tuque had brought someone some good luck.


Jan 26, 2014 At Montreal’s Snow festival at Jean-Drapeau park during the Foundation David Suzuki’s ‘Protect our winters’ hockey game former Montreal Canadien Georges Laraque had still not scored after 1 period of play.   He had already worn the tuque in 2011 so I yelled to Georges to come over & rub the tuque for good luck.  He did & he scored not long after & had 4 goals & 1 assist in the next 2 periods.   Jerome Dupras of the Cowboys Fringants (Quebec’s best musical group) rubbed the tuque also before the game & he was brilliant in goal but Jerome is always brilliant in goal. 


Nov 22, 2013 At the Montreal Canadiens blood donor clinic Travis Moen once again rubbed the Bison tuque for good luck & in his next game he scored his 1st goal in 47 games.  Ryan White & Michael Bournival who also gave the tuque a rub on Wednesday each had an assist on Moen’s goal.   Players that have previously worn the tuque for a photo give it a rub for good luck instead of wearing it again.  Daniel Brière who got off to a terrible start to his season with only 1 point in his first 5 games after refusing a photo with the bison tuque this summer, had his photo taken beside the Tuque at the clinic & he also scored a goal Friday.


Nov 8, 2013   Melanie Perreault wore the Bison tuque Thurs Nov 7 at Kain’s CD launch.  The very next night, during the Bon Jovi concert at the Bell Centre, Jon Bon Jovi, her favourite musician & IDOL (love since her childhood) bent down & gave her directly his guitar pick with his most beautiful smile.  It will evidently be framed. J  


Nov 4, 2013   Canadian tennis player Peter Polansky exploded in the world rankings after having worn the Bison tuque just like Milos Raonic, Vasek Pospisil, Eugenie Bouchard & others.    Polansky wore the tuque during the Rogers Cup in August.   Since September Polansky has won 3 Challenger tournaments & just lost in the final of a 4th tournament.   He has climbed to 150th in the ATP rankings.


Nov 1, 2013   Dallas Stars Tyler Seguin had his photo taken beside the Bison tuque late in the 3rd period of Tuesday’s game in Montreal.  Two nights later Seguin had a goal & an assist & earned the 1st star of the game. 


August 12, 2013    At the 2013 Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Montreal Alex Bogomolov Jr. (ranked 83rd in the world)  proudly wore the Bison tuque for a photo & in his next match he upset the 3rd ranked player in the world David Ferrer 6-2, 6-4.   Canadians Milos Raonic & Vasek Pospisal had already worn the Bison tuque so I didn’t need to take another photo but they each rubbed the tuque for good luck before most of their matches & Pospisal won 4 matchs (including upsets over 20th ranked John Isner & 6th ranked Tomas Berdych) to make it to the semifinal & Raonic won 5 matchs advancing to the final before finally losing to 4th ranked Rafael Nadal.      Since wearing the tuque during the Davis Cup in midSeptember 2012 in Montreal Pospisal has climbed in 11 months from 120th in the ATP rankings to a career high 40th after the Rogers Cup.   Milos Raonic as noted below climbed from 691st in August 2009 when he wore the tuque to a career high 10th in the ATP rankings after the 2013 Rogers Cup. 


August 12, 2013   Baseball player Zackary Ruel wore the Bison tuque during a Quebec Capitales game in midJuly.   He then went on a tear with 6 hits in his next 7 at bats in his next 3 Timbits’ games.   2 for 2 (2 rbis), 2 for 3, 2 for 2, 1 rbi.   


August 3, 2013   Vancouver Canucks forward Alexander Burrows had his photo taken with the Bison tuque during halftime of a fun celebrity ball hockey game at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament.   Less than a minute later Burrows scored a goal.


May 2013 Andrew Waines has been the rhythm guitarist for the group Jordan McIntosh since April 2013.  He wore the bison tuque in April 2010. 


March 14, 2013    Jonathan Drouin of the Halifax Mooseheads wore the Bison tuque in January 2013.  Before the day he wore the tuque he had 20 goals & 31 assists for 51 points in 26 games (1.96 Pt/gm).   In his next 21 games he scored 21 goals & added 32 assists for 53 points (2.52 Pt/gm) to take over the QMJHL scoring lead with 104 points in 47 games.        

March 6, 2013   Goalie Dustin Tokarski wore the Bison tuque after the Hamilton Bulldogs (Canadiens farm club in the AHL) game at the Bell Centre on February 22nd, 2013.  Tokarski then stopped 77 of the next 78 shots he faced (save percentage of .987) including 2 straight shutouts in his next 3 games.   

March 4, 2013    Max Pacioretty had already worn the Bison tuque after a Canadiens game on January 4th, 2009 so when I saw him after the Canadiens practice in Brossard on Feb 23, 2013 instead of taking another photo with the Tuque on his head I simply asked him if he wanted to pat it for good luck.    In effect Max gave the tuque a little pat & quick rub & a little over a week later he became the 1st star of the week in the NHL with 7 points (including 4 goals) in 4 games & Montréal, 8-0-3 in its last 11 games has the 4th best record (14-4-4) in the NHL.

March 4, 2013    During the NHL lockout Corey Crawford played a game in late September (with proceeds going to charity) in his hometown Chateauguay, Qc.  The Bison tuque was there & after the game I had a  chance to get a photo of Crawford with the bison tuque.  Is it a coincidence that Crawford is 2nd in the NHL in save percentage at an incredible .945 & leads the NHL in goals against average (1.41).   Chicago has now gone an NHL record 22 games with at least a point to start the season.

March 4, 2013    During the NHL lockout in December I also went to see some women’s hockey games (Montreal Stars).   Most of the Montreal team wore the bison tuque after the 1st game I went to see.  Leading up to that game in December Montreal had a record of 3-3-1 in it’s league.   As of that day when the players wore the tuque Montreal has 12 wins & only 2 losses (by 66 – 27) for a record of 15-5-1.   The game after the Stars wore the tuque was an exhibition game against Les Boys (10-9 shootout win for Montreal).    Dominique Thibault scored 4 goals in the game, the same number of goals that she has in 18 regular season games.  Haley Irwin & Ann-Sophie Bettez both had 3 points in the game after wearing the tuque.

Feb 24, 2013 

For the 3rd consecutive year (since we started going to the Quebec International PeeWee Hockey tournament) the Bison tuque is proud of PeeWee players that had their picture taken with her on their head.    Kyle Peters (Philadelphia Flyers) had 2 goals & 3 assists in his next 2 games after wearing the tuque (including the winner in overtime) & Zach Egber scored 4 goals in his next 3 games for Philadelphia.   Their team lost 3-2 in the semi-final with less than 2 minutes to play against the eventual champions Minuteman.  Egber, Peters (with 6 points for 1.5 points per game) & Mattias Samuelsson (5 points) were near the top of the leading point-getters of the tournament.  Other PeeWee players also played very well after wearing the tuque during this year’s edition of the tournament.

Nov 23, 2012

After wearing the Bison tuque following University of Laval Rouge et Or’s final football game of the 2012 regular season injuries to the team’s top runningbacks led Maxime Boutin to a bigger role on the team & he has been on fire ever since.   In his 1st game in a prime role after wearing the tuque Boutin responded with 119 yards on 6 carries (average of 19.8 yards) as Laval won the Quebec league Dunsmore Cup final 40-17 over Sherbrooke.  He followed that up with what was then a career high performance of 213 yards on 25 carries (average of over 8.5 yards), also receiving 3 passes for 30 more yards in Laval’s 42-7 Uteck Bowl win over Acadia earning most valuable player (MVP) of the game honours.   He was once again the MVP as Laval destroyed number 1 ranked McMaster 37-14 to win the Vanier Cup.  Boutin beat his previous week’s career high with 253 yards (an average of 10.5 yards per carry) & 2 touchdowns & added another 22 yards on a reception.   His 253 yards was only 7 short of the Vanier Cup record.  Most of his offence was when it counted the most with 207 yards on his 1st 14 carries (14.8 average) in the 1st 3 quarters helping Laval to a 31-14 lead.   Almost all Laval Rouge et Or players have worn the Bison tuque.  The photos are all on the Picasa website.

Nov 17, 2012

Ricky Stenhouse Jr  has won 2 straight NASCAR Nationwide series car racing championships (2011& 2012) since wearing the Bison tuque in Montreal in 2010.  J  

Nov 12, 2012

Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic has quickly climbed the ATP singles rankings since wearing the Bison tuque in Montreal on August 9th, 2009.  He went from 691st  in the world at the moment he put the tuque on his head to 37th  within a year & a half.   Raonic is now ranked 13th in men’s tennis (best in Canadian history).   

Nov 9, 2012

2 nights after 18 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League players put the Tuque on their heads for good luck, the team ended its 5 game losing streak against the Russian Junior All-star team exploding for 5 goals in a 5-2 win in Val d’Or.   Nathan MacKinnon (1 goal, 3 assists, +2) & Jonathan Huberdeau (2 goals, 1 assist, +2) led the way less than 48 hours after having the tuque on their heads.   Huberdeau followed that up with 4 assists in his next regular season game (7 points in 2 games after wearing the tuque).  MacKinnon had 2 assists in his next game (6 points in 2 games) & goalie Zachary Fucale stopped 20 of 21 shots in the same game (Halifax’s 5-1 win in Gatineau).  That exact same Russian team defeated Quebec 6-2 right before the Quebec players wore the tuque & in its next 4 games Russia only allowed 5 goals  total in regulation time (barely over a goal a game) going 2-1-1 against the Western Hockey League & Ontario Hockey League all-star teams.    Halifax goalie Zachary Fucale also had a great game right after wearing the tuque stopping 20 of 21 shots in a 5-1 win in Gatineau.

***Update April 28, 2013 –  Since the NHL lockout Huberdeau is playing with Florida & finished the season as the top rookie point-getter in the NHL with 31 points (48 games).   Brendan Gallagher of the Montreal Canadiens is the favourite for rookie of the year.   He finished just 3 points back of Huberdeau with 28 points (44 games in less than  14 minutes playing time per game) & was among the rookie leaders in +/- at +10.   Gallagher wore the Bison tuque after a Hamilton Bulldogs game at the Bell Centre also in November.        The Tuque is proud of them all.   J

Sept 2012

Canadian tennis player Alexandra Wozniak (ranked 55th at the time) had lost all 4 matchs against Jelena Jankovic before wearing the bison tuque.   Less than 2 days after she wore the tuque in August 2012 Wozniak destroyed 13th ranked Jankovic 6-2, 6-3 at Montreal’s Rogers Cup tennis tournament.   It was her 1st win over a top 20 player in almost 3 years (20 straight losses).   Wozniak also won her 3rd round match against 26th ranked Christine McHale becoming the 1st Canadian woman to advance to the Canadian tournament quarterfinals in 20 years. She eventually lost in the quarters to 8th ranked Caroline Wozniacki but continued her great play advancing to the quarterfinals in her next tournament in Dallas.    Wozniak shot up to  42nd in the WTA rankings before an injury in September in Quebec City ended her season.

Jan 30, 2012

Not long after wearing the Bison tuque actor Emmanuel Bilodeau scored 3 goals to lead the blue team to a win over the green team in the Quebec Winter Carnival’s David Suzuki Protect our winters hockey game.   Teammate Maxim Martin also racked up a lot of points not long after wearing the tuque.    Later at night the Quebec Remparts were edged by Victoriaville 6-5 but it was a great effort as Quebec was playing its 3rd game in 3 nights.   Jeremie Malouin (2 goals, 1 assist) & Gabriel Desjardins (1 goal, 2 assists) each had 3 points for Quebec less than 24 hours after they had their photos with the Bison tuque.      Victoriaville hadn’t played since last Wednesday.

Jan 15, 2012

Last night after the Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre I bought a Mike Cammalleri stuffed doll & then went to the Cage aux Sports to watch the 2nd half of the LA at Calgary game with some people from Alberta.   I put the Bison tuque on the doll’s head for some luck.   2 shifts later Cammy scored his 1st goal for Calgary since his trade.

Jan 4, 2012 

What a great game tonight for players who had their pictures taken with the Bison tuque yesterday.   I'm very proud of Lars Eller for his 4 goals & 1 assist for 5 points tonight.   He was also +4 & the 1st star of the game (in less than 16 minutes of icetime) after having had his photo with the Bison tuque yesterday morning after the Montreal Canadiens practice in Brossard. 4 goals!!!! And what an awesome goal on the penalty shot. Eller is hot. Michael Cammalleri & Tomas Kaberle also had their photos with the Bison tuque yesterday and they scored too. For Kaberle it was his 1st goal with the Canadiens. Travis Moen (who had 2 goals & was the 2nd star after having worn the Bison tuque on November 22nd against Toronto) rubbed the Tuque yesterday and he had 3 assists tonight. Alexei Emelin wore the tuque yesterday too and he was +3 in the game. 

Dec 8, 2011    

You may wonder what happened to Jose Theodore.    He was one the NHL’s best goalies from 1999 to 2004 (including his MVP & Vezina trophy winning season in 2001-02 in which he had one of the best save percentages in NHL history at .931).    The lockout followed in 2005 and Theodore was mostly terrible from 2006 to 2010.   With Minnesota last season he was pretty good but after having his picture with the Bison tuque this summer at a Blink182 concert at the Bell Centre Theodore has been one of the NHL’s best goalies with a .929 save percentage with Florida in the 2011-12 season including a 40 save shutout last night against Boston.   When I told him at that concert that I believed he’d have another good season he surprised me by telling me that he was old & washed up.   I told him that the Tuque brings people good luck.   He wanted to share the luck with his nephew so I took a picture of both of them with the Bison tuque.    Whether or not Theodore was joking about being washed up I wasn’t joking about the good luck and Theodore is now once again one of the NHL’s best.     I haven’t had news about how his nephew is doing but I’m sure he’s having a great season too.

Oct 24, 2011

Congratulations to Peter Budaj who in his first game after he wore the Bison tuque he was brilliant with 29 saves on 31 shots to earn 2nd star of the game honours.  

During the 3rd period of the same game Dean, Papa of the Bison tuque won Fan of the game honours while dancing with the Bison tuque on his head. J

Oct 22, 2011   

Congratulations to Travis Moen for his super game tonight after having worn the Bison tuque earlier today.    2 goals, +3, 2nd star of the game.    Congratulations also to Lars Eller (2 assists, +3, 3rd star of the game).    The Tuque sat on Eller’s skates, also after this morning’s Montreal Canadiens practice.

Other success stories will be added when I have more time.

Dec 5, 2010

Like Carey Price in February, 2008 Jimmy Appleby of the Quebec Remparts had a shutout (4-0) in the first game he played following his tuquage.

Oct 3, 2010

Montreal (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) player Louis Leblanc scored 2 goals & 2 assists for 4 points, +3 & was named 1st star in his next game after wearing the Bison tuque. Philippe Fontaine (1 goal, 1 assist, +1) was the 3rd star in the same game, also less than 48 hours after having worn the tuque. Leblanc has 3 goals & 5 assists for 8 points (an average of 4 points per game) in the 2 games after a member of his line wore the bison tuque & only 29 points (1.07 points per game = 13 goals 16 assists) in the 27 games (updated Jan 16) after no member of his line wore the tuque.

Sept 12, 2010

Montreal Junior (QMJHL) player Philippe Lefebvre was the 1st star in his next game after wearing the Bison tuque scoring 4 goals & adding 1 assist for 5 points.

April 2010

Steven Stamkos had his photo with the bison tuque during the All-star weekend in Montreal in January 2009.   At the time he had only 6 goals in 45 games (.13 goals per game).  After that special moment Stamkos quadrupled his goal production with 17 goals over his next 34 games & he’s been a top scorer ever since winning the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals 2 of the next 3 seasons (sharing it with Crosby in 2009-10 with 51 goals, finishing 2nd with 45 goals in 10-11 & winning it easily with 60 goals, 10 more than Malkin in 11-12).

April, 2010

Montreal Junior hockey player Trevor Parkes scored 4 goals in 3 games after wearing the Bison Tuque. Kevin Poulin of Victoriaville was named 1st, 2nd & 1st star (with 56 saves on his next 58 shots & 85 saves on the next 90 shots) in the 3 games following wearing the bison tuque.

February, 2010

8 members of the Burnaby Winter Club hockey team wore the bison tuque Saturday Feb 14 at the Quebec Winter Carnival parade. At the Quebec International PeeWee tournament Burnaby had a perfect record of 6 wins 0 losses before losing Sunday's final against Detroit 1-0, the only goal coming with less than a minute to go. Congratulations Burnaby! 2nd place out of 56 teams. Burnaby also had the top 2 pointgetters in the tournament, Mathew Barzal (6 years later drafted in the 1st round of the NHL entry draft) & Justin Szeto with 22 pt & 15 pt respectively in 7 games. The link for the players pictures is just below.

Saturday Dec 26, 2009

Gabriel Bourque of Team Canada juniors scored a record 7 points in Canada's first regular World Junior Hockey Championship game after wearing the bison tuque immediately following his last game with his Baie Comeau junior team right before the tournament.


Thursday March 26, 2009

Emmanuel of the Escouade Family Zone at the Bell Centre for the Montreal Canadiens games told me his success story after having worn the Bison Tuque.   He buys coffee about once every other day.  Emmanuel before having worn the bison tuque earlier in the season had bought 30 coffees in a row during Tim Horton’s “Roll up the rim to win” contest without having won.   Immediately following the game in which he wore the tuque Emmanuel bought a coffee and won instantly a free coffee.  He told me actually that he won 3 coffees in a row right after wearing the tuque.   0 for 30 before wearing the tuque then 3 coffees in a row after.    The Bison Tuque has once again helped someone. J  


Tuesday January 6, 2009
Last night I brought the Bison Tuque with me to the final of the World Junior Hockey Championship tournament in Ottawa.   The Tuque sat on the window just above the Canadian bench before the Gold medal game and I took pictures of the Tuque with lots of Canadian players warming up behind her during the pre-game warmup.    But even more impressive………………..
As everyone knows Angelo Esposito had his picture with the Tuque when he played with the Quebec Remparts. Even though there are pictures sitting on the heads of almost every other player of the Remparts in the picture with Angelo is beside the Tuque. When he joined the Montreal Junior team this year (after the trade from Quebec I saw him many times after the junior games & he said about having his picture with the Tuque sitting on his head (instead of beside) “Je ne suis pas prêt" (“I’m not ready”) but then added “later in the season”.

The game after that meeting (his first with the tuque this season with Montreal) Angelo had 6 points.
I didn’t ask again thinking that when he’s ready he’ll say.  After the Montreal Junior’s last game before the Team Canada Selection Camp I asked Angelo if he wanted to pat the Bison tuque for good luck and he did.
As everyone knows after being cut from Team Canada’s National Junior team 3 straight years Angelo finally made the team in his 4th try in December (after having patted the Bison Tuque).
Monday night in Ottawa after the Bronze Medal game I joined the crowd of youngsters who were waiting in the stands just by the exit of the Canadian dressingroom for the warmup before the Gold Medal game.   After the warmup when the players were leaving the ice Angelo passed us and I yelled to him Hey Angelo or Salut Angelo or something like that and showed Angelo I had the tuque in my hand. I don’t remember exactly if he said anything (I think he didn’t say a word). Angelo kept walking and then stopped for a second, backtracked 2 or 3 steps and rubbed the Bison tuque then continued on into the dressingroom.
It was a very magical moment (like if Angelo said in his head wtf – it will bring me good luck).
1 minute later PK Subban (the player drafted by the Montreal who wore the tuque for a picture in September 2007 at the Canadiens Jamboree) passed by and was highfiving the youngsters who put out their hands for highfives. Evidently I highfived PK with the Bison tuque in my hand so PK technically patted the Tuque in the highfive before heading to the dressingroom just before the game.
We all know what followed. After only 38 seconds PK Subban scored the first goal of the game for Team Canada.
At 4:06 of the second period Angelo Esposito scored the game-winning goal.
2 goals for Team Canada by 2 players that patted the Bison tuque & had previously had their pictures with the Tuque) & 2 assists (if you believe) to the Bison Tuque.
It was a very special night & game & I’m very proud of the part the Bison tuque played in the victory.
Yes, Canada surely would have won the game anyway but I’m proud & convinced that the Tuque’s magical powers contributed to the 2 key goals as Canada won our 5th consecutive Gold Medal.

 The 3 big winners at the 2008 Quebec music ADISQ awards all had proudly worn the bison tuque.

Karkwa, Ariane Moffatt & Alfa Rococo won 2 awards each at the show Sunday Nov 1st at the Bell Centre.  Karkwa also won 2 awards at the other gala a week earlier.

In 2005 Les Cowboys Fringants won for song of the year & album of the year after being the first members of a major musical group to wear the bison tuque.

 Chris Higgins of the Montreal Canadiens’ 3 goals against Ottawa on November 11th  (his 1st career NHL hat trick-no pun intended) came less than a week after he had his photo with the bison tuque.    Alex Tanguay & Tomas Plekanec also recently had a streak of super games following their photos with the bison tuque.

 Another NHL player to have an incredible hot streak following his recent photo with the bison tuque is Teemu Selanne.  On Saturday October 25th after the Anaheim Ducks practice at the Bell Centre Selanne tentatively posed for a picture with the tuque after hearing previous success stories.  Selanne went on to score a goal in an Anaheim win over Montreal (the Canadiens only regular season regulation time loss at the time) & over his next 3 games Selanne had 6 more goals and 2 assists for 8 more points & earned the NHL’s first star of the week.

 Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals at the same time was named the NHL’s player of the month for October (9 games – 8 goals, 8 assists = 16 points to lead the NHL & +/- of + 7.

Semin proudly wore the bison tuque during Russia’s World Championship victory celebrations in May in Quebec City.   In his next NHL games Semin was redhot and led the NHL with  27 points, just ahead of Evgeni Malkin (24 points – Malkin also had worn the bison tuque).    Semin also led the NHL in +/- with a + 17 & il était 1e en buts avec 13.

Dominic Coulombe (Anatole Eugene in the Cowboys Fringants Forum) proudly wore the bison tuque.

As spokesperson for the Patro of Lévis for the TV show L'union fait la force he helped lead his team to 5 straight wins (0 losses) to win $5000 for the organisation.

 On Easter Sunday in 2008 defenseman Francis Bouillon of the Montreal Canadiens proudly wore the tuque for a photo and during the game the next night (Easter Monday) Bouillon scored his second goal of the season in a Canadiens win over Ottawa.  He was also +1 with 3 bodychecks, 3 blocked shots & earned the 2nd star of the game (the 2nd time during the 2007-08 season that Bouillon was one of the games 3 stars).

Coulombe & Bouillon join Carey Price, Evgeni Malkin, the new mayor of Québec Regis Lebeaume & many others in an extensive list of people who have had super positive effects after contact with the Bison tuque.

Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) the night after wearing the tuque (Sept 18, 2007) obtained a goal & an assist & was +3 to earn first star of the game.

The new mayor of Quebec City Regis Lebeaume won the city’s election with help from the bison tuque.
At the moment that he wore the tuque on his head Mr. Lebaume had only about 10% of votes in surveys compared with 34% for Ann Bourget.  Right after wearing the tuque for a photo (before a Laval Rouge et Or football game) Lebeaume exploded in popularity & 3 weeks later he was voted mayor of Quebec with 59 % of the votes.

Carey Price (Montreal Canadiens goalie) got the first shutout of his NHL career in his next game after he touched & appeared in a photo with the bison tuque.  February 14, 2008 around 6 pm at the Montreal Canadiens Blood Donor Clinic Price spent some time with the bison tuque & 52 hours later he helped the Canadiens shut out Philadelphia 1-0 stopping 34 shots.  He won the next night also (Feb 17) 5-3 with 34 saves to earn one of the 3 stars of the week for the whole NHL.

Josh Gorges was the first Montreal Canadien to wear the tuque (Canadiens Blood Donor Clinic February 2007) soon after joining the Canadiens in a trade.   Not long after wearing the tuque Gorges went from being the Canadiens 7th defenseman to one of the team’s key regulars (and with Andrei Markov injured Gorges has been the Canadiens best defenseman).

 There are also many success stories from the 2008 World IIHF Hockey Championships in Quebec City.  There are also unfortunately bad luck stories following a player’s refusal to appear in a photo with the tuque.   Goalie Cam Ward lost the Gold for Canada blowing a 4-2 3rd period lead, giving up 5 goals on 32 shots as Canada lost 5-4 in overtime to Russia in the 2008 World Hockey Championships in Quebec city after Canada had dominated the tournament.  In other bad luck stories – While other Team North America players were proud to wear the Bison tuque at the airport after an North America Europe exhibition game in Montreal in September, Aaron Ekblad wanted nothing to do with the tuque (did not want to wear it & did not want a photo next to the tuque) & he later got injured in his team’s 1st tournament game & he had to miss the whole World Cup of Hockey in addition to a part of the preseason.    Canadiens’ backup goalie Al Montoya had a .893 save percentage in his next 2 games (8 goals against on 75 shots) after refusing a photo with the tuque.  I will add more bison tuque stories soon.

Who will be the next person to benefit from the possible magic powers of the Bison tuque?


March 23, 2016 – I add photos usually the same night I take them or maximum one week from the date unless it’s nonstop festival time or if I’m out of town.

Sept 7, 2015 – All up to date again.   Aug 17, 2015 Again the website is up to date with recent summer photos.  I’ve been adding them weekly or nightly depending on if I am in Montreal.  March 13, 2015  Up to date.         Every time I get new photos I put them on the website.  Once again, Montreal Canadiens, Quebec city PeeWee hockey tournament, Canada’s best junior hockey players including Connor McDavid (before they went on to win gold at the World Junior Hockey Championships in December 2014), all have been added to the website.   The photos are all up to date.    July 30, 2014 – Over 60 photos from St-Jean Baptiste till now have been added.

Feb/March/April/May/June 2014 – over a hundred new photos have been added including Brigitte Boisjoli, Mixmania, Joey Scarpellini, Montreal Canadiens Brandon Prust, Detroit’s Todd Bertuzzi, former NHL players like Rob Blake, Mark Recchi, Stephane Richer, player agent Pat Brisson & over a dozen success stories.

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Sept 4 – All photos have been added from this summer. 

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March 24 2013 – Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin & poker world champion Jonathan Duhamel wore the tuque today.  I added other former NHL stars photos with the tuque also. 

March 3 – Jacques Demers, former Montreal Canadiens coach (Stanley Cup winner in 1993) & currently a Canadian senator wore the Bison tuque.

Feb 24 – I added former NHL players Joe Sakic, Adam Foote, Mike Peca, Rory Fitzpatrick & Doug Messier along with Montreal Canadiens owner & president Geoff Molson, each with the Bison tuque on his head.  I also added many PeeWee players & a few other photos.   J

Jan 15, 2013 -  I have finished labelling & adding links for over 550 photos that were added after Nov 21, 2012 including 100 from the Grey Cup festival in Toronto & many others.  New photos include CFL greats Tony Gabriel, Hank Ilesic, Terry Greer, etc & from the world of hockey - Jean Perron, Jacques Martin, Francois Allaire & many of the best women hockey players.  

21 Nov 2012 – I added 345 new photos from summer 2012 (June-Nov).  The last photos were added in June – Robert Charlebois, Veronique Cloutier, Antoine Bertrand, Maude Guérin, Louis Morissette, Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders, musician James McCartney, Canada’s best divers including Alexandre Despatie & Emilie Heymans, the Gala Artis & Earth day.   Not long ago I moved all the photos from earlier in 2012 to their proper sections.   Previous recent additions included former Expo great Warren Cromartie, Montreal sports music sensation Annakin Slayd, comedians Andre-Philippe Gagnon, Francois Morency (who just published a book) & Laurent Paquin.  I also added recipe book author Jean-Francois Plante.   St Patricks day parade pictures are also there.  There are almost 40 pictures from Quebec cinema’s Jutra awards including award winners Philippe Falardeau (best director), Sophie Nélisse (best supporting actress), Emelien Neron (best supporting actor), all from the film Monsieur Lazhar), Jean-Marc Vallée (award winning director of C.R.A.Z.Y. & more recently Café de Flore), Denis Villeneuve ( award winning director for Incendies), etc.  There are also photos from the Montreal Highlights Festival & over 50 pictures from Quebec City’s Winter Carnival and Pee Wee tournament including more former NHL greats including Scott Niedermayer & former baseball great Cy Young award winner Tom Glavine.  Other additions include more former Montreal Canadiens including Richard Sevigny & Mathieu Dandenault & former NHL players Luc Robitaille & Patrick Roy, many Quebec Remparts & some actors.  There were more Montreal Canadiens photos & 175 photos from Nov 2011’s vacation in Maui, Hawaii.   At some point hopefully soon I will try to add over 100 photos from May 2011’s vacation in France.

The Bison Tuque is very proud to have been thanked by lead singer Karl Tremblay (Papa Dean also is proud) following the Cowboys Fringants win as Quebec’s Group of the year at the Gala ADISQ on Sunday October 30, 2011.  Unfortunately the video is no longer available online.  L

Early June 2011 - The Bison tuque just got back from 3 weeks vacation in France where she sat on many heads.   This included a day at Roland Garros (pro tennis) in Paris, a visit to Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo & some beaches in the San Tropez region & of course a visit to the Cannes film festival where the Tuque was very excited about her chance to sit on the heads of Robert DeNiro, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg & many other movie stars & directors.   Unfortunately we weren’t there long enough to get most of the major stars.   Pictures from 3 weeks in France will soon be added to the website.

In mid-February various former NHL players & current PeeWee players wore the tuque at the Quebec PeeWee tournament.  Once again success followed for most of the players but unfortunately a tough schedule of 3 games in less than 3 days helped eliminate the St Louis Blues in a shootout just as it looked like they were well on their way to winning the Elite division championship.      On the weekend of January 30th, 2011 at Quebec City's Winter Carnival (Protect our Winters friendly ice hockey game) great Canadian environmentalist, scientist & broadcaster David Suzuki, former NHL player Georges Laraque, musician Fred Fortin & dozens of mascots had the honour of wearing the bison tuque. On January 18th the bison tuque was honoured to have been worn by retired Lieutenant General & now Senator Romeo Dallaire who recently published his 2nd book They fight like soldiers, they die like Children, following up the eyeopening book (turned into a movie) Shake hands with the devil.

In early January most members of the McGill Martlets women's hockey team wore the Bison tuque.   McGill won the Canadian university championship in 2008 & 2009 & was on a 93 game winning streak in league action at the time.   McGills only loss since 2007 (ending its 87 game overall streak) was in the 2010 national championship final, a game won 2-0 by Alberta. The Martlets spent the season ranked number 1 in Canada.
McGill's mens team, the Redmen also had almost every player wear the tuque after a recent win that improved the team's record to 21-0-2 in league play. The Redmen were ranked 2nd in Canada in mens university hockey.

The women’s team won the national championships after wearing the tuque.  The men’s team lost in the championship final to end up 2nd in Canada.

On December 1st after the Grey Cup parade Ben Cahoon & other members of the Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup champion team wore the tuque. I already had many members of the Alouettes wearing the tuque including Anthony Calvillo. November was a busy month with numerous tuquages. At the Montreal Canadiens blood donor clinic various members of the Montreal Canadiens got their picture with the tuque. On a recent roadtrip to Quebec City, many players of the Laval Rouge et Or Vanier Cup champion university football team & players of the Quebec Remparts junior hockey team also wore the bison tuque. The Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal Canadiens farm club) had many of its players who had not yet worn the tuque have the honours in early November. Also Canada's great speed skating stars including Charles Hamelin & Mariane St-Gelais had the honour of wearing the Bison tuque after dominating races in Montreal also in early November.

Before the Montreal Impact soccer game on July 28th in the Air Canada goal celebration contest I scored a goal while wearing the Bison tuque & then I did the worm (breakdance) to celebrate. Mine was chosen as one of the 20 best celebrations. During halftime of the Impact game on October 3rd after the 3 top videos were presented on the big screen it was officially announced that I got the most votes (542-227-127....) as the best celebration so I won a trip for 2 to Europe.

With the contest a little over a year ago the top 20 videos have been erased but a friend managed to make a copy of my winning video.

In July 2010 at the Quebec City Summer festival the Bison tuque had the honour of being worn by Roger Hodgson (lead singer of the number one band in the early 80s, Supertramp). Politician Pauline Marois, singer Ginette Reno, & many musicians at the Jazz Festival, Francofolies & Woodstock en Beauce have also had their photos with the tuque recently added.

With my almost non-stop festivalgoing (and birthday celebrations) I have added a new section where I put all new photos before updating the information with the photo & placing each one in its proper section. If the details are not yet included under the picture if you rightclick you can see the name of the person in the photo.

In February 2010 the Bison tuque had the honour of being worn by Montreal Canadien's great Jean Beliveau. Pictures of Scott Gomez, Hal Gill, other Montreal Canadiens, former Canadiens Dickie Moore, Mike Keane, Mike McPhee, Steve Penney, Rick Green, Gilles Tremblay, & Canadian gold medal winner Kim St-Pierre were also added. Hockey Night in Canada's Ron MacLean, Elliot Friedman & great sportswriter Roy MacGregor also posed for a photo with the bison tuque during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Other recent pictures on the Tuque's website (link below) include Guy A. Lepage & Dany Turcotte of the hit TV show Tout le monde en parle, Vancouver Canucks head coach (former Canadiens coach) Alain Vigneault, Montreal Canadiens great Henri Richard & actor/writer/producer/director Xavier Dolan (J'ai tué ma mère).

I will soon add more success stories following the tuquage of people.
The Bison tuque celebrated her 2nd anniversary with her girlfriend Tuque de Vache (Cow Tuque) on January 10th, 2011. Many photos of the two together are in the section Vacation/Festivals.

Over 300 photos from this summer were added in August & September 2009 including over 75 musicians, Canada’s 12 strongest men from the Canadian Strongman Championships at Expo Québec & the CANAM baseball champion Quebec Capitales with 2003 major league baseball Cy Young award winner Eric Gagné. 

Over 100 photos from NHL all star weekend in Montreal were added including Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur, Gordie Howe, Sidney Crosby, Alex Kovalev, Mark Messier & over a dozen NHL mascots & many other players & members of the media.