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The Bison tuque & Squirrel Gallagher *** (11 videoclips including the Infoman news report & 24CH, the Cowboys Fringants music video & over 6000 photos) Updated July 4, 2019 with bison tuque & Écureuil Gallagher photos.  over 3000 new photos have been added since Nov 2012)

Hockey Page including “Does the best team win the Cup?” *** chart, NHL Playoff Races  Updated almost nightly in March/April *** At end of regular season 2018-19

Dean on TV & my cats understand 13 different languages (Ashton & Dagobert on Youtube) Updated May 10, 2015

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Cowboys Fringants Page - only in French (updated July 2019)

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Photo Album - Dean & his kitties     128 photos (updated June 13/08)


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Thunderbolt (the best drink in the world-details in French – link not working for now)


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