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The Bison tuque & Squirrel Gallagher *** (11 videoclips including the Infoman news report & 24CH, the Cowboys Fringants music video & over 6000 photos) Updated Feb 5, 2020 so I’m up to date with Bison tuque photos & success stories but Squirrel Gallagher has 7 months of photos I need to add although the photos from Maui, Cuba, Yummy & Famous people have been added now.  Summer photos to come soon.   Over 3000 new Bison tuque photos have been added since Nov 2012.

Hockey Page including “Does the best team win the Cup?” *** chart, NHL Playoff Races  Updated almost nightly in March/April ***

Dean on TV & my cats understand 13 different languages (Ashton & Dagobert on Youtube) Updated May 10, 2015

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Cowboys Fringants Page - only in French (updated Feb 2020)

Festival Photo Album (2001-2018) Over 20,000 photos      Updated Oct 2017*


Photo Album - Dean & his kitties     128 photos (updated June 13/08)


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Thunderbolt (the best drink in the world-details in French – link not working for now)


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