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The Montreal Mirror's Best of Montréal survey results

Movie Reviews (a great website previously nominated for Webby awards)

Les Cowboys Fringants (an awesome Québec musical group)

South Park Studio version 2   (make yourself a South Park character)

Lyrics to english songs (A-Z lyrics universe)

Le Parolier (words to Quebec songs)

Live concerts ( 

Webby awards

100 Greatest Films

English - French / French - English dictionary

Darwin awards

How stuff works

Wacky uses of things

Stats Canada community profiles

Nez Rouge (service to save lives during Christmas holiday period)

What you need to know about Chemistry

3 websites that you should see before forwarding emails (they expose false claims & urban legends)

Sounds website (themes, movies, tv shows, cartoons, sound effects, etc)

Medicine & Health Encyclopedia (in french)

Canada 411

Amigo Express (car pool service for trips like Montréal - Québec City)

Montreal Metro Map & Info (STM)

Driving Directions to anywhere

Funny news stories

An interesting web page (questions answered & weird websites)

The Smoking Gun

Jan's Joyous Jungle (A great personal website I found with lots of  awesome  tidbits of knowledge and other great links including Parenting tips)

Laughable Lawsuits (and other funny things)

Links to websites with JOKES

Happy Tree Friends (Website with some funny little violent cartoon shows)



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