The records indicate that Johann Peter Orth and his family arrived in the port of New York City on Monday, February 13, 1854, after an ocean voyage of 63 days.  They arrived upon the Belgian Bark "Koophandel" that had left from the Antwerp, Belgium, on or about December 12, 1853.  The ship manifest records the family as Peter Orth and his wife, Elisabeth Orth, and their children, Maria, Sophia, Leonhard and Johannes (Maria being from Peter's first marriage).  Also, traveling on this voyage with Peter was his sister, Catharine Orth ("Katharina").  As well, the manifest indicates that Johann Nickel that was also on-board.  This was the John S. Nickel to whom Katharina would marry sometime later (exact marriage date and place unknown).

The New York Times (Marine Intelligence) reported the arrival of the "Koophandel" in its February 14, 1854, edition.  It reported that the Bark Koophandel (Belg.) arrived in New York on February 13, 1854, whose captain was Captain Loerenwitz, sailing from Antwerp after 63 days  carrying merchandise and 214 passengers, with shipping agents, Funch & Meincke.  The article further notes that one death occurred on board during the voyage.

The passenger list for this voyage indicate that every passenger had their place of origin listed as Germany.  It is quite possible that some of the passengers on board could have come from the same area in Germany as Peter Orth and is family. 


These are photos of the painting "De Koophandel" (artist unknown) of the ship "Koophandel" which is described as a Belgian Bark.  This is the ship that brought Johann Peter Orth and his family to North America.  A "Bark" is characterized by the way it is rigged.

Above a photo of the actual ship passenger list/manifest for the voyage of the  "Koophandel" that brought Johann Peter Orth and his family to North America in 1954.  The voyage took them to the Port of New York.  The ship manifest indicates the name and age and sex of the passengers and their country of origin and the country in which they intend to live.  The manifest declaration made by Captain Loerenwitz was sworn to on February 14, 1854.

This is a photo of the passenger list that lists Johann Peter Orth and his family (see inside the red outline).  The list shows Peter Orth, age 35, his wife, Elisa, age 34, Maria, age 7, Sophia, age 5, Leonard, age 3; and, Johannes, age 3 (8?) months.  Also shown is Peter' sister, Catherine, age 17 (or 18), and her future husband, Johann Nickel, age 24.


This is a picture of the harbour at Antwerp, Belgium.  This is the port from which Peter Orth and his family departed for America in 1853.  This picture is believed to be from around 1850 so this is probably very close to the scene that Peter and his family saw as they left Antwerp.

(Source: From an engraving entitled "Antwerpen")



This is a scene of the port of New York City in 1852.  This view would probably be very similar to that which Peter Orth and his family saw when they arrived in New York City in February 1854.

(Source:  "New York, 1852" by Augier).



Above is a picture of New York City in 1854.  This is an exact view of what Peter Orth and his family would have seen when they landed in New York City in February 1854. 

(Source:  From "The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz Volume Two (1852-1863)  The title of this engraving is "New York City in 1854").