(1)  The "Familienbuch  Eschau 1644  - 1698"  was provided to the author by Dr. Johann Heinrich Kumpf, Berlin, Germany, after locating it when undertaking research at the State Archive in Darmstadt.  Heinrich is related to the Orth family and his assistance to the author is greatly appreciated.

(2)  It is interesting to note that the LDS Ancestral File also contains information concerning this branch of the Orth family that would have been submitted by a family researcher and is, therefore, not verified by the the LDS Church.  This material refers to "Christmann Orth" as "Christian Orth" and makes no reference to his father, Hans Orth.  As well, the Ancestral File very incorrectly places the town of  Eschau in Elsass-Lothringen (Alsace Lorraine).   However, the research in the Ancestral File provides some additional information concerning the family of Barthel Orth and his wife, Anna Margretha Hertel, that is not found in the "Familienbuch Eschau".  This probably results from the fact that Barthel and his family left Eschau in the late 1600's so the material available for the compilation of the  "Familienbuch Eschau" did not include any family history that occurred after that point.  The Ancestral File also refers to "Barthel Orth" as Johannes Bartholomaus Orth, which was probably his correct full name.  As well, the Ancestral File also contains additional information regarding the children of Barthel Orth and Anna Margaretha Hertel.  The "Familienbuch Eshau" only indicates two children, Barbara and Johannes.  The Ancestral File includes these two individuals plus four other children that were born in Wiebelsbach, after Barthel and Anna Margaretha left Eschau.

(3)  Some clarification regarding the name of "Lützelbach", "Lützel-Wiebelsbach" and Wiebelsbach is useful to avoid confusion regarding place names.  The town of Wiebelsbach existed until 1821 when it became known as Lützel-Wiebelsbach.  In 1972, it was joined with the towns of Breitenbrunn, Haingrund, Rimhorn and Seckmauern and became known as simply, Lützelbach.  Lützelbach is located about seven kilometers north-east of Fürstengrund.

(4)  The references to the Fürstengrund village history in this section are in respect of the study undertaken by Karl-Heinz Winter in "Dorfchronik von Fürstengrund" published in 1991.  Translations from the German to the English have been undertaken by the author of this Website.