This map shows the various towns in which the Orth family came from in Germany.  These towns are highlighted in green shading.  The area shown in this map spans the present-day German states of Hesse and of Bavaria.  The first known residence of the Orth family in the early to mid -1600's  was  the town of Eschau which today is found in the Spessart region of Bavaria in the district of Miltenberg.   A member of the Orth family then moved in the late 1680's to live for a brief period to the village of Hofstetten that is also located in the Spessart region of Bavaria.  However, Hofstetten was only a temporary stop as the family then moved around the early 1700's to Lützelbach, including the now incorporated village of Breitenbrunn,  which is located in the Odenwald district of Hesse (Hesse-Darmstadt from an historical perspective).  By the late 1700's, members of the family then moved to the village of Fürstengrund, now a part of the town of Bad König.  It was from this village that Johann Peter Orth and his family emigrated to Canada in 1854.

The region shown in this map is approximately 30 to 45 kilometers east and south-east from the German city of Darmstadt.and about 45 to 65 kilometers north-east from the German city of Heidelberg.





This is a map of the Bad König area in Odenwald region of the German state of Hessen.  Fürstengrund is a couple of kilometers to the northeast of Bad König,  the town to which it now belongs.  

Source:  http://www.odenwald.de/badkoenig/bkgemein.htm

This is a map of present day village of Fürstengrund which is now a part of the town of Bad König.  The Orth family lived at Fürstengrunder Straße 40 which is on the north side of the street, and about half-way across the map.

Source:  http://www.odenwald.de/badkoenig/maps/bk_fue_map.jpg

This is a map of the present-day Hessen town of Lützelbach.  This town now includes the previous villages of Lützel-Wiebelsbach and Rimhorn.  These villages in the north and west of Lützelbach.  Fürstengrund can be seen at the lower left-hand corner.

Source: http://www.odenwald.de/luetzelbach/lugemein.htm

This is a street map of the town of Rimhorn which is now a part of the town of Lützellbach.

Source: http://www.odenwald.de/luetzelbach/map/luet_rim_map.htm

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