This is a picture of Anna Elisabeth  (Fitzky) Orth, the second wife of Johann Peter Orth.  She was born on March 1, 1820, in the village of Erbach, Hesse-Darmstadt,  and died on May 10, 1896, in Wallace Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada.

So far, no picture of Johann Peter Orth has been located.                                        

This is a photograph of John George Meisinger, the husband of Mary Elizabeth Orth, the oldest daughter of Johann Peter Orth and his first wife, Eva Margarethe Orth.  George Meisinger was born on May 31, 1840, in Böllstein, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.  He died June 12, 1891, in Green Valley, Tazewell County, Illinois, U.S.A.  

Source:  Meisinger Family 1575 to 1987, Eldon Meisinger, December 1987, p. 35.


This is a picture of several of the daughters of Philip Jacob Orth and their husbands.  These would be nieces of Peter Johann Orth.  The photo probably dates from the late 1890's.

Back:  Left to Right:

Charles Germer, George Adam Weichel, Johann George Nickel (John G. Nickel), Johann M.  Nickel (John M. Nickel), George Weichel


Front:  Left to right:

Marie Magdalena, Katharine,  Katharine Elizabeth, Elizabeth Margarethe, Marie Emily.




This is a picture of Adam Orth, son of Johannes (John) Orth.  As, Johannes was a brother of Johann Peter Orth, Adam would be his nephew.

Adam was born on May 18, 1862, in New York State and died on May 2, 1941, in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois.  He was married to Mary Urish (Urich).  It is believed that Adam was a farmer for most of his life.

The date of this photograph is unknown.


The names of the individuals in the above- photo come from "The Descendants of Philip Jacob Orth" by Vida Gronnestad (p. 4).  However, I believe that Vida has the names of the  two Nickel men reversed since Johann George Nickel was married to Katharine Elizabeth Orth and Johann M. Nickel was married to Elizabeth Margarethe Orth.  As such, I have taken the liberty of changing the label (rev. February 2001).

The electronic version of the photo was supplied to me by Wayne Weichel, a descendant of Katharine (Orth) and George Adam Weichel.

The picture of Adam Orth comes from the Tazewell County Genealogical and Historical Society.