The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years' War Les Iroquois et la guerre de sept ans

If you belong to the very exclusive community that cares about this sort of thing, you might like to scroll through a few of these papers. Most of them deal with ideas I developed for The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Year' War/Les Iroquois et la guerre de sept ans. If you REALLY care, you can find my articles in most major libraries, or just check out the book.

"Parallel Warfare and Amerindian-European Alliances in the Seven Years' War," "War College of the Seven Years' War," Fort Ticonderoga, 15 May, 1999.

"Writing The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years' War," Six Nations Administrative Building, Oshweken, 18 February, 1997.

"La première crise d'Oka: Le déploiement de l'armée britannique contre les amérindiens d'Oka en 1760," "Table ronde sur sources historiques sur les Hurons-Wendats," Centre Administrative de la Nation Huronne-Wendat," Wendake, 27 June, 1996.

"Catholicism, Alliances, and Amerindian Evangelists during the Seven Years' War," Canadian Catholic Historical Association, annual meeting, Université de Québec à Montréal, 9 June, 1995.

"Coalition Warfare in mid-Eighteenth Century Canada: The Franco-Amerindian Alliance during the War of the Austrian Succession," Society for Military History, annual meeting Royal Military College, Kingston, 22 May, 1993.

"'Free and Open Roads:' The Treaty of Kahnawake and the Control of Movement over the New York-Canadian Border during the Military Regime, 1760-1763," Ottawa Legal History Group, Ottawa, 3 December, 1992.

"Amerindian Oral Traditions," read at "Teaching Columbus, Cabot, Cartier and others: The Discovery Paradigm revisited and revised," roundtable discussion at the Canadian Indian/Native Studies Association annual meeting, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, I June, 1992.

"The Franco-Amerindian Expedition to The Great Carrying Place in 1756," French Colonial Historical Society, annual meeting, McGill University, Montreal, 23 May, 1992.

"'New Friends and Allies:' The Seven Nations of Canada and the beginning of the British Regime, 1759-1763," "Land of Many Cultures: A New Canadian History," colloquium in honour of Cornelius J. Jaenen, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 6 March, 1992.

"Remembering the French: Franco-Amerindian Relations in Anishinabeg Oral Traditions," "Native Peoples and New France: Re-examining the Relationships, 1663-1763," McGill University, Montreal, 15 February, 1992.

"Combined Operations on Lake Ontario during the Seven Years' War," Canadian Nautical Research Society, Ottawa, 16 November, 1988.

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The bottom center image is a detail from David Rickman, Eastern Woodland Indians, middle of the eighteenth century, Department of National Defence.