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Royston is pleased to offer his guided tours and friendly service to you while you are visiting St. Kitts.

Royston’s Tours would be described as a cross between an awesome tour company and a friendly taxi. We do not take people on standard group tours with little or no personality. Our tours are very personalized and our mission is to make friends and not only help people out while on vacation.

As you will read in the testimonials found in this website, we have had many happy customers who are now our great friends.

We invite you down to the beautiful island of St. Kitts and look forward to meeting you very soon.


We will basically customize a tour to fit exactly what you are looking for while visiting St. Kitts and Nevis. None of our tours are standardized so we will do exactly what you would like and make sure you see everything you want to see, and a whole lot more. The following are just a few of the ideas for you include in your holiday:

Peninsula Tour – We will take you down the beautiful and naturally untouched peninsula of St. Kitts. You will see beautiful beaches, natural beauty, and yes….Monkeys.

Volcano Hike – Hiking the volcano of St. Kitts is a must for any active visitor to St. Kitts. Mount Liamuiga is a 3,792 foot dormant volcano and hiking up to the top is both a great accomplishment and incredibly scenic. This is not an extremely hard climb, but we suggest that people wishing to take this hike are in moderate physical condition.

Rainforest Tour – We will take you through the beautiful rainforests of St. Kitts. In the rainforest you will see amazing plants and trees, smell the natural scents of pure nature, and even swing on the vines if you wish.
This is a great tour for anyone.

Complete Island Tour – We will give you a complete tour of the island of St. Kitts. We can include as much or as little as you would like to see.
Suggested stops include:

- Brimstone Hill

- Rawlins Plantation

- Caribelle Batik

- Black Rocks

- Romney Manor

- Ottley’s Plantation

- Local Rumshops

- Basseterre

- And Many, Many More Attractions

Other options that can be added to any tour, or just taken part on their own include:

- Snorkelling

- Shopping

- Picnic

- Mountain Biking

- Kayaking and other Water Sports

- Drop Off and Pick Up to and from your daily destinations

Please take a look at what some of our kind and appreciative customers have had to say about our company, our tours, and ourselves.

Thank You.

Customer Testimonials:

From: Mary Lou Oman,
Date: 2/4/02 1:20:42 PM
Remote Name:

Just returned from St.Kitts Saturday. Utilized the services of Royston,a local individual ( ) last Wednesday for the day.
I can't say enough about him!!! We saw more and learned more about St. Kitts than any other island we visited on our trip.
I would highly recommend him to anyone visiting St. Kitts.

From: Dianne in houston
Date: 1/28/02 4:39:06 PM
Remote Name:

And why is he so popular?

Love your question! He should be part of the Ministry of Tourism! He is a delightful young Kittian who works for the local TV station and also runs his own small one man tour company! If anyone is lucky enough to have him as their guide they will never forget this young man. He loves to show visitors his island and does a fantastic job of it! We had the pleasure of his company for a week in November. We are confident that we would never have had the in-depth experience St. Kitts had we not met Royston.
He sincerely LOVES what he does and that's why he is so popular!

From: Lynn,
Date: 1/27/02 12:08:20 AM
Remote Name:

I second the several complimentary posts on Royston. My daughter and I spent two days driving around with him and it was very enjoyable. He was friendly and informative, his open jeep was a perfect way to view the scenery and enjoy the air, and we had some laughs, too. Do be firm about agreeing ahead of time on a price and paying him - he wanted to accept much LESS from us and we had to struggle to even get him to compromise. I managed to pay for his dinner, to catch up, but only by a ruse.
He's so friendly, he seems to forget that he has to earn a living! You'll like him.

From: Dianne in Houston
Date: 1/28/02 4:42:06 PM
Remote Name:

Do be firm about agreeing ahead of time on a price and paying him - he wanted to accept much LESS from us and we had to struggle to even get him to compromise. I managed to pay for his dinner, to catch up, but only by a ruse. He's so friendly, he seems to forget that he has to earn a living! You'll like him.

I am sitting here smiling at your statements. You have given a perfect example of Royston! I cannot imagine anyone on this earth who would NOT like Royston!

From: Anne,
Date: 1/22/02 6:19:52 AM
Remote Name:

I have just returned from two weeks on St Kitts, after having the usual wonderful time. I want to know the telephone numbers and e mail address for Royston Stevens that everyone thinks is a great guide. Greg's Safaris isn't the most reliable any more, as he is inclined to turn up very late, and is almost impossible to reach by phone for any explanations!!!

From: Dianne in Houston,
Date: 12/28/01 10:20:46 AM
Remote Name:

St. Kitts is one of the few places I would travel to alone. I would suggest you contact Royston Stevens and make arrangements with him to be your guide/escort during your stay. He is a fantastic young man and you will feel and be safe with him. You will also see sights that the regular tours will not take you to. Takes LOTS of film.

From: Doug,
Date: 12/13/01 9:23:43 AM
Remote Name:

Looking over previous posts in this Newsgroup, there are so many comments about Royston, all positive, we don't know what to add that would be unique. We instantly felt comfortable and "at home" with Royston, and left the island with him as a friend. Quiet and reserved, he never imposes himself on you yet senses when, for example, you want to stop and take a picture. He also has a unique advantage with his vehicle, an open 4 wheel drive Mitsubishi jeep with a top welded on for cover. This is the way to travel, as there is no need for air conditioning when in motion. He does rain forest, volcano, beaches and island tours, or whatever combination you want.
Highly recommended!

From: Greg Spencer,
Date: 11/21/01 1:13:06 PM
Remote Name:

Now the more important part of our trip. Prior to departing for our trip, I was reviewing the board. One posting made reference to a young man who lives on the island who does some informal tours. His name is Royston Stevens. Royston is 27 and I contacted him via e-mail and then telephone prior to our visit.

When I first spoke to him I found him to be intelligent and somewhat soft spoken. He insisted on picking us up from the airport when we arrived at 11pm in the evening. Royston drives an older Mitsubishi version of a jeep. He has removed the top, installed metal framework and created a platform on top where luggage can go. This jeep is nothing fancy, no AC or anything like that, just open air, but it seems to be very reliable. He never did have any type of mechanical problems. The jeep will hold up to four passengers and Royston.

I liked Royston immediately upon meeting him. He is very athletic and can customize any type of tour you want. He can take you for a complete island tour, spend the day at the beach snorkeling, shopping, visiting the fort, he knows the island like the back of his hand. He can take you hiking in the rainforest, biking for the novice or the enthusiast, up into the hills or on a volcano tour. You will not find him to be pushy at all. You can customize anything you want, stop when you want or just chill out at some secluded beach. He can show you the Black Rocks, visit Plantation Guest Houses, anything you can imagine.

Something I found very impressive, is that people recognize him and speak very well of him. Older women on the street would say “good morning Mikie” which we learned was his nickname as a young child. People at the beach would tell us how lucky we were to be traveling with him as he is just a great young man. After our time spent with Royston, I agree. He is trustworthy, a safe driver and a real pleasure to be around. He will give you a set price for whatever you want to do and will definitely be less expensive that taxies. If you are the type who wants an air-conditioned minivan, do not call Royston. If you are easygoing and really want to get a feel for the island and the people, I suggest you e-mail Royston 2-3 weeks before you are visiting St. Kitts. If you are lucky enough to spend time with him on the island, you will thank me. If you really enjoy yourself, as I know you will, and if you can afford to, please consider giving him a little extra, he is worth it. It is very important that when you tour with Royston you ask him about the “fish pot stick tree”.

Royston’s e-mail is: Give him a few days to respond to you, as he does not check his e-mail daily, but every 2-3 days. He lives with his parents and family. His home number is: 1-869-465-0780. If you would like more information about Royston, feel free to e-mail me and I will either call you or you can call me.

I was so impressed with this young man that I have given him my permission to use my name as a personal reference.

Gregory Spencer
St. Louis, MO

From: Dianne in Houston,
Date: 11/23/01 5:45:13 PM
Remote Name:

I loved traveling the island in Royston's jeep. It's open and our views were not hindered with windows . We toured Nevis in an airconditioned van and I MUCH prefer traveling in Royston's jeep. We loved being able to stop anyplace we wanted, stay as long or as short a time as we liked and be on our own schedule. If you want to really see the island, not just the tourist spots , go with Royston. You will not be disappointed. He is charming and knowledgable and so pleasant to be with. I am certain I have missed sooooooooo much but we had a great trip and we will certainly go back.

From: Shawn,
Date: 6/16/01 10:40:10 PM
Remote Name:

Although I had not had the opportunity to go on the volcano tour with Royston as he was recommended by Darryl, I wanted everyone to know that I had made some inquiries about him and I received 5 very nice emails from people who had gone out with Royston and they had a great time. He does all sorts of tours and is a real nice kid.

As Darryl has posted in the past, he does not charge as much as an official tour service or even the cab drivers. He is just a nice young kid who is trying to get into the business and does a real good job and is quite knowledgeable.

The emails I received were private, but I thought it was worth mentioning to anyone who might be interested in various tours at a good price with a kid who is a real nice and knowledgeable person.


From: debra,
Date: 6/19/01 8:44:30 PM
Remote Name:

We spent three days with Royston last week, and enjoyed every minute of it. If you want to have an active trip on St. Kitts, and see as much of the island as possible, give Royston a call. He was also really good with our 9 year old son, which we definitely appreciated.

We went snorkeling at 3 different sites, toured the island, and hiked the volcano. If we had done the volcano hike with a "real" tour group, I'm sure they would have left me half-way. It is a really strenuous climb--it kicked my butt (note however that I'm 40 and don't exercise regularly)! Royston was cool though, so we just kept taking breaks every few minutes, and sure enough, we all made it to the top. It was a fantastic feeling to have actually made the climb, and the view was great.

We had the mountain and the beaches almost completely to ourselves the whole time. Right now Royston is much, much less expensive than the "professional" guides. He's a smart guy and will be getting lots of business, and he could fairly go up on what he charges.

From: Maureen, Date: 2/5/03 7:01:26 AM

Just returned from St. Kitts after a fabulous 12 days. Stayed at Ottley's, had a wonderful day touring with Royston Stevens and Darryl - I recommend them highly. Will be going back next year - the island and the people are beautiful.

From: monica, Date: 2/15/03 2:00:35 PM

I have not been on one of Royston's tours as my husband shows me all around the island's have met many people who have been on a tour with him and I have heard nothing but praise for this pleasant young man.

From: Joanne Walters Date: 1/8/03 4:41:00 AM

If you decide to take your kids on a Royston. His partner Darryl is absolutely FANTASTIC with kids (mine are 7 & 9 and think he is the greatest). I'm sure Royston is too. Both the hike and the Brimstone Hill trip would be fun with them. If I were you, I would turn the Brimstone Hill trip into a picnic day as it has such nice grounds.

From: Rose Johnson, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA Date: 03/09/03

Paradise !!! St. Kitt's is so beautiful that words cannot describe it's breath-taking appeal ! Royston Stevens makes your tour so fun, so relaxing, with wonderful conversation, in depth explanations of the sights, silence (if you prefer), and a sense of true friendship with a VERY GOOD person.
Royston's tours are beyond explanation, as his personal stories and deep understanding of nature, make the journey a complete adventure. My memories of St. Kitt's go on and on because Royston explains things so well and will take you where you wish to go, personalizing your tour to your wishes. Having lived on the Island for his entire life, he knows the culture and answered all my questions so graciously.

Rain-forests of lush greenery, a majestic (dormant) volcano, sugar-cane fields with old plantations, the beautiful Caribbean and Atlantic cradling the island in their strong embrace, together with Royston's wonderful presence, make the tours truly heavenly. He's a man of exceptional strengths and wisdom at a young age, and he makes your journey a safe, yet exciting and adventurous experience you will remember forever.

Having travelled to St. Kitt's for a week in 2001, I returned again in 2003. One of the main reasons for my return was the wonderful hospitality I felt from Royston and his best friend, Darryl. I feel like I have a much better knowledge of the people and the island because of those two incredible people. Both athletes, strong in body and character, they show the islands guests a combination of peace, tranquility, adventure, open-mindedness, and lots of FUN !!!!

If you choose to tour with Royston Stevens, you will truly have the experience of a lifetime !!!

1-869-465-0780, or an alternate # 1-869- 663-4529, or e-mail Royston's e-mail