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Sons of the Desert

Birth Name: Arthur Stanley Jefferson

Born: 06/16/1890

Birth Place: Ulverston, Cumbria, England

Death Place: Santa Monica, California, USA

Died: 02/23/1965

Stan Laurel

Oliver Hardy

Birth Name: Norvell Hardy

Born: 01/18/1892

Birth Place: Harlem, Georgia, USA

Death Place: North Hollywood, California, USA

Died: 08/07/1957

He was greatly admired by Jerry Lewis. When Lewis had his own production company in the early 1960s, he repeatedly tried to hire Stan for his creative team. Stan refused, despite the impressive salary. According to Lewis, he would send scripts to Stan who would read them and write suggestions in the margins.

A man of many interests, Hardy was an excellent cook, card player, golfer, singer and dancer, and unlike "Ollie", was always impeccably tailored. Off camera, he and Laurel both combed their hair straight back, as was the fashion of their time.

The Boys