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I have just added a picture of the Colonial Viper I designed a few months back. Whenever I get around to it, I will also add patterns for these designs, the Viper probably being first as it is the simplest. I just have to draw them up now.

Here's the design I've become best known for. I actually learned it from Mark Leeper at Worlcon a few years ago. It is a modification of the frog base that was made into a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

I've seen a picture of another design, apparently from the bird base, which is very good looking. It even includes the engines.

This one is a design of my own. Obviously, it's a modification of the X-Wing above. Just a couple of extra folds turned it into a Babylon 5 StarFury Thunderbolt by making the laser canons into wingtip engine pods. As soon as I can figure out how to make it with a shorter nose, I'll be able to do a proper Starfury Aurora.

I've also tried doing a few Vorlons, here a transport and a cruiser. I've also tried to do a transport with extended petals. They still need some work. There are also other ships I intend to do, such as the Minbari Flyer and Shadow cruiser, but I haven't found a good base to modify into these.

This last design is a Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. The idea was suggested to me at a con where Richard Hatch was a guest. I looked thorugh the designs I had on hand to find something I could modify into something resembling a ship in the show. One, a simple plane design I found in a pack of paper, looked good so I folded one up and added a few extra folds for the clipped tail and lateral intakes. What you see here is the first protoype folded on Friday night. I folded a second one during Richard Hatch's panel on Saturday and gave it to him on at his autograph signing later in the day. He loved it and even test flew it. It goes straight for a while then does an evasive bank and turn, by the way.

Of course, I've been spreading the word about these paper starfighters at conventions. I usually do origami panels at Con*Cept and Toronto Trek. Until I find the time to draw up the patterns, that's the best way to find out how to fold these ships.

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