cool picture of Me Welcome to my personal World Wide Web space (a.k.a. home page), have a around. Let me introduce myself, my name is Dan Shaule. I was born and raised mostly in Toronto. From my early teens I moved to different cities and towns in Southern Ontario, some of these are Barrie, Sutton West, Jacksons Point, Oshawa, Port Perry befor I ended up in Peterborough in my early twenties. I moved to Peterborough to attend Trent University. I completed the requirements for an Honours B.A. at Trent University in April of 1997! I also completed a Diploma in Management and Economic Development. If I find the time some day I will get the extra credits I need for an Administration Degree or a minor in computers. As a Native Studies Major I put a lot of energy into researching the Williams Treaty of 1923. I am currently at Trent University Canadian Heritage and Development Studies.

I decided to have my own page because of many reasons. Firstly I wanted a medium that would reach a large audience so I could collect information on the Williams Treaty (my Graduate Studies Topic) and start a Network to keep informed of ongoing Aboriginal business/Economic Development activities. However, the two most compelling reason are that I took a course in Web Page designing and this is a perfect way to keep my skills updated. Sympatico includes a space for a personal Web Page with your account...So this is the end result.

Flying Eagle
Went to Grand Bend Ontario to see Cousin Sue Lesage play Volleyball. She's the tallest one.Another cool picture of Sue

My interests include sports such as hockey and lacrosse, reading and learning and developing my computer knowledge. This past summer I have been going to a lot of Lacrosse games in Southern Ontario. I have been to countless Junior A and Senior A Games, mostly in Peterborough, Whitby or Six Nations. Recently went to some Juniour B games (Six Nation Rebels took the Ontario Championship, in a classy way I may add from the Courtice Gaels, who have some undignified fans). I have also been working towards my Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) designation, so far I have passed three exams, of six, and plan to write the other ones soon.

I have an interest in the Williams Treaty. If anyone has any information about the Williams Treaty Please share it with me.

I am also interested in expanding my business Network in Aboriginal Communities so contact me if there is an event or seminar/workshop which may be of benfit to me. Well enjoy yourself and don't hesitate to give me feedback about my page. Keep the peace.

Respectfully Yours,

- last updated January 1999 -