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Zero is bad, right? Well, maybe for a test score, or if it's your bank account, but for the environment, zero can be great. We're talking about zero waste. Zero waste means creating no garbage. What a nice idea. A dream? Not really. Once upon a time, humans did not create any waste. Nature makes no waste; waste is a human invention.

Be Afraid Garbage. We’re Coming To Get Ya!

Today, we are making unbelievable amounts of garbage, and many don't care that it is hurting the environment. As long as garbage is out of sight, it is out of mind. That kind of thinking is what is destroying our environment.

We need to change people's mind set from "I put it at the curb and it disappears" to "How much of that garbage is really necessary?" Education is the key, and that's what this website is trying to do - educate you about zero waste. So go ahead and read, and reread. Our teacher always said, it takes time to understand new material. We're hoping you'll take that time right now. It's like our slogan says:

IF we believe, we'll achieve, so join us in the race to zero waste!