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February 1999
United Alternative Lifestyles: Preston Manning split the right, now he's trying to stick it together again. He's ignoring the obvious solution.

May 1998
What to do: Toronto: The first of a series of article on how to straighten out the mess left by Ontario's Conservative government: a clever way to organize the municipal government of Toronto, which is currently disastrous.

April 1998
What do you do with a Useless Senate?: Implement some simple reforms so that it can perform the functions it is supposed to in Canada's democracy. Here's what to do.

September 1997
Mulroney in History: his cronies (including William Thorsell) still love him. The rest of us still hate him. But what will history say? Mulroney says he will look good in history, but an examination of his claims suggests he shouldn't get his hopes up.

September 1997
Here We Go Again: the Quebec problem is back, and the usual suspects are working over the same ground again. But a solution can only come through trying some new approaches.

July 1997
Better Voting Next Time?: the pundits are proposing proportional representation. But there is a better way.

Constitution Notes: short occasional comments about constitutional matters.

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