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June 2001
Calling Toronto: The phone companies are conspiring to add a new area code to Toronto in 2001, so that all Torontonians will have to dial 10 numbers for local calls for the rest of eternity. There are better solutions - find out how to fight back.

June 1999
Nationalize Rogers Cablesystems!: The cable and telephone companies, who have a monopoly over transmission systems, need to be broken up, with the transmission systems brought under public control, to enable true competition in internet service provision.

April 1999
Productivity and the Pundits: The pundits are in a lather about productivity, but there's no evidence the knee-jerk free-market solutions they are offering would have any effect.

April 1999
New Names for New Banks: Some suggested names and slogans for Canada's new merged ultra-banks.

December 1997
Harris the Stalinist: Mike Harris may like the free market - but he just loves central planning. As a result, Ontario's government is beginning to resemble a Stalinist state.

September 1997
McWages, McJobs, McIdeas: the Globe is suggesting cutting the minimum wage and compensating by reducing taxation. This is a dumb idea. Find out why, and see a better alternative.

September 1997
An Embarassment of Riches: How to Spend the Surplus. The business-oriented national press is already anticipating federal budget surpluses, and wants to spend them in a way that would benefit its business readers. Here follow some counter-proposals that would benefit ALL Canadians.

August 1997
Employing Employment Insurance: Business groups and commentators are calling on the government to reduce EI premiums. Canada should take this opportunity to use the EI system to reward companies who train their employees.

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