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November 1998
The Cart before the Horse: When Russia emerged from Communism, Western nations pushed it to plunge right into a free-market economy - forgetting that the free market needs strong government laws, regulations, and taxation in order to succeed. The result has been predictably disastrous.

June 1998
Who Needs a Midfield?: Since I spent most of my spare time in June 1998 watching the World Cup, the surprisingly exciting level of play in the tournament this year was that month's subject.

March 1998
Great Danes: Denmark enjoys high taxation, a generous social safety net, and a thriving economy. It shows that the assumptions of neo-conservative ideology are nonsense; but is also provides an example for the larger European nations struggling to straighten out their economies.

October 1997
Deregulation Czechmated by Taxis: The taxis of Prague were a perfect example of a deregulated, free-market industry. They were also a complete disaster.

October 1997
The Myth of Anglo-Saxon Economics: New statistics show that the populations who have experienced the most rapid growth in prosperity in recent years have lived in small social-democratic nations in Europe. The "Anglo-Saxon" nations, standard-bearers of the right's free-market economic policies, came dead last.

June 1997
The French are wrong: everyone says so, it must be true. The media implies that a radical neo-conservative restructuring is the only possible solution for France's problems. But a closer look at the issues suggests that there actually many possible options for France.

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