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September 1999
Is the Report on Business Going Socialist?: The regular columnists of the Report on Business have been going at Corporate Canada like muckracking socialists. What can this mean?

February 1999
Media Miscellanea: Canada experienced a remarkable re-alignment of its newspaper companies in 1998. Herewith some comments on this media madness.

October 1998
Bash the Left, Pump the Right: It looks like Canada's new "national" newspaper will be little more than a Sun for people who think they are smart.  

July 1998
New! Globe Lite TM!: Fewer facts! Less Filling! The Globe and Mail has a whole new look. Is it worthy of the institution? Partially yes, mostly no. Herewith the good, the bad, and the colour.

Corcoran watch: What crazy things did Terence Corcoran say while he was at the Globe? A running commentary on some of his more absurd pronouncements.

November 1997
The Sun in Teacher's Eyes: The Toronto Sun conducted a front-page campaign against the teacher's union during the recent strike in Ontario, despite the fact it is largely owned by the teachers. Would other newspaper owners have allowed this? Of course not. Perhaps the teachers should try exercising the privileges of ownership.

October 1997
Lit. Critic Goes Postal: Philip Marchand, book editor of the Toronto Star, has gone on a rampage, attacking Canadian novelists and readers as mediocre. What he's really sulking about is that Canadians don't have the same taste in novels as he does.

August 1997
A tale of two World Banks: The conservative Globe and Mail and the British centre-left Guardian both described the same World Bank report - but you would never guess it from the ideologically slanted stories they provide.

June 1997
What's black and white and Black all over?: Just what we needed, ANOTHER conservative, business-oriented "national" newspaper based in Toronto. Conrad Black is musing about starting a new national newspaper. Maybe he should try something really new.

Media Notes: Occasional short comments on the media.

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