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November 1999:
A New Vision for Toronto: There has been much talk of a vision of Toronto for the new millenium. Here is my vision - a dense, vibrant, elegant, highly populated city knitted together by an extensive subway system.

October 1999:
Revolutionizing Parental Leave: If the Liberal government wants to extend parental leave, it should do more than simply increase the number of months available - it should also establish leave provisions specifically for fathers.

Hats Off: Good Ideas: For a change of pace, a page that praises good ideas that make the world better - or at least more interesting.

March 1998
Medicare Myths: Doctors and commentators claim that a "two-tier" medicare system would solve Canada's health problems. Actually, Canada already has a two-tier health care system. What they really want is a private health care system that is subsidized by the public.

January 1998
Family Values: Conservatives are subjecting us to another push for "family values". They haven't realized that it is their own flexible, individualistic neo-conservative economic policies which are undermining the family.

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