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June 2006

Dear Readers,

I have moved on to writing mostly for print publications and for the Spacing Wire ( I have to face the fact that, though I still have lots of ideas, I won't have time to write any further substantial articles for this website. I have therefore wrapped up Canadian Commentary, but I am leaving it here as what I hope is an interesting archive of ideas.

Begun in 1997, Canadian Commentary was a blog before blogs existed, and I'm proud that I was at the forefront of the concept of a political and media commentary website (although I make no pretense that I was particularly influential). There are plenty of others now, though, who have taken up the task. I particularly recommend Andrew Spicer, who does what I would have liked to do. He also provides up-to-date links to a wealth of other blogs.

If you are interested in what I am writing currently, I keep a reasonably up-to-date list here.

Dylan Reid

Below this point, I have left Canadian Commentary as it was when I stopped writing in 2004. All articles and links reflect the time in which they were written - I have not attempted to update them.

Canadian Commentary

Canadian Commentary is dedicated to a serious continuing commentary on Canadian public affairs, in particular the way in which Canadian news is reported and commented on in the print media.

Canada's serious print media approach Canadian public affairs from a single perspective: conservative and business-oriented. Because alternative, moderate voices are local or marginalized, this uniform perspective does not get challenged at a serious level. It is the purpose of this site to provide commentary and debate on Canadian public affairs and the national media from a thoughtful, moderate perspective. [more | about the site design]


Recent articles

December 2004
Improving Postsecondary Education in Ontario: At the time of writing, Bob Rae is undertaking a review of postsecondary education in Ontario. Here is what I would submit to the Rae Review.

March 2004
Ontario's Electricity Crisis can be Solved (Without Nukes): The Ontario government can go a long way towards solving its emerging electricity crisis without building nuclear plants - by installing net-metering hydro meters in every residence, and by an innovative program to spend the cost of a new nuclear plant on conservation and renewable generation.

June 2003
A National Child Care Strategy: A national child care strategy is both necessary and possible, but it requires a new approach from the federal government which allows for parental and provincial choice by paying parents directly.

November 2002
Free Pot!: Let people grow their own. The solution to the marijuana issue in Canada is not just to decriminalize possession, but to decommercialize the production of marijuana.

July 2002
A Better Fresh Start for Africa: These proposals to help Africa in debt relief and agriculture should not be considered charity, but rather the natural consequences of bad economic decisions by the West.

May 2002
Making Political Financing Truly Democratic: Although political financing is a hot topic, all of the current proposals still leave politics in the hands of the affluent. Here's a radical proposal for making our politics truly democratic.

May 2002
Who is the Real Pirate?: The Federal Government's attack on the satellite TV "grey market" is protecting the real pirates, the corporations who benefit from Canada's satellite TV duopoly.

April 2001
Walking the Education Talk: The Feds have been talking up education, but claim they can't do anything about it. Here's how the federal government can put its money where its mouth is, and give Canada a real national education strategy with the co-operation of the provinces.

January 2001
Taking care of Business: The NDP and the Free Market: The NDP needs to get over its phobia about economic policy. Fortunately, there are innovative ways the NDP can achieve its progressive goals while facing up to the free market.

April 2000:
The Myth of US Taxes: Canada's corporate leaders are again claiming that high federal taxes are forcing young Canadians to move to the US. But in fact US federal taxes are just as high as Canada's. Our corporations are trying to distract us from the fact that it's their own cheapness and complacency that is driving our young workers away.

February 2000:
Free Trade, not Forced Trade: How to Settle Seattle: The root of the current opposition to the WTO lies in its power to interfere with the domestic policies of sovereign nations. If it wants to make any further progress on free trade, it will have to divest itself of the power to force trade on unwilling nations.

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