Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win95; en-US; rv:1.0rc2) Gecko/20020512 Netscape/7.0b1 netscape seven preview release now available. tabbed browsing - yum. aol icons all over the place -yech. can't go back to netscape.com without my screen name and password? pfffft!

release notes.


sooz has signed me up as the latest collaborator for listen up! a music oriented group weblog. check it out for some good mp3 links, music reviews etc... the independent web at it's finest.

i'm renaming the [ radio ] popup to [ tuner ] as this seems more apt. everything else stays the same for now. i might build a simplified template and instruction set for the [ tuner ] since i did get an inquiry along these lines. a little build your own internet tuner kit - any takers?

my new computer's operating system will be built entirely on a framework of colourful jujubes - cool. i've been scouring the net for information on my soon to arrive ibook as well as looking around for interesting and useful apps and utilities. that's when i came across the mentenace of the pages.



somewhere out there some good soul is packing up a shiny new apple ibook just for me. i'm quite excited about this.

my last upgrade was from a 486 to a P1 100 MHz with 32 Mb RAM running Win95; so this is gonna be sweet: G3 600MHz, 256 Mb RAM, 20GB Ultra ATA, DVD-ROM/CD-RW.

woot !

glocalism: katherine harmsworth, an intern at the canada west foundation, has written a fine paper that examines the growing importance of locality in response to globalization.

“the complexity and uncertainty of engaging in a globalized environment increases the importance of a local place where individuals can find consistency and where they can have some direct involvement in shaping the economic, political and social events in their community. thus, as the processes of globalization deepen, intensify and strengthen, individuals will become more attached to the security and certainty of the local versus the uncertain and rapidly changing globalized world.”

tapping the alpha geek noosphere with EtherPEG is one of many interesting items to be found in the coverage of the o'reilly emerging technology conference.



ask and ye shall receive. a couple of month's back i was wondering aloud about being able to alter my user style sheet on the fly to compensate for some rather unfortunately formatted pages i was running into. jesse ruderman has stepped up and suggested i try out his test styles bookmarklet as a fix. well, although not quite what i had in mind, it works just fine. now i can easily alter the styles on any page - your css ass is mine. kiss your lame-o design byebye. especially useful in conjunction with the view style sheets bookmarklet, which even displays what i type in to the test styles window! thank you jesse.

the above bookmarklets were handcrafted for mozilla and ns6.x. you may want to check out the rest of jesse's bookmarklets; i'm sure you'll find something both interesting and useful.



a few notes on the new [ tuner ].

the radio contains links to some of my favourite internet radio stations collected into a little popup window.

little green buttons to the left of each station's name link to the .pls file for that station's mp3 stream. the .pls file is a simple text file that is recognized by most mp3 players. clicking on the button should get you hooked up to the station if your browser and mp3 player are configured properly. otherwise you can either download the .pls file to your computer and then open it with your player or right click and copy the url and paste it into your player.

some of the stations offer multiple formats and bitrates. my links are to high bitrate mp3 streams. if you want something different you can try checking the station's homepage to see if other formats/bitrates are available.

in the bottom of the radio you will find a couple of “seek” buttons which will take you to some sites(google, shoutcast and the radio-locator) that will allow you to find something different if you don't dig the presets.

these days grassy hill, an amazing new folk station, and kxgq, which plays boss soul classics, are both getting a lot of play here on colborne street.

the [ tuner ] joins the popup [ go ] and [ search ] windows. all three are part of my effort to make this site a useful tool. website as application, so to speak.



the end of the modern age

ahem... i'm back after much wrestling with software, hardware and general thoughts on what it is i'm trying to accomplish here. i shan't bore you with the details, but i can say that if there is to be a goal behind this little site of mine other than learning, i've not yet found it.

how the mighty have fallen: dead search engines. greg notess examines the the carcasses.


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