“we don't know who it was that discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't a fish.” — mcluhan

sunfest was a blast, even though it seemed to lack a bit of the excitement i remember from previous years. the highlight of the weekend had to be amonpondo's saturday night performance. in particular the band's plea that we follow their example and endeavour to protect and preserve our cultural heritage.

this led to a lengthy discussion between jan, alex and myself when we came back to my flat. one thing that came up was a sense that we lack a personally meaningful cultural heritage - those traditions and customs that might tie us more closely to family and friends. on the other hand, if we do have a cultural heritage, and it takes the form of popular western culture (think television, disney and mcdonald's) we would be content to disown it, perhaps even dismantle it - not preserve it.

i argued that although our cultural heritage may not be as evident to us compared to someone whose life had been spent learning and performing folksongs and tribal customs, we most certainly do have one. culture, due to it's pervasive and difuse nature, can be very hard to discern when you are living in the midst of it, and it's most effective aspects will be those which we have most seamlessly integrated into our lives.

from dave farber's interesting people, some follow up to the gilmore interview. first off, gilmore provides some more details on SAIC's acquisition of NSI.

secondly, here is joe sims' (juvenile name-calling) response.

“i hope that this effort to provide some balance will allow interested readers to make their own judgments about what is going on here.”

hmm... according to sims, gilmore is on the “extreme fringe of rational thinking”, “doesn't have a clue about most of what he is talking about”, his views are “outrageous”, “garbage” and “almost total fantasy” his suggestions regarding icann's initial bylaws were “just plain silly.” and his opinions on the auerbach litigation are either “simply ignorant [or] disengenious.” aside from all this bluster, there is not a whole lot of substance to this response, and any sense of balance is certainly absent. in my judgement as an interested reader, i think icann's lawyer doesn't want to discuss the main points raised by mr. gilmore. instead mr. sims has rushed to defend himself from an accusation that was never made(i.e. that he and his firm have unduly profitted from it's relationship with icann) and attack mr.gilmore's character in an effort to discredit his arguments.

more background on icann:

here is a good home brewed example which demonstrates how the trademark lobby has subverted icann to its own ends.

and now to close the circle, marshall mcluhan vs. marshalling regular expressions



we've waited a whole year for it: sunfest is here! jan and i will be spending the weekend in the park enjoying music, crafts and food from around the world. jan has turned down all other offers and invitations to dinner and theatre, not because she is principled and honours her prior commitments, but because she says:

“going to sunfest with dylan is the best deal”

this makes me very happy indeed.

alex has arrived from ottawa and will be joining us for some of the festivities. tonight we are sharing strawberries, cherries, and stinky poisonous yogurt.

apologies to anyone who dropped by in the last twenty four hours. for some reason or other the whole of www3.sympatico.ca was unreachable yesterday. i have no idea what happened.



never underestimate the power of organic apple cider vinegar.

cypherpunk john gilmore says “it's time for icann to go”. wow. this covers the whole shebang - the original ill conceived bylaws of icann, the spook contractor behind network solutions, ira magaziner's shaft job and vint cerf's intractable inscrutability and weasely legal manoeuvers.

regardless of whether or not there is any food in his bowl, at certain times of the day a little thought will form in shadow's little brain. when this happens, he will not rest until someone(which generally means me) goes to the kitchen and either puts some food in his bowl or at least makes a pretense of putting food in his bowl. his latest morning tactic is to chew on the metal frame on the underside of the bed with his molars, causing the springs to make a loud sbbbroingggg sound which resonates through the bed frame and the torso(s) of whomever might be lying in the bed. very effective.

pete carries on after the death of the ox.

a perfectly strange speech.




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