this is not a gecko problem. it is a BLUI problem. heh.

hmm... monastic_xml and alphabet soup.



about four years ago (has it really been that long?) i was walking down dundas st when i bumped into my friend ian. i was at a crossroads in my life; having recently quit another in a long string of landscaping/construction jobs, i was looking to change career paths but at a complete loss as to how to go about it.

well it just so happened that ian, who i hadn't seen in some time, was at his own crossroads and working for an outfit called nokee kwe. The good people at nokee kwe(shouts to laura!) helped me gain a new perspective on my skill sets and strengthed my self-confidence, allowing me to get out of my rut and move forward.

ian was instrumental in reviving my inner geek and he is largely to blame for this website of mine. i had been an early adopter, spending all the money i earned at my first part time job working at a record store on a vic-20. i did everything possible with that little box, even so far as to teach myself how to code in 6502 assembly language. shortly after high school, and after exhausting the limits of the vic-20, i lost interest and stayed away from computers for about fifteen years. by the time i came back to the realm of computing everything seemed quite foreign. for the most part i was just a user, interested in little more than getting some things done(write some letters, creating invoices and estimates etc.).

after spending a couple of weeks in ian's computer lab, my attitude had changed. once again i was excited by the potential of the technologies to which i was being exposed and my curiosity had been aroused. since then i've gone through a few upgrades to my home system and now have an ultrasleek iBook to play on. last year i finally got hooked up and started posting my weblog entries.

now to close the circle ian is blaming me :)



“i bet i could pick you up and toss you through that window.”
“i'm sure you could.”
“ah, yer just saying that.”

in a roundabout comment on the current dialog between the u.s. and iraq, B recalls an encounter with a half-pissed bully in a scottish pub.

after a brief hiatus, we're back. nope - nobody missed us.

looks like i need to do some updating around here. many of the links in the tuner are broken. mostly the american ones; no doubt a result of short-sighted legislation which makes it prohibitively expensive to operate an internet radio station in the home of rock 'n' roll. expect some updates and an increase in postings.

“so, do you know anything about the maoists in nepal?”
“yes, i do.”
“what are they up to?”
“i think page seventeen, but that's only because they are slow readers, or maybe slightly dyslexic.”

hmmm... where were we? ah yes - regular expressions. i'm in the process of reading friedl's book. it is very well written, and i think it will prove to be well worth the investment of time. here's a good little article by liorean at evolt covering some of the basics of using regular expressions in javascript. look for more interesting links in the readers comments at the end of the article.

“you have 43 new messages.”
“checking mail... downloading 247 new messages.”

depression does not lend one to being communicative.


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