netscape 6.2 has been released. highlights: integration with mac osx and windows xp, improved stability and numerous improvements(?) and fixes. i expect the developer's release notes will be updated soon.


jasc software has released their new namo web editor 5. among the interesting features are the support for code validation, browser compatibility checks, and tag clean-up. i'll be taking this baby out for a test drive.

a forum for this site has been set up at quicktopic. a link to the forum has been added to the box on the left. the race for first post is now on!

i've been waiting for this. when air traffic was grounded last month the quiet was noticeable and the lack of contrails crisscrossing the skies was striking. at the time i realized that i had never seen the sky like this, and perhaps i will never see it like that again. i also wondered what, if any, effect this may have on the environment. would a few days without commercial jets roaring about have any effect? while that question remains unanswered, scientists at NASA(and elsewhere i am sure) have begun to analyze the data they collected during those days of empty skies.


today: please tune in for the live broadcast of sooz!radio at 1:30pm (eastern time)

the weekend: a great time was had at the conference. i danced with my sweetheart, heard some terrific speakers, saw old friends, met new ones and came away from it all feeling both exhausted and reinvigorated.

note: with the conference over now, the conference pages have been taken down, and links to them have been removed. if you would like info on next year's western ontario conference, send me an e-mail and i will make sure you get on the mailing list. if this all sounds rather vague to you that's ok. the conference is a somewhat anonymous affair, and probably should not have been mentioned here at all.

msn.com fiasco: this story came to my attention via zeldman. last week microsoft made some changes to their msn.com site. anyone attempting to gain access to their site with a browser other than internet exploiter, saw a message suggesting that in order to view their site properly, they would have to use a version of microsoft's IE. this was a complete lie. microsoft was using a browser sniffer to redirect anyone using a non-microsoft browser to the page with the browser upgrade message.

many people were able reveal the lie behind this, either by changing their browser's id string(thus fooling the sniffer), or using an acceptable browser to download the page and then viewing it in a non-microsoft browser(thus bypassing the sniffer). using these methods, people were able to show that there were no major incompatibility problems between the other browsers and the source code that drives msn.com.

moving in to do damage control, miscrosoft started spewing gibberish about wanting to support web standards. and that is ridiculous, because msn.com is driven by non-standard, invalid source code.

on saturday (see below) i spent a few minutes and came up with a version of the msn.com home page that validates just fine. i did this with a used $149 PI computer and a basic understanding of HTML. so why can't microsoft, with a somewhat larger hardware budget and an army of geeks, come up with standards compliant source code? just guessing, but i think this is about money, market share, coersion, sleazy business tactics and it is not about web standards.

feed your brain: the new adbusters is out, and it is an important issue. this is the birth of the mental environmental movement, a new science of mental ecology, a new way of managing the production of meaning in our society. and don't miss the nine pioneers of mental environmentalism: neil postman, len masterman, jerry mander, robert mcchesney, cees hamelink, theodore roszak, jay rosen, sheri herndon and george gerbner.

power, imagination and new york's future, an article by herbert muschamp, new york times architecture critic, points out the conflict between corporatist organizations of architects and the needs of the city they pupport to represent. he makes an impassioned call for the use of imagination and creativity to deal with the terrible tragedy that has struck his city.

john tirman's unintended consequences provides an excellent look at 50 years of unpredictable actions and reactions involving the US and the arab world.


for a limited time only -- msn tidy! took me about five minutes using TidyGUI and a text editor to get msn to validate.


there will be no new posts until next monday. i am going to be busy over the next few days, mainly because of the conference this weekend. ciao....


some of the censored documents from the canadian nuclear safety comission(see yesterday's post) have turned up on cryptome. looks like another case of google cache recovery.

gecko DOM reference at mozilla. document history.

i have reformatted my intj personality type page. it's a fairly large page (40,489 bytes), which gathers together a number of articles on the intj profile.


call to action: the september eleventh peace coalition has called for a cross canada day of non-violent action for global peace and justice saturday november 17th, 2001. media release.

annalee newitz at alternet reveals the truth behind the bert(sesame street)-bin Laden(al Queda) coalition. it seems that the much talked about poster of bert and bin-Laden originated at the infamous bert-is-evil website. however, newitz reports that the owner of the site, freaked out by what has happened in the past couple of weeks, has pulled the site in an act of self censorship.

"Do your part and squelch your own free speech and social satire for the sake of the war effort!" -- annalee newitz

as this story reveals our government is doing its part by censoring itself. the defense department, treasury board and the canadian nuclear safety commission are known to have removed pages from their web sites.


oh my, typographically correct punctuation.

the alphabet superhighway recommends netscape navigator 2.02 or higher for browsing.

mozilla 1.0 manifesto - criteria for the 1.0 milestone by brenden eich, mozilla's technical bigshot. becomes part of the mozilla development roadmap. get your banners on.

meanwhile redmond is whining - again. apparently people have been talking about them again without proper corporatist pre-editing, filtering and gagging. scott culp, certified microserf, rails against "information anarchy" this week in an essay denouncing information and example code being published by security experts/companies. ms reminds me more and more of the catholic church, with their unending need to control. control the stories and you control the people. dogmatists, blech.

a few hours later, over at cryptome, we find this this.

sometimes i think i could spend the rest of my life staring at the sun. well perhaps not directly at the sun, but more like this. the solar x-ray imager(SXI) on the GOES 12 satelite has recently started to produce images(stills and movies). i spent several hours checking these out last night. lost in awe and wonderment. go see.
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internal pages are now working. sort of...basic templates are in place.


the middle of the night is my favourite time of day.

i was trolling through brig's archives tonight - looking for something , i forget what. that excursion led me to the discovery that i missed the last issue of rcfoc. Jeffrey Harrow wrote some good stuff for this corporate newsletter (it started out at digital then moved to compaq). archived issues are still available for the period oct 14 1996 - july 23 2001. if you are not familiar with rcfoc, you may want to check the introduction in the nov 11 1996 issue (the newsletter became available on the internet with this issue).

where is he now? techno junkies out there may want to look into his new project www.theharrowgroup.com. the newsletter lives on as the harrow technology report. in the latest issue he writes about teleportation, long distance robotic surgery, and in a odd juxtaposition: cheap hard drives and flash memory worth four times its weight in gold! is storage getting cheaper or more expensive? i guess that depends on the media.

my first reaction: dammit, another blue website?


it's raining (again). Bill Campbell's funeral is being held today; jan and i will be attending. Bill celebrated 50 years of sobriety just two weeks ago. he seemed very happy that day at the sunday morning meeting.

he will be missed.

this is where it all starts. no, i am not going to even try to tell you who i am or what i am doing here. hopefully that will come out over time. i suppose if anyone really wants to know, they will have to be patient and piece things together over time. if all goes well there should be plenty of pieces.

this site is mine. i do it all for me, at no small price.



jan says (and she is the authority on these things) that i am intj.


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