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“with the flick of a pen, in this case, mr. bush has essentially discarded the rulebook of american justice painstakingly assembled over the course of more than two centuries.”
— editorial, new york times, november 16, 2001

kate randall, writing at the world socialist web site, takes a look at the rapidly developing police state in the u.s.a.

relevant documents at cryptome:
bush order on military detention and trial and
executive order on ratting your neighbors


apparently i misread the announcement last week. apocalypse now redux is actually playing this weekend, november 24, 25 at western film. this is a special limited run presentation, saturday 3:00pm, saturday midnight, and sunday 3:00pm. there will be a cool set built in the theatre and special effects during the movie. special event ticket price of $6.00. advance tickets are available at the infosource in the ucc.

i was unable to see anything of the leonid shower. the area was overcast and fog bound through the night. so aside from the wonderfull brussel sprouts shared with jan on sunday night, the weekend was a bit of a letdown. preliminary data shows two peak events for the meteor shower. photos from around the world are available from spaceweather.com


8pm - panther is down again. the university's web server is acting up tonight. it was unreponsive for an hour around 6pm, and seems to be slow and/or not responding again. pings to panther.uwo.ca and cyclone.its.uwo.ca are timing out.

sharcnet was profiled earlier this week in western news(the article is dated nov 19 - i have no idea why). this is a network of beowulf clusters, and represents something like 27% of the supercomputing power in canada. jobs are available for ubergeeks.

browsing through their website i'm left wondering two things. one: why they don't bother to explain what the anacronym SHARCNet signifies(Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network). not even on their about page which otherwise gives a good idea of what the project is about. two: with brilliant researchers, money falling out of their pockets and computer resources to burn, why the hell are they running netscape communicator 4.77 !!! SHARCNet>software>western>applications

more news as the leonid storm approaches: globe and mail and washington post; also check out nasa, they will be providing live web tv broadcasts; hourly reports from an international team of scientists will be posted at spaceweather; several uwo researchers will be taking part in the observations.


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apocalypse now redux has finally come to town. jan and i will be going to the midnight screening at western film, which is on campus. it should be fun — they're building some sets in the theatre and are planning some special effects. afterwards if the skies are clear, we may try to catch a glimpse of the leonid meteor shower.

last saturday we spent the day together shopping — something neither of us are very good at. one of the things i was looking for was a new html/xhtml reference book. we were at chapters in the morning and i had spotted one that would meet my needs. but when we returned later in the day, there was a neat little space where the book had been. disappointed, i looked over the other titles searching for an alternative without any luck but i did spy zeldman's taking your talent to the web. without hesitation i purchased it and i believe i ended up with a much more useful and certainly more inspiring book in the end.

on the way up to the cashier, another great deal was spotted: the holy bible designed and illustrated by barry moser. on sale for $25! the original limited edition of this book still sells for $10,000. this is one of the most beautiful books to be published in the last few years and anyone who loves books or is interested in book design should get their hands on a copy. and it's a good read.

after a month online, i'm starting to get a feel as to where i want to go with the site on a structural level. the fact that i have a previous month's worth of entries has also forced me to take a look at the issue of handling the archives.

all this means i've been spending more time on working out the new pages and sections and haven't had time to add much content. posts may continue to be spotty over the next week or so. there are some problems with the archive pages which should be cleared up soon.


today, for reasons unknown to me, the shower in my apartment has begun to issue hot water instead of cold and cold water in place of hot. this mysterious reversal has strengthened my resolve to find new accomodations.

elsewhere, the daypop search engine seems to be working again after going foul and producing nothing but strange error messages over the last two days. Checking dan chan's weblog, it would appear that the problem was caused by a lack of storage space which in turn corrupted the database.


the guardian reports on internet2.


xerox launches alphaAve.

this content sucks
the new issue of digital-web came out the other day and the masses are fawning all over it. i've only recently begun to read this online magazine, and i really don't understand why this zine get's such copious praise. "Content is king" says the cover, but the content within is quite poor.

miraz jordan's what's happening? a new look at web pages, which is labelled as a tutorial, is perhaps the worst offender. in opening, jordan informs us that "web designers have been involved with the internet for a long time, at least in internet years." well, i for one am curious to know what these web designers were doing before their long involvement with the internet. but wait, in the very next sentence i am pulled into the cabal by jordan's clumsy use of the "we" pronoun. for the duration of this tutorial i find myself generously included in the warm embrace of international solidarity and implicitly found guilty of making it difficult for new zealanders to fill out forms on the web, among other crimes.

with an average word length of four letters, mindlessly repetetive sentence structures and bland statements such as "new users don't yet know how it all works" and "like it or not, the web is international", this piece should never have made it past the editor's desk. worst of all, it taught me nothing.

hooray! she's back.


i quit smoking today. this will be my second attempt this year. wish me luck.

update: i started up again soon after this entry. i think i only lasted a couple of days.



with this crown i give my loyalty
with these hands i offer my service
with this heart i give you mine
always and ever my love ever true
always and ever shall be my love for you
while i give you my heart let you never break it
while i give you my fealty let you never shake it
yet i give you my thirst and i ask you to slake it
in love, in friendship let us reign
love of the claddagh
by jillian godsill
© 2001 coolattin poets society

yesterday jan presented me with a silver claddaugh ring. it is a beautiful ring made by jason bellchamber, local goldsmith and musician. thank you jan.


in his article salon des refusés at nublog, joe clark deftly lays bare microsoft's "characteristically outrageous litany of lies" relating to the msn fiasco, and brings home the lessons all web authors need to learn from this sordid affair.

"What MSN has done is of course contemptible and arrogant and hypocritical, but looked at more calmly, it is also bad content development. The subject-matter of your site may be of limited interest, but your site must nonetheless offer the widest possible technical compatibility. Pragmatically, you the designer cannot possibly predict what kind of device a visitor will use, and, while it is up to you and your colleagues to decide what your site actually says, it is not up to you to decide how we should read it." — JC

results of thursday's collision with a book sale:
Goodbye to All That, Robert Graves
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, Sherman Alexie
Stalking Elijah, Rodger Kamenetz
The Death of Ayrton Senna, Richard Williams
Underworld, Dom DeLillo
Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi
Perspectives on Our Age, Jacques Ellul
We Want Some Too, Hal Niedzvieki
Cyber Law, Johnston, Handa &Morgan
The Associated Press Stylebook, Norm Goldstein, Ed.

total height: 8.25 inches
total cost incurred: $23.45

for more information regarding any of these titles please visit your local bookseller.

also on thursday, a california court overturned a prior restraint injunction against a kid who had posted the deCSS code. in celebration of this victory for intellectual freedom i suggest we all head over to the gallery.


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