A Little Guy Speaks Up

The Article

To Hell With That

On December 13 2001, the Web Standards Project (aka the WaSP) announced that they would be taking a “gentle leave of absence.”  That evening I wrote this article, expressing my concerns at the time.  The WaSP's announcement was revised three days later in reponse to feedback from the web community.

The Updates

Following up on my article, I have added daily updates.  In them, I raised some further issues and chronicled some of the other online reactions to, and reports on the WaSP's announcement.  Especially important were the updates on December 16, relating to issues of linking to the WaSP's website.

December 14 2001
December 15 2001
December 16 2001
December 17 2001
December 18 2001
December 19 2001


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