December 18, 2001


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The Daily Report says: “In response to community feedback (sample), the front page of The Web Standards Project has been “gently revised” to clarify which parts of the old site will continue to be updated, and to sketch possible strategic goals for the future.”  The sample refered to is this happy page.

Scott Andrew responds to Jeffrey's rebuke, and notes that the issue of wether or not a press issue was released is quite irrelevant.  Scott also notes that CNN has picked up the story on monday keeping the media circus alive just a bit longer.(cnn's report is a rehash of the Computerworld story)

And yesterday afternoon the thread at metafilter heated up again.  There are now 77 comments on the thread.

Oh — one more thing.  In the original article I mentioned that I visited the sites of most of the people listed on the members page and found no mention of the WaSP announcement anywhere.  One of the pages I visited was ArtLung, site of Joe Crawford who is listed as a fellow founding member of the WaSP and is given credit for the first draft of the project's mission statement.  I remember reading his entry for that day and was a bit surprised because Joe was talking about the WaSP(as opposed to the others who weren't.) But he was talking about his old Usenet postings that he dug up, not about the announcement.  Then again, I guess I wasn't reading carefully enough because if you look up his blog entry for that day he clearly does mention the announcement.  So now it would appear that I was wrong on that point.  My apologies to Joe, and everyone who has taken the time to read the article.


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