December 19, 2001


The story continues to spread.  The first few sites have links to the story elsewhere; they contain very little if anything in terms of original commentary.  The Write News seems to think the WaSP is a company that is shutting down.  The Paul Festa article is showing up in various forms and languages around the world.

At Bainstorms and Raves, Shirley Kaiser shared these thoghtful remarks on Monday.

Doc Searls' Weblog revisits the story.  Doc also had a brief note on Friday, (Dec 14), which I failed to log before.  I notice that it's been updated with a link to an anti-standards rant from last year entitled The Tyranny of Standards by Shelley Powers, at O'Reilly.  If you feel you must read this piece, then please take the time to read the comments attached to the article (I'm sorry I can't figure out a direct link to the comments - scroll down and look for the link “What do you think about standards vs. innovation?”)  There you will find comments from, WaSP members Zeldman, St.Laurent and Bray. And others.

Of course, after reading Powers' article I just couldn't resist checking her site to see if she was talking about the story.  And so I found this little snit, proving that, no matter how hard you try, some people will just never understand you.  I think Scott Andrew's reaction to reading this is definitely worth your time.

Feeling dizzy?  Confused?  Do you need some more background information?  Remember you can always Ask Doctor Web.


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