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Six String Nation is a story about Canada told through the strings of one very special guitar - a guitar made from wood, bone, steel, shell and stone representing every province and territory of Canada.

Six String Nation is:
• a Music Documentary Television Series
• a Live Concert Music Television Special
• a Series of Radio Features
• a CD
• a Groundbreaking Rich Media Website
• an Educational Project
• a Heritage Project and much, much more.

The richness of our musical heritage tells the story of who we are as a nation. In Six String Nation, the storyteller is a specially handcrafted guitar given voice by fifteen songs commissioned from artists across the nation. And like any good song, these voices collectively inspire us all to sing along.

With Six String Nation we will bring together:
• materials from across Canada into a single guitar
• Canadian musical talent through one instrument
• Canada’s diverse cultures through a common project
• established stars of Canadian music with emerging ones
• regional identities into a national focus
• traditional media and new media
• culture, technology, entertainment and education

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