Mindfield's Retrogaming Collection

Last updated: February 14th, 2005

Okay, what follows here is a really quick & completely crap HTML of my retrogaming collection. The lists themselves are HTML conversions of the Excel spreadsheets I used to create this list. The lists were entired entirely on my Sony Clie' SJ33 using QuickSheet, then synchronized and exported to Excel, then converted to HTML, so if they look like crap, you'll know why.

When you view each list, look at the bottom of the document for the tabs for each category. The lists are separated by company, and each list is tab-separated by model and hardware/software.

I also use some short forms and common terms in the columns in order to save space. The abbreviations and terms are pretty common, but in case you're not familiar with them, here they are:

NIB: New In Box. This item is factory sealed, brand new.

MIB: Mint In Box. This item has been opened, but contains everything it originally came with, and is in mint condition.

CIB: Complete In Box. this item has been opened, but contains everything it originally game with. Condition may vary.

B: Box. Item comes with its original box.

M: Manual. Item comes with its original manual.

S: Sleeve. Item comes with protective plastic sleeve. (NES and SNES only. SNES sleeves are the plastic caps that go over the end of the cart.)

C: Case. Item comes with protective plastic case. (NES, SNES, Gameboy, Game Gear only)

Q or Qty: Quantity of each entry. In any collector's pile there's bound to be dupes. Check this column (if available) to see what dupes I've got for trade.

O: Item comes with one or more controller (Jaguar, Colecovision, Intellivision) or screen (Vectrex) overlays.

Rarity: The item's rarity. Where available, each item has a rarity listing that denotes how rare the game is. For Atari 2600 cartriges, these are numbers that range from 1 (Extremely Common) to 10 (Unbelievably Rare). A P denotes a prototype, R a reproduction, and H a Homebrew. For NES games, the rarity is denoted by alphabetical denominators, with F being unbelievably common, and A+ being unbelievably rare or limited production.

Actiplaque: So the story goes: Activision released lots of games on the VCS. Unfortunately, the emulsified glue that they used to affix the labels to their cartridges had a tendency to break down over time, resulting in mottled stains appearing as the oils used in the glue separated and soaked into the paper of the label. So common was this phenomenon to Activision titles that it earned the name "Actiplaque," though it has been seen on other company's titles, too -- if not nearly as often.

Coxing: When someone defaces a game cartridge by writing their name on it in indellible ink. Originated from someone by the last name of Cox, whose autographed cartridges proliferated on eBay some years back; thus, a cartridge with someone's John Hancock on it is referred to as being "Coxed."

Screw Holes: Cartridges whose owners, probably in a fit of destructive boredom or wanting to open the cartridge up, punctured the cartridge's label where it was indented to expose the screw(s) beneath. This could also apply to certain Atari cartridges that were manufactured with cut-outs in the upper right and left corners of the cartridge face where the (often spring-loaded) keys were located. These were apparently irresistible targets for label-peelers everywhere.

If you would like to contact me for trades, offers, whatever, you can E-Mail me at pc.doctor@sympatico.ca. Please note that this is a list of what I have, not necessarily a list of everything I want to trade. I also buy and occasionally sell on eBay under the moniker "retrogaming.dude" (note the period)./

So without further ado, here are the lists:

UPDATES: - Wow. I'm lazy. I haven't updated this thing in ... half a year. Well, what can ya do. Just a quick update this time -- the Atari and Coleco lists to be specific. I haven't updated the What's New page, though -- that fell apart sometime towards the end of last year, so let's just say that there's more new than you'd comfortably care to read about anyway. Still have to re-create a new Sega section, properly catalog my hardware, add an SNK section, add a Jaguar section back to the Atari list (yay!), and possibly even consider designing a real page to house all this stuff. At the rate I'm going, you might see this around 2007...

Nintendo (No Longer Available)
(Making a comeback soon)
(No Longer Available)
GCE (Vectrex) (No Longer Available)
Philips/Magnavox Odyssey 2 (No Longer Available)
3DO (No Longer Available)

Check What's New for the not-so-latest additions! (On second thought, don't. It's old and it's beginning to smell)
Check my Want List for some of the more immediate titles I'm looking for.